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Taking care of a succulent is easy if you follow the basic succulent care guidelines.

Above Guides Will Cover Specific Tips For Succulents Care. If You Are New To Succulents, You Can Follow Bellow Points To Get A Brief Idea On How To Care Succulents.

Enough sunlight

Succulents enjoy bright sunlight. So, locate your succulent on a sunny spot at home, by a windowsill so that it gets enough sunlight. The recommended exposure to sunlight is 4-6 hours a day.

Most of the succulents are OK with partial or indirect sunlight as well. Don’t expose newly planted succulents to direct sunlight as they can scorch.

 Infrequent watering

Water your succulent well but infrequently. Water the plant-soil directly until it soaks and the excess water drains from holes. Once watered, you need to wait until the soil is completely dry.

So, between two waterings, let the potting soil dry as overwatering makes it hard for the roots to breathe and eventually lead to rot.

The general watering window is once per 10-14 days. During winter, when most of the succulents rest, you need to cut off water in half and water when only the soil is dry. At all times, keep in mind not to spray water on the leaves.

Container with drainage holes

Succulents don’t like moisture. Make sure you get a container with drainage holes as draining is essential for roots to prevent rotting.

As there’s no way for the excess water to go, the soil will retain the unwanted moisture. If you are potting long term, it’s better to avoid using mugs, glass bowls, and jars which don’t have drainage holes.

Succulents love soaking, but they want to dry out quickly as well. So drainage plays a vital role in plant health. Terra cotta pots are the favorite of most long term succulent growers.

Correct potting soil

When you pot, use a well-draining, aery soil with large particles such as a potting mix of soil, coarse sand, gravel and perlite or pumice.

You can also get a commercial potting mix, namely cacti or succulent soil. An ideal measurement for a home-made organic mix would be two parts of gardening soil, one part of gravel or sand, and 1 part of perlite or pumice.


It is enough to fertilize your succulent once a year during spring. Succulents also need nutrients to grow. As they live in a limited space for a long time, you need to give it the necessary nutrients.

You can use an all-purpose, well balanced organic or inorganic fertilizer for your succulent. When you choose succulents, think of each plant’s requirements and decide how best you can cater to them.

If you create a favorable environment for the succulent, it will grow better, giving excellent results like its beautiful blossoms. Think like a succulent!