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Aloe blizzard is renowned as a stunning plant in the succulent world. This hybrid plant is developed by Altman plants. Further they are famous for their light green fleshy leaves along with dark greener spots. 

In addition to the aforesaid features, Aloe blizzard is famous for its compact size too. They would be quite handy for any succulent garden or for any rock garden as well. 

Aloe blizzard would be great picks for window sills.

Many people tend to grow them both indoors and outdoors due to their compact size, attractive tones of bright white/ deep green and due to their  tubular coral shaped blooms as well.

Further Aloe blizzard could bloom on a frequent basis. 

I am sure these facts already made you excited to own these plants and if you wish to enhance your knowledge on how to care for them properly and the issues you would come across whilst growing them, keep on reading this article further.

Aloe Blizzard

How do I identify an Aloe blizzard?

Aloe blizzard plant consists of rigid leaves, and they will have a cover of brushstroke of bright white variegation as well.

Their flowering activity could also be helpful in identifying them. In fact, they produce tubular coral blooms.

Aloe blizzard forms offsets freely and you can differentiate them from the other succulents with this feature.

Size of the plant 

Aloe blizzard would rise to 8 inches (20 cm) in height. Further they would grow Aloe 8 inches in width too.

Growth rate

Aloe blizzard usually tend to grow slowly.

One look care guide

Botanical NameAloe blizzard
Common NameAloe blizzard
Plant TypeSucculent
Mature Size8 inches (20 cm) in height. / 8 inches in width too.
Sun ExposureFull sunlight to partial sunlight
Soil TypeWell draining with ample airflow
Soil pHpH around 7.0 – 8.5
Bloom TimeSpring
Flower ColorCoral
Hardiness ZonesUSDA hardiness zones 10a
Average price7 USD

How do you take care of an Aloe blizzard | 14 Facts

Light Requirement 

Aloe blizzards should be placed in a location where they can gain bright and indirect sunlight.

You may grow them in a bright sunny window and those conditions would be beneficial for the proper growth of these plants.

If you think your Aloe blizzard plants are lacking adequate sunlight, consider placing a grow light closer to the plant.

That will supplement extra light and extra heat as well. If you fail to supply sufficient sunlight, consequently your Aloe blizzard will become leggy and tend to take a misshapen look.

On the other hand, if you grow them outdoors, you need to place them somewhere where they are exposed for full sunlight to partial sunlight.

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However, make sure you expose them to full sunlight gradually unless it could make the plants traumatized.

Temperature and humidity

Aloe blizzard could thrive in full sunlight during summer, having said that as aforesaid you need to first acclimate them to full sunlight unless, chances are that your Aloe blizzard plants will be traumatized.

They would prefer to grow in temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit – 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius – 27 degrees Celsius).

Having said that they are hardy in temperatures up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 .5 degrees Celsius).

Literally, Aloe blizzard plants can thrive in room temperatures. Best is to bring them indoors when there are colder weather conditions. On the other hand, you may grow them outdoors during summer.

Is it cold hardy?

Aloe blizzard are not cold hardy plants. Hence you need to protect them from colder weather conditions.

USDA Hardiness Zone

Aloe blizzard falls in USDA hardiness zones 10a (30-35 degrees Fahrenheit).          

Watering Requirement 

When it comes to watering the Aloe blizzard, you should make sure you water them only when their soil is dry.

When you water them, ensure that you water them thoroughly instead of watering them on a constant basis.

To elaborate further on this, you should make sure that soil is moist after watering and excess water is drained .  

Unless it could create water logged situations in the pot and make the plant more prone towards root rot.

In addition to that, you should make sure that you are letting the soil become dry between two watering sessions.

If you want to ascertain whether the soil is dry or soggy, you may simply place your finger in the soil and check the soil condition.

You may consider watering them once every two to three weeks during seasons such as in spring and in summer.

On the other hand, when you water them during seasons like in winter and in fall, you could water them less often. Ideally you may water them once every month.

Soil Requirement Type / pH

It is vital that you plant the Aloe blizzard in a soil mix which has good drainage and a good aeration as well.

If you wish to go for a readily made soil mix, you could grow them in a cactus soil mix or in a succulent soil mix.

I do not encourage growing them in regular potting soil as they lack good drainage. Ideally, the right soil mix of Aloe blizzard should include a blend of perlite, lava rock, and chunks of barks.

You may consider adding a layer of gravel, clay in the base of the pot, so that it would drain faster in the potting medium.

If you have grown them in a pot which consist of a draining hole and if you have grown them in a soil mix which is explained above, it would help them for these plants’ survival.

