How to Keep Succulents Small and Manageable? Simple Guide

Some succulents stay small their entire life because of their slow growth, while some grow a bit more when they reach maturity. If you want to keep succulents small and manageable, there are few ways you can do it. In this post you can find How to Keep Succulents Small and manageable.

Guide to Keep Succulents Small and manageable?

Pruning and Trimming succulent

 How to Keep Succulents Small and manageable Simple Guide

By trimming leaves, you can slow down the growth of the plant. By cutting older or mature leaves of plants like Jade plant, Christmas cactus, Snake plant, and Aloe vera, you can keep it mini. Succulents like Hens and chick, which gives so many baby plants, you can remove or separate the baby plants to keep the main plant small. So, it’s advisable to plant them separately.

Use of small containers/ pots

Most of the succulents stay small if you plant them in smaller pots. Because they won’t have much space to grow and spread out so that their growth is slowed down, they will stay mini in these pots for several months or years. But there are some small succulents which need to be repotted to grow in their right way so it will Keep Succulents Small.

Water your succulents with a spray

Continue to water your plants using a spray so that the plant won’t get dried out. Minimizing water will help you to Keep Succulents Small. Also, don’t put them in direct sunlight the whole day.

_How to Keep Succulents Small and manageable_ Simple Guide infographic
How to Keep Succulents Small and manageable Simple Guide infographic

How do you take care of small succulents?

Though succulents are known to be easy care and low maintenance plants, you can’t take it for granted and ignore the care. If your plant is in a small pot, making it a beautiful small décor or ornament in your living space, it is hard to keep it healthy, unlike your large plants. You need to pay your attention to three essential points if you are growing a small succulent.


Because of the limited amount of soil due to the pot’s little space, the main concern you should have is correct watering as it can get thoroughly dried up or over watered. So, you need to water it once the soil gets dry. You should let their roots dry between watering.

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To make the watering smooth, you need to have a well-draining ground so when you pot your succulent, make sure you get an excellent draining sand mixed soil to your plant.


As the succulents are originated from desserts, it has an adaptation to a warm, sunny and harsh condition. So, they love light. It’s important to expose them to bright sunlight more, at least 4-6 hours a day. But newly planted succulents should not be kept under direct sunlight. If succulents don’t receive enough sunlight, they will stretch their leaves, and then you will notice and know that your plant needs more sunlight.


Do you water small succulents from the top or bottom?

By nature, sufferers store water in their thick, fleshy leaves, which is an adaption of living in a desert-like atmosphere. Because of this, they are known as low maintenance plants as you don’t have to water them often. But you can’t take it easy and not flood your plants for long.

It would help if you watered when its soil is dry. The best time to water succulents is morning time. Succulents prefer to dry out between watering, so make sure that the earth is dry before you water next time. Don’t water if the soil still has moisture. Water the plant until the water goes out of the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot so that you know you gave the soil a good soaking bath after that.

You can check it in about a week and see whether it has dried up. The watering routine depends on plant maturity, climate, humidity, drainage, and the plant’s environment. It would help if you watered your succulents from the bottom as you can either spray water into the soil or pour water slowly to the ground, but never on top as watering on top can make water stay on the leaves and make fungal diseases and shred leaves. this tips will help you to Keep Succulents Small

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Can you use regular potting soil for small succulents?

Tropical potting soil won’t work for succulents. It would help if you got a sand mixed soil for small succulents as it requires good drainage. You can use a cacti soil as a base and then add organic composted material, moss, and small marbles to help drain more and avoid rotting roots. You can also make your ideal soil mixture at home by blending equal parts of regular pot soil, coarse sand, perlite, and pumice. Also, make sure the pot has holes for draining.

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How long can mini succulents stay in small pots?

If the succulents are potted in a tiny pot, they can stay in that space for a long time, like months or even years, depending on your care level (soil type, watering routine, light, plant type). Anyway, their growth is slowed down in a small pot as they don’t have enough space to grow. When the plant starts to outgrow, you will either report it in a larger pool or simply trim a few branches or leaves to stay mini in the same pot.

If you can see that the bank barely holds the plant, parts of the plant are spreading over the pool, or its roots are coming out of the drainage holes, you need to change your succulent to a slightly bigger pot.

How to plant your small succulent garden?

Small succulents are a great way to start the mini garden you have always dreamt of but never could. Here are a few steps to create your succulent garden at home;

Collect the materials

Planting containers with drainage holes, a variety of succulents, cacti soil, small rocks or stones for drainage, sand for the top layer (optional for decorative purpose)

Find drainage and add soil

fill the bottom of your container with small rocks or gravel. Next, add the ground. You can also make your ideal soil mixture at home by blending equal parts of regular pot soil, coarse sand, perlite, and pumice. Decide the soil level according to the root length.

Plant the succulent

Select the succulents by their care requirements of light and water and group the similar ones per container. Please think of the arrangement before planting them. Place the plant where you want and add more soil to the top, and pat-down. Fill up the spaces between plants to avoid air gaps, which cause the roots to dry out. Cover all the seeds with soil.

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If it’s a cascading succulent, you can plant it near the edge of the pot. You can produce a few closes if you want to get a bunch and a filled look.

●        Water – you can either spray water to the soil or pour water slowly into the soil

●        Decorate (optional) – add decorative rocks or sand to the top layer

●        Plant care – if it’s indoor, you need to keep your pot in a sunny spot by a window. Only water when the soil is dry.

Benefits of keeping pots of small succulents?

Decrease air pollution – succulents increase humidity and help to reduce air pollutants and dust levels. It also helps to keep the temperature low.

Bring happiness and satisfaction

when you take care of a succulent, and when it grows well and blooms mainly, you will feel delighted, satisfied by looking at its positive changes. So, it can help to change moods.

Gain focus

Studies have shown how these indoor plants help us concentrate more by calming our mind and boosting our memory.

Bring peace

If you are a busy person and have a stressed-out life when you see your plant babies when you get home, it will bring you immense joy and peace and a small pause to all the negative things in your mind improving your mental health. Add beauty and color to your limited space – Small succulents don’t take much space, so it saves your space by fitting into any corner of your house and adding color, difference, and beauty. So, you don’t need very expensive and big home decors which could be inorganic and non-ecofriendly.


Small succulents are famous house, bedroom, balcony, or office plants with an extensive range of eye-pleasing colors, shapes, textures, and patterns which add color and class to any interior.

No matter how tiny your space is, these mini succulents can nicely fit in. For those who have a busy schedule but love plants, mini succulents are a great choice, unlike other plants. so our tips will help you to Keep Succulents Small.

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