Propagation is taking a section from a mature succulent and using it to get a new baby plant. You can propagate your succulent through stem, leaves, seeds and offsets.

To propagate from a leaf cutting, you need to remove or cut a healthy leaf from the plant’s base and let it dry for a few days. After it gets dry and hard, keep the leaf on top of slightly wet soil in a new pot. It will take around three weeks for new roots and leaves to appear. You can repot it after 2 months. For a stem propagation, you need to select a short stem of a succulent that has branches.

Then, cut a peace from the adult plant and let it dry. It will take around four weeks to root. While leaf & stem cuttings are popular propagation methods, you can also use offsets and seeds to get new plants. Propagation through offsets is an easy task. When the baby plants come up around the adult succulent, you can cut or pull them from the plant’s base and let them dry for a few days before potting.

In a few weeks, you can see roots Seed propagation is a slow process as you have to wait for a succulent bloom. You can collect the seeds from a succulent flower and put them in warm water for 30 minutes to lose the coat. Once thoroughly soaked, you can plant them on the surface of a well-watered potting soil. The seeds will start to grow in two weeks.

When you try these methods, make sure your hands are clean, and the cutting tools are sharp and clean or sterilized so that any bacteria will not pass to the parent plant or the cut piece. When you let the plant’s section dry for a few days before potting, make sure to place it in a bright warm place until the cut edge calluses over.