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Flowering and Fragrance

Aloe blizzard produces coral shape flowers. Usually, their blooming season would be in spring. They would be tubular in shape.  

It would be so pleasant to watch them in their full blossom, especially if you have grown them in a pot. They would produce flowers in orange and in pale yellow.

Pot size Potting and Repotting

It is vital that you grow them in the right type of pot when taking care of them well.

Ideally a pot like a terra cotta pot or a pot which is made from a porous material would be perfect to grow them.

When you plant them in a porous pot, it will make sure that the moisture in the soil dries faster before their next watering session.

Moreover, it will be heavy enough to avoid the plant tipping over too. if you use plastic or glazed pots, those will retain more moisture.

Moreover, when you select a pot, ensure that it has at least one draining hole. That will allow the excess water to drain through the draining hole.

If not, it would create waterlogged conditions in the pot causing root rot and for wilting as well. it could be so risky since it could even kill the plants.

In terms of reporting, you could consider reporting the Aloe blizzard when they become root bound and cease growing.

Moreover, you need to transplant the newly bought Aloe blizzard plants too. You could follow the general practice to repot them.

Where to Plant? 

It is imperative that you grow these plants in a place where they can gain bright and indirect sunlight levels. 

Be it indoors or outdoors, you should be vigilant on this fact. However, since they would require bright indirect sunlight, it is best to grow them as outdoor plants.

Aloe blizzard are fond of warm temperatures. Hence if you live in much colder areas, best recommended is to grow them indoors given that they get their lighting requirement fulfilled.

You could refer to aforesaid facts when selecting the right pot to plant them.

Fertilizer and time of year

Aloe blizzard do not depend a lot on fertilizers.In fact, you could consider feeding them once in spring and once in summer.

Further you may use a balanced cactus or succulent fertilizer to feed them. However, make sure that you are using them at half strength.


Aloe blizzard are winter dormant plants

Other plants Pairs Well With

Aloe blizzard would pair well with strawberry plants, onions and scented geraniums as well

Can be toxic to pets

In general aloe plants are poisonous. Read More about it here.

Common bugs and illnesses

Pests such as mealybugs and scale could attack these plants.

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As such it is important that you conduct constant check ups on your plants to see if they are under any pests attack or  whether they are growing healthy. The sooner you identify these pests’ invasions the better it would be. 

Ideally you need to isolate them whenever you figure that there is a pest attack present. Further to remedy them you may use an appropriate pesticide as well. 

In addition to that, you may have to encounter root rot. Over-watering could mainly attribute these conditions. Hence why it is important that you need to water them appropriately to avoid these issues.

How to propagate an Aloe blizzard

You may use their leaves, cuttings and offsets to propagate these plants.

How to Propagate Aloe ‘Blizzard’ By Leaves

If you wish to propagate the Aloe blizzard using its leaves, you need to first make sure that you are using healthy and plump leaves.

Further ensure that you are taking off the whole leaf for this process without any damages.  That way you can rely on the successful results of this propagation method.

Once you take off the leaves, leave them in a warmer place for a few days where they can develop calluses.

Once they become calloused, you could plant them in a potting medium which is well draining. Keep in mind to water them lightly whenever you spot the soi is dry.

How to Propagate Aloe ‘Blizzard’ By Cuttings

You could use the cuttings also to propagate Aloe blizzard plants. To do that you first have to cut a leaf whilst using a clean pair of scissors or a knife.

Just like in the leaf method, ensure they develop calluses for a couple of days and next you may plant them in a well-draining soil mix. Consider watering them lightly if you feel the soil is dry.

How to Propagate Aloe ‘Blizzard’ By Offsets  

You can propagate the Aloe Blizard by using their offsets as well. To start off, you should first remove the offsets whilst using a disinfected knife.

Next, get rid of the old soil around the offsets. Next let them develop callus. Finally you could place them in a fresh well draining soil mix. continue watering them lightly when their soil mix seems to be dry.

How to Propagate Aloe ‘Blizzard’ using seeds

You cannot rely on this method However, if you still wish to do it you simply have to sow them in a potting medium which is free draining. You could try this method outdoors if you wish to do so. 


To sum up, Aloe blizzard would be quite stunning if you take care of them properly. You could grow them in cute looking pots, and they would add so much grace to wherever you locate them.

You only should make sure that you water them properly, grow them in the right soil mix and expose them for sufficient sunlight.

That will allow them to reward you with beautiful plants in return.

Credit to : Altman Plants
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