15 Adorable Succulents That Stay Small – Tiny Succulents

Most of these Succulents That Stay Small are grown for ornamental purposes. They have unique shapes and colors and don’t need a lot of space, and a lot of maintenance like other plants. That makes it very convenient for anyone with a limited house space or a busy schedule.

Small succulents can be fitted into small pots, which you can keep by the window, on a table, or on a shelf as decorating items. They do into any corner of your house while adding beauty and a good display value to the house’s interior.

Succulents That Stay Small

In addition, you can also consider adding some personalized decorations to your small pots like custom stickers. You can customize them with photos of plants, names, and other elements you like. If you are a florist, adding a logo is also a great way to go. So, whether as decoration or branding, it’s a good idea.

custom made stickers

What kind of succulents stays small?

By nature, succulents are slow-growing plants. Some succulents stay small their entire life. Others will grow as big as their container allows. There are few ways that you can make your medium-sized growing succulent a mini succulent as well. You may find below a few of the succulent types that stay small.

BEST 15  Succulents That Stay Small

1. Zebra Cactus (Haworthia fasciata)

Zebra cactus has white stripes on its dark green, triangular, fleshy leaves. It is a favorite and a famous miniature of many because of its unique beauty and hard to kill nature. Though it’s named as Zebra cactus, this plant is not a cactus. it is good example for Succulents That Stay Small.

Generally, it doesn’t grow taller than 3 inches and 6 inches in width, making it a miniature plant forever. It tolerates low light and prefers indirect light, which makes it the right choice for indoors. When it gets too much sunlight, it turns into a deep red and then into white, which is a sign of drying up. Like most of the other succulents, it enjoys well-draining soil and partial sunlight. It’s known as a slow grower. It grows even during winter and then goes inactive during summer. So, watering should be appropriately managed during these two periods. This is Succulents That Stay Small

Zebra Cactus

2. Hen and chicks (Sempervivum)

Hen and chicks are a green color, a long-lasting succulent which is like a rose in shape. It could grow up to 1 inch tall and stays the same its entire life. It has several colors and needs shallow watering. It loves well-drained soil and sunlight. It grows close to the ground, and small plants grow close to the main plant taking their roots.

That’s why the plant is called ‘Hen and chicks. It’s like the mother and its babies.

Hen and chicks succulents1280

3.Panda plant (Kalanchoe tomentosa)

Panda plant has thick, furry, grey-green, oval-shaped leaves with a velvety touch that looks like cat ears. It is also called as pussy ears and donkey ears. it is Succulents That Stay Small. The plant comes in 3 different colors; grey-blue (Panda plant), golden brown (Chocolate soldier plant), and white-grey (Snow white Panda plant).

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Panda plant got its name because of the brownish-red hues on leaf edges with white-silver hair like a Panda’s fur. It can have different leaf shapes and textures. The bright sunlight is a must, and watering should be done only when you see dry soil. It prefers a sand mixed soil which gives good drainage.

Thus, it is easy to care succulent with which you can try to soak and drain the water method. This slow grower limits the pot’s size and will grow up to 18 inches with the stem. It’s an indoor friendly plant that doesn’t have an issue with the humidity.

Panda plant

4. Living stones (Lithops)

This beautiful plant loves to stay small, like an inch, and has only two thick leaves that look like pebbles. They get the name ‘Living stones’ because of the round-shaped stone-like look. They have a range of beautiful colors and patterns. These Lithops give white or yellow color flowers in winter, and after blooming, the plant breaks and new leaves grow.

It is a bit difficult to care for Lithops as you need to make sure that you use well-draining soil and the plant gets a lot of sunlight. If it doesn’t get enough sunlight, the leaves will extend, and the patterns will go off. Watering should be done lightly but not at all in summer and winter. This is popular Succulents That Stay Small

living stones succulent

5. Little Bobo (Sempervivum)

Little Bobo is a bunch type of succulent that will grow up to 3 inches in height and Succulents That Stay Small. Like most succulents in Sempervivum type, its lime green leaves are arranged like a rose flower and will grow best in full sunlight while also sustaining in partial or filtered sunlight. It loves sandy soil and good drainage. Watering during summer as it needs weekly watering. The unique feature of Sempervivum is that they can even survive even in frost or snow.

Little Bobo (Sempervivum)

6.Echeveria minima

Echeveria minima is a miniature succulent that is known for its size and beauty. It can grow to 3 inches. Its bulky blue-green leaves are arranged like a rose flower, and its tips get pink when exposed to full sunlight. It gives pink and yellow-colored flowers in spring. It’s a low maintained succulent that needs partial sunlight and well but unusual watering. Propagation of this plant is easy as it can be done by the stem or cut leaves.

If it sufficient sunlight is not available, leaves get stretched.

Echeveria Minima

7.Little missy (Sedum)

Little missy is a creeping type of succulent that will grow up to 3 inches in height maximum. It has bright green and white mixed leaves and gives pink flowers in summer. Little missy can survive in the shade than other types of Sedum but prefers partial sunlight. Just like different succulents, it also prefers well-draining soil and well but unusual watering.

Little missy (Sedum)

8. Flower dust plant (Kalanchoe pumila)

Flour dust is a dwarf succulent and grows like shrubs up to 8 inches maximum in height. Its leaves are broad, flat, and grey-white. During winter and spring, it gives small pink flowers. It’s relatively easy to take care of this succulent. It needs adequate sunlight, good drainage, and light watering. This is Succulents That Stay Small

Flower dust plant

9. Baby Jade (Crassula ovata)

Baby Jade is a fragile succulent shrub and best Succulents That Stay Small. It has bright green leaves, and they get red margins around the leaves if enough sunlight is given. It gives bunches of white star-shaped flowers. Though it can grow up to 24 inches maximum in height, it can be trimmed to get a smaller size. This can be grown both indoors and outdoors with minimal care. It needs well-draining soil, light watering, and partial sunlight.

Baby Jade

10. Little Warty (Gasteria)

Little Warty is known for its exciting leaf arrangement. It grows up to 5 inches in height and 4 inches wide. This beautiful Little Warty has long, thick leaves in different green shades and is designed in white spots and pink-bronze shade in leaf margins. It had its name because of little white areas that are all over the leaves. It blossoms in pretty pink flowers. It’s well known as an indoor plant as it tolerates low light conditions. This is popular Succulents That Stay Small

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It’s an easy to care succulent, which requires light watering and proper drainage. This plant can get exposed to fungus if there’s a lot of humidity. You may see black spots on the leaves if the plant is infected. But it has its attack system against fungus so that it will survive.

Little Warty

11. Echeveria amoena

This succulent doesn’t need a lot of care or maintenance. Its green leaves are thick and bulky and have an arrangement of a rose flower. The leaf tips can be read sometimes. It gives coral colored flowers during spring, which last for a month. It prefers dry soil and partial sunlight. Watering should not be done from the crown as it can cause fungal diseases to the plant.

With time, the plant sheds its leaves, and when it happens, you need to remove them immediately to get rid of any bug in the dead leaves. This is popular Succulents That Stay Small

Echeveria amoena

12. Tiger’s jaw (Faucaria Tigrina)

Tiger’s jaw is a unique stemless succulent that has a fleshy jaw like toothed leaves. Its also known as shark’s jaws. They are thick, green and triangular leaves which have teeth like shape in the edges. It is used to get the moisture to the plant and as a defense method. This plant tolerates slightly cool conditions than most of the other succulents.

This succulent is formed in a star-shaped rose, which grows maximum up to 6 inches in height. It gives bright yellow, white or pink flowers in the autumn or winter. It enjoys well-drained soil and adequate sunlight. Good watering is necessary when the ground becomes slightly dry. You need to give it a rest during winter by not watering in the usual routine and keep in room temperature.

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13. Lapidaria Margarete

It’s also known as Karoo Rose and is a dwarf succulent. It has 2-4 pairs of leaves and gives yellow flowers in autumn. The plant requires full sunlight and moderate watering. This plant stays inactive during summer and winter and only grow during spring and autumn. This is Succulents That Stay Small

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Lapidaria Margarete

14. Conophytum Calculus

Conophytum Calculus is  attractive stemless succulent looks like a ball and has its pair of leaves joined together to form a round shape. Its smooth and firm body with the look of a pebble has given its name ‘Calculus’. It produces yellow flowers on autumn nights, which provide an aroma of cloves. This plant lives long, like 50 years. The plant needs full bright sunlight and a mildly acidic, extremely well-drained sand. It goes inactive in summer and should be kept dry and partially shaded. It wrinkles and then cracks if it receives too much water.

Conophytum Calculus

15. Aloinopsis

Aloinopsis is a beautiful mini succulent that grows up to 2 inches tall and many bluish-green thick leaves in a rose shape. It has grey-white teeth on the top surface and gives yellow or orange flowers. It prefers well-draining soil and a lot of light. They are winter growers and blooms in winter. Aloinopsis are inactive in summer, so it’s advisable not to water it much during summer. It will help if you wet it only when it’s scorched. This is Succulents That Stay Small It belongs to the ice plants family.


Wrap up…. on Succulents That Stay Small

Small succulents are famous house, bedroom, balcony, or office plants with an extensive range of eye-pleasing colors, shapes, textures, and patterns which add color and class to any interior. No matter how tiny your space is, these mini succulents can nicely fit in. For those who have a busy schedule but love plants, mini succulents are a great choice, unlike other plants.

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