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Thimble cactus bloom in either yellow or in white. You could commonly find them in the halo or in the circular growth of the plants. 

Some call it the crown of the plants. Thimble cactus is a  beautiful and small cactus which usually forms in a cylindrical manner. 

Due to that characteristic , succulent lovers tend to grow them in pots and planters.  Thimble cactus is a slow growing cactus type yet fast spreading plant.

They usually grow in clusters and due to that you can grow them in fairy gardens. However, Thimble cactus needs to be at least three years old to produce flowers. 

Further they produce some fruit in orange. So, you are going to discover the flowers of the Thimble cactus, how to make them bloom and the right care tips you need to practice when looking after them.

Thimble Cactus Bloom

How often do Thimble cactus bloom?

Thimble cactus’s flowering seasons would usually be in late summer and late spring. Further chances are that they may produce flowers in fall as well.

Colors of Thimble cactus bloom

Thimble cactus produce flowers in off white or in yellow.

Do they die after flowering?

Thimble cacti do not die once they complete flowering. This literally means they are not monocarpic plants. They will stay in bloom, and they will keep gracing the space you have grown them.

How to make Thimble cactus bloom?

First and foremost, you should expose them to a cooling period during winter. 

During winter, you need to suspend watering them as well. Thimble cactus flowering is different when compared to other cactus as the flowers arise in the tubers.

To elaborate further on this, you need to keep the plants exposed to a temperature of 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit ( 15-18 degrees Fahrenheit ), then they will start to produce flowers. 

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When they start to produce flowers, you can move them outside. They need to go through a dormancy to produce flowers. 

The dormancy should be somewhere around two and four months where they will get exposed to a temperature around 15 degrees Celsius.  

Further, you need to suspend feeding them during their dormancy. As aforesaid you need to place the plants to a cool place where they can gain sufficient sunlight. 

Moreover , ensure that you feed them during their active growing season as it would be beneficial for the flowering of the plants. 

You may choose a water-soluble fertilizer which is specifically designed for cactus and for succulents. 

Additionally, you may also go ahead with a houseplant fertilizer which has a high component of Nitrogen. Ideally a 5-10-5 solution would work well with them.

How to care for Thimble cactus bloom? 

Right soil type

It would be beneficial for theThimble cactus’s optimal growth if you grow them in a soil mix which has a great porosity. 

In this context, you can go ahead with a substrate which is specifically made for cactus. Besides you can grow them in a soil mix of cactus soil and fast draining regular soil mix which has a pH range of 6.1-6.5. 

Further you may also add coarse sand to further enhance the draining in the soil mix. If you wish to add coarse sand in the substrate, you can add them in equal amounts to garden soil and to leaf mulch.

Sunlight and temperature requirement

Thimble cactus require full sunlight to grow vigorously. Having said that, full sunlight exposure for about four hours would be the best for the Thimble cactus. 

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Further if you have planted them indoors and want to bring them outdoors, never expose them for direct full sunlight abruptly. 

Instead, you need to slowly expose them for full sunlight. If you leave them exposed to direct sunlight at once, it will traumatize the plants and result in the scorching. 

Moreover, do not expose the Thimble cactus to  intense midday sunlight as it would be unhealthy for them due to the high intensity it has.

When it comes to the right temperature levels, ensure that you grow them in high temperatures. The optimal temperature range of 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit would suit these plants well. 

As aforesaid they would go dormant in winter. However, do not expose these plants to lesser temperatures than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Having said that, they can also bear a light frost.

However, you can place them indoors when the temperature decreases. When it is summer, you can move the cactus outside so that they can absorb sufficient sunlight.  

That will allow them to produce flowers during spring. These are not highly tolerant of intense cold. As such you need to place them on windowsills indoors to protect them from such unhealthy conditions.

Watering requirement

You need to water the Thimble cactus depending on the seasons. Literally you can water them once every two days during summer. 

On the other hand, you can water them twice a week during spring. You need to further decrease watering during fall and suspend watering them entirely during winter. 

However, I recommend watering them once a month, if you have grown them outdoors.

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However, make sure that you  always check the soil condition before you water. deally , the soil needs to be entirely dry from the previous watering so that you can avoid waterlogged conditions in the substrate. 

If you expose them to excess humidity in the soil, it will make the plants more prone for root rot. Hence, do not keep water dishes under the potted plants as it will increase the humidity levels  in the surrounding.  

Fertilizer requirement

Thimble cactus are self-sustaining plants. Hence, they do not require fertilizers constantly. 

With that being said, you can use a commercial cactus compost during spring and summer so that it would be effective in promoting healthy blooms. Besides, it will encourage the healthy growth of the plants as well.   

Pot type

You need to choose a pot which is made of a porous material to plant them. When you grow them in a  porous pot it will allow the excess moisture in the pot to evaporate faster. 

Additionally, it will provide a good aeration for the plant’s roots  as well. Consequently, the plants will be less prone towards diseases such as root rot. 

Finally, check whether it has a draining hole too so that the excess water can move through.


Thimble cactus are a cute looking versatile set of plants. It would be a treat to watch them bearing those lovely yellow-colored flowers.

All you need to ensure is to look after them well. So happy cultivating with Thimble cactus ! 

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