Gorgeous Greenovia Pink Mountain Rose Succulent

Greenovia pink mountain rose is a stunning looking succulent which has a close resemblance to rose. Many people are fans of these plants due to this characteristic.

These plants go by two scientific names, and they are Aeonium dodrantale and Greenovia dodrantalis.

A reclassification in the plant’s taxonomy has earned them two scientific names. However, what many people commonly call these plants are as rose succulents or as mountain roses. 

Gorgeous Greenovia Pink Mountain Rose

They are native to Canary Islands. If we take Greenovia into consideration, it is a fairly small genus which only has about five plant species.

What make them differentiate from the regular rose plants is that these plants have a vivid green color on their foliage. This is what you could use to differentiate the plants from regular rose succulent. 

Greenovia pink mountain rose are low maintenance plants which would form in heart shapes. Hence, they would be great picks for any type of gardeners be it an experienced Gardner or an inexperienced Gardner.

If these info has already made you excited to have one of these amazingly beautiful looking plants, it will be worth reading this article. In fact, I have given a comprehensive guide on how to look after these graceful plants well, the issues you may come across etc. 

How do I identify Greenovia pink mountain rose?

Greenovia pink mountain rose usually form their leaves in a formation of densely packed manner. During dry season, their leaves would be tightly closed.

Those rosettes would tend to take an urn shape . further they woud be about 2.4 inches – 6 inches ( 6 cm- 15.2 cm ) in height once they grow to their best ability.

They can further produce offsets which carry about 3.2 inches long stalks. Greenovia pink mountain rose leaves would be blue green in color. 

Moreover, they will tend to take a waxy surface as well. The leaves would be round in shape and 1.4 inches ( 3.5 cm) in length. Furthermore, they would be about 0.6 inches ( 1.5 cm ) in width too.

In addition to these features, Greenovia pink mountain rose produce flowers in yellow during spring. They would arise on long stalks which would usually form on the 10 inches ( 25 cm ) from the foliage. 

One look care guide

Botanical NameGreenovia pink mountain rose
Common NameGreenovia pink mountain rose
Plant TypeSucculent  
Mature Size0.6 inches ( 1.5 cm ) in diameter
Sun ExposureFull sunlight to partial shade
Soil TypeWell draining 
Soil pHNeutral
Bloom TimeSpring
Flower ColorYellow 
Hardiness ZonesUSDA hardiness zones would be 10a-11b
30 degrees Fahrenheit ( -1.1 degrees Celsius)
50 degrees Fahrenheit ( 10 degrees Celsius)
Native AreaCanary Islands
ToxicityNot recorded
Average price $45

How do you take care of Greenovia pink mountain rose?

Light Requirement 

Greenovia pink mountain rose have typical requirements like the rest of other succulent in terms of sunlight. Literally they would happily grow if you left them exposed to full sunlight to partial shade.

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Greenovia pink mountain rose are somewhat venerable for scorches. Hence, you need to avoid exposing them for intense sunlight particularly during summer. 

They are not the type of plants which would become vibrant in colors when you expose them to intense sunlight. They would remain to be green right throughout.

Having said it is crucial that you expose them to adequate sunlight for them to maintain their rosette shape and to make them look identical to the regular roses. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to expose them to intense sunlight. Ideally what they want is a plenty of light. 

Temperature and humidity.

Greenovia pink mountain rose prefer to grow in temperatures preferably in a range of 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit ( 4- 38 degrees Celsius). Greenovia pink mountain rose are quite responsive towards frost.

Having said that they are tolerant of bit of cold around the freeing point also. However, the exposure for colder weather for prolonged periods would be quite harmful for them an chances are that it may even kill the plants. 

Is it cold hardy?

Greenovia pink mountain rose are not frost hardy plants. They will withstand colder conditions for some time but not for too long. As such you need to bring them indoors when the weather conditions get much cooler. 

Growth Zone

Greenovia pink mountain rose preferred USDA hardiness zones woud be 10a-11b ( 30 degrees Fahrenheit ( -1.1 degrees Celsius ) to 50 degrees Fahrenheit ( 10 degrees Celsius). 

Watering Requirement

It is worthy to note that Greenovia pink mountain rose require little more water than rest of other cacti.

Hence even freshers in gardening can think of cultivating these beauties as they are tolerant of wet soil for some time. However, when you water the plants, ensure that you thoroughly water them. You need to simply water them once you spot their soil is dry. 

Frequency wise, you can water them once every couple of days during summer. However, during winter, you can water them once every week or once every two weeks.

However, you need to always make sure that you let their soil dry between two watering sessions. Do not end up over watering them as it would create an unhealthy impact on the plants. 

Soil Requirement Type / pH

You need to make sure that the soil mix you are using for the Greenovia pink mountain rose is a fast draining one.

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That will ensure that the plants roots do not stay in moist for prolonged periods. Eventually it will lead for root rot. You may also use a standard soil mix or a succulent soil mix to grow them as well. 

Moreover, I recommend refraining from adding substances such as peat moss, coconut coir as they would retain moisture within the soil. It will keep the soil wet for too long.

You may also go ahead with a Miracle grow succulent soil mix. However, ensure that you add elements such as perlite so that it would better the draining further. 

Pot size Potting and Repotting

I encourage growing Greenovia pink mountain rose in pots which have ample drainage. Furthermore, when it comes to repotting, you need consider doing it once every two to three years.

Once you repot , it would allow them to have a fresh and fertile growing medium for your plants. Further if you spot your Greenovia pink mountain rose have outgrown from pots, you need to make sure that you repot them.

Moreover, if your plant is suffering from any root disease , you need to consider in repotting them. Further always go ahead with a slightly larger pot when transplanting them. 

Where to Plant 

When choosing a place to plant your Greenovia pink mountain rose , you need to mainly look for a place where they can gain sufficient sunlight. Additionally, when you grow them as potted plants, chose a well-draining soil mix and a well-draining planter as well. 

Fertilizer and time of year

Greenovia pink mountain rose can thrive with minimum fertilizers. However never feed them during summer as they will be literally in the relaxing mode during this time.

Further it is very rarely that you have to feed the Greenovia pink mountain rose grown on the ground. Furthermore, you can use half strength fertilizers monthly during their active growing season. Once you feed them, it would boost the healthier growth of the plants. 


These plats bloom in yellow flowers during spring. Further you can expect them to bloom more frequently than the other Greenovia plants.

There are some other records which state that they do not flower and if they do , they will die. In fact, some consider these plants as monocarpic plants.


Greenovia pink mountain rose are summer dormant plants. They would actively grow in winter. 

Common bugs and illnesses

You need to watch out for regular pests’ infestations when you grow the Greenovia pink mountain rose.

Whenever you spot ant pests crawling in your precious plants, ensure that you act fast and get rid of them. However, the lapses in watering are what could be main root cause for many of these issues.

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Specially over watering is what could cause for these conditions. Additionally high humidty levels could also make these plants more susceptible for these pest infestations.

Not only that but also, if you do not isolate the already infected plants, it would allow the diseases to spread further. 

Besides these, root rot is another commonly spotted disease among the Greenovia pink mountain rose. In that circumstance best is to uproot the whole plant and snip off all decaying plant parts. Finally, you can transplant them in a well-draining soil mix. 

Furthermore, you can commonly see the mold growing between the leaves of these plants. Once these leaves are weak in health, the pests would feel welcome towards them.

Eventually they would tend to invade them. As a result of this, you can commonly come across pests such as aphids, spider mites, mealybugs, and scales. If you spot any of these pests, you need to pick them off from the plants manually.

However, if the attacks are severe, you need to treat them with organic pesticides or even with fungicides. Alternatively, you may use neem oil for this purpose as well. 

How to propagate Greenovia pink mountain rose 

Greenovia pink mountain rose best propagation method would be to use their pups and make new plants of them. You could spot their pups usually grow at the base of the plants.

Once they are about one inch in dimeter , you can snip them off and allow them the to wither. Once they are dry, you can grow them in a fast-draining soil mix. They would form the roots within one weeks’ time. 

Further you may collect seeds also from the plants and make new plants of those. However, this consume so much time and you need to stay patient until they for new plants.

However, if you wish to do this, you can simply use a shallow tray and sow the seeds there. Next water them lightly whilst using a spray bottle.

Once they develop multiple set of leaves, you can pot them in deeper and appropriate pots as explained in the above. I do not recommend conducting the leaf propagation here as you will not be able to get best results of it. 

Greenovia pink mountain rose benefits 

Many people tend to use Greenovia pink mountain rose as ornamental plants.

Further may tend to grow them as decorative plants also due to the attractive rose appearance they have. Furthermore, Greenovia pink mountain rose would be a perfect choice for gifts as well. 


Many succulents’ enthusiasts opt to go for Greenovia pink mountain rose due to appealing looks they have. Moreover, their easy maintenance makes the gