10 Beautiful Mini Succulents And How To Take Of Them

Mini succulents are interesting plants which are perfect for your indoor garden. They could add so much grace wherever you grow them.   On top of their good looks, they are plants which  you could easily maintain too. 

They would be handy in using for wall decors as well as for wedding gifts too. If you start liking mini succulents it will be unstoppable, as you will be keen on adding more and more to your collection.

To define the mini succulents more; they are the tiny version of average succulents.

Chances are that some mini succulents could stay in the same tiny size forever whilst on the other hand, there are certain mini succulents which could outgrow their pots.

Mini Succulents

How long do mini succulents live

The lifetime of the mini succulents could vary depending on the environmental conditions as well as the care given by you

They  could survive for a longer period when they are grown in soil. It could be a short life span when they establish in sphagnum moss or in coir materials.  

Consider that you have grown the succulents in soil, then they have something to depend on and to safeguard themselves.

 If you provide them soil to grow, they can absorb the adequate amount of nutrients, since they are rooted in soil. The nutrients they get from the soil is also very useful for the plant’s proper growth.

The care you give for mini succulents will be very useful since it could pave the way for mini plant to survive for a longer period.

The Best Mini Succulents to choose from

Zebra Haworthia – (Haworthia fasciata

Zebra cactus is native to South Africa. They have got that name due to its resemblance to a Zebra. This is a plant which we cannot kill easily. 

You could commonly spot them  in garden centers and it is famous as easy-going plant. You could place them near a window where it will get bright indirect sunlight for several hours daily.

This is not a very fuzzy plant in the bright sunlight and hence why it is famous as a well growing indoor mini succulent. 

Just like with the other succulents, wait until the soil gets completely dry enough after one watering session and before you start with another watering session.

This will come handy for a terrarium as well. This will be about 5 inches in height when it matures. It will remain small their entire life. Hence you could plant this along with other mini succulents.

They will grow well during winter. Summer season is their dormant season.

Zebra Haworthia

Hen and Chicks (Sempervivum)

Hens and chicks is the  common name for these plants.

Echeveria Elepgans – produce flat , rosettes which look like flowers. They tend to grow arching and they blossom annually. Flowers will be more like bell shaped. 

Place hem exposing to bright sunlight. Further you should do  watering  based on the general standards. Unless, chances are that there could be root rots.


Air Plants (Tillandsia sp.)

This is a strange plant as it does not need any soil. As such it is not a plant which we need to worry about soil requirements.  

We can choose anywhere to grow them. There are several benefits of  Air plants. We could use  them as hanging plants in wood or glass containers.

Crucial thing to be mindful of when growing Air plants is spraying water frequently as appropriately.

Air plant

Living Stone Plant (Lithops)

This is an endemic plant in South Africa. They will grow in clumps or in mounds. Their round stone look is the reason as to why people call it  living stones.

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White or yellow flowers will come out from them during the fall. Once the flower blossoms take place, it will  split  into two pieces. Over time, new leaves will form replacing the old pair.

This requires a little more attention and care from you and it will be difficult for you  to care of  it at certain times.

Well draining soil is one of their main requirements along with bright sunlight. You should do watering infrequently.  Refrain in watering them in winter and in summer.

Living Stone Plant

Jade Plant – ( crassula ovata )

This is s an endemic plant  in South Africa. Their leaves will be glossy and green in color. They will grow up to one foot in height while it could rise up to several feet high when it’s grown outdoors. For best results, you could use a terra cotta container to plant them.

Ensure that  you let the soil dry completely before you water it again. Having said that , if you do not water them adequately, chances are that it could drop its leaves.

Hence, be vigilant and consistent at the same time when you are watering the jade succulents.

crassula ovata

Sempervivum ‘Little Boo’

Semoervivum is a succulent which grows in clusters. They will be very small as under three inches when they are in their matured age.

Their leaves form in a rosette pattern and they will be very handy in using them for flat gardens as well as for vertical succulent gardens.

They can survive in full sun to partial sunlight. They can withstand frost and the winter conditions if you provide them a snow blanket.

Be mindful to provide them with well-draining soil along with a proper watering process too. If you provide it with excess water, root rots could  occur.

Sempervivum‘Little Boo'

Echeveria Minima

This is one great addition for a miniature garden. They remain to be less than 5 inches in  size when they mature.

Their leaves also form  in a rosette pattern and they are blue green in color and tips are pink. Flowering is taking place in spring and they are pink and yellow in color. They are bell shaped. 

This is not a fuzzy plant and it is an easy maintaining plant. They are happy with partial sunlight and with thorough watering.  keep in mind, You should not do watering often. 

This is not toxic for any pets. If you are a beginner in gardening, you could try growing this, as the propagation of them is very simple. You could use the stem or leaf cutting methods for propagation. 

Echeveria Minima

Sedum ‘Little Missy ‘

This is a type of a creeping succulent plant which grows along with bright green and white leaves. When they mature they will be just 3 inches in size.

Many people use this as a ground cover. They boom with small pink flowers.

It could thrive in shady areas. However they will be happier if we give them  partial sunlight.

Little missy is a fast growing succulent which could be a perfect fit for outdoor gardens as well as for containers. 

We need to give them the proper watering conditions . Ensure that we give them  well draining soil. You should water them  sparingly.  Little missy is not harmful for pets.

Sedum ‘Little Missy‘

Kalanchoe pumila ‘ flower dust plant ‘

This is a succulent  shrub. Mature size would be just around 8 inches. Their leaves will be silvery white colored flat broad leaves.

They boom with pink flowers in late winter or in early spring. This is an easy maintaining plant. we need to provide it with bright sunlight, well-draining soil along with infrequent watering.  

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This is not a cold hardy plant. Hence you should take necessary action  to protect it from winter conditions.

Given that it has the proper weather conditions, we could use them as perfect fits for hanging containers as well as for ground covers too.

Kalanchoe pumila

Gasteria ‘Little warty ‘

This is famous for its unique foliage. Their leaves are green and you could spot them  in long tongue shape. You can also observe the white speckles which cover their leave surface . It blooms with pink flowers.

This comes very handy for indoor gardens as it requires only low light.  Better to provide it with  well-draining soil and do not provide excess water for it as if not root rots could take place.

This is not harmful for any of the pets and we can easily  take care of this plant. They form offsets which could be used for propagation.

Gasteria ‘Little warty‘

How to Plant Mini Succulents and care guide

When it comes to caring for mini succulents, ensure that you provide it with proper watering, sufficient sunlight and finally with proper soil mix.


Mini succulents grow in the small containers and in small pots. Hence, they retain a smaller amount of water whilst it dries out faster.

Just a piece of advice, if you utilize immature plants which you have  grown from cuttings, water them little more than you do with the matured plants.

You can be tactful in using a spray bottle and water only the soil. Ensure that water reaches only the soil. Do not water on any other parts of the plant. Unless the plant would rot.

You could Water them once a week if you live in a dry area. It could  change if you live in a different climate. In case you live in a humid area , do not water a lot. Ensure that you check the soil moisture before watering.

Soil medium.

We should provide them with a well-draining  soil mix. Do not keep the plant in wet soil for a longer period. If you do so, root rot will occur.

This is a very important factor to note. If you want to fasten the drainage, you can add standard cactus potting mix and maybe add some perlite too.


Apart from some sedums, Mini succulents in general cannot bear the extreme heat or the full sunlight.

Since many mini succulents are made from cuttings, you should  protect them  from direct bright sunlight. Do not expose them under the scorching sun direct.

You can supply it with 5-6 hours of sunlight or even artificial sunlight to observe the plant’s survival.  


Succulents usually do not depend a lot on fertilizers. If you wish to keep the same size, it is not necessary  to fertilize.  There could be an exception for this when it comes to mini succulents.

That is once they are arranged without soil and if you have kept it that way for some time.  This is an alternate way of providing the nutrients for the plant which they could get if you  planted them  in soil.

You can add a diluted fertilizer from quarter to half strength fertilizer into the water. Later you could use this to mist or water the plants.

This is not compulsory to do and you could do this only if you wish and if it has been there without soil for some time.

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As such they would need just a little care from us as long as we provide the aforesaid main requirements of them.

How long can mini succulents stay in small pots

Mini succulents can survive in small pots for weeks to months  based on their growth rate of each plant.

If you spot, roots have outgrown the pot or if the roots have stick out the base of the pot, you should plant them in a bigger pot.

mini succulent

Do mini succulents need deep pots?

Ideally, we should plant the mini succulents in pots which have a depth of at least 4 inches. Along with that, it is vital to ensure that it has good drainage too. So that water could pass properly.

Mini Succulent Arrangements Ideas

Mini Succulent wall  – We could use mini succulents in a mini succulent wall. It won’t take a lot of effort to make this and it will add such a great look for the display.

Mini Succulent Fairy garden – you could resemble  fairies dancing in a fairy  garden whilst arranging  mini succulents that way. You could further add miniature fairy houses too.

Coffee Mug succulent – This would be one handy pick for the kitchen table or for a counter.

Large wine glass succulent – You may use mini succulents to make a large wine glass succulent garden. That  would make great centerpieces in any room.

Mini succulent Terrarium – You could create DIY succulent terrarium to give to your friends to take them home. You may use numerous colors of sands to various mixing  to make it prettier.

Hanging succulents – They would be anybody’s first choice if someone wishes to have a plant to grow  in a hanging pot or in a container. Specially the mini succulents which do not require soil to survive.

Mini Succulent party ideas  – you could invite all your plant lovers and make a mini succulent party

Succulent wedding favors and party favors  –  You may use them as cute little gifts to give to your friends, specially at a party or at a wedding. You could add a ribbon and little thank note to make it prettier.

Succulent Centerpieces –  We could use mini succulents to make a succulent centerpiece too. We could garnish and add some ribbon too.

Mini succulent Bouquet – it will be fancy using mini succulents to make mini succulent bouquets.

Mini succulent decorations – They could fit in every nook and corner hence we could use mini succulents to decorations  as well.

Succulent cake – They would be useful in using as lovely cake toppers. They are not edible though.

mini succulent2 1

Do mini succulents grow bigger?

Yes, Mini succulents grow  bigger. However at the beginning they don’t grow faster .

However , once certain mini succulents achieve a certain size , don’t surprise  if you see a faster growth which will cause you to change the containers as well. If not the space won’t be sufficient for the plant to spread out.

Are mini succulents real?

Yes, Mini succulents are real. They could sometimes continue to be in the same small size forever whilst there could be some which could outgrow their pots too.

What is the smallest succulent? 

Blossfeldia liliputana is the smallest succulent. It tends to   grow in clumps.  When they blossom, it will be a treat to watch. When they get matures, it will be half an inch in diameter.

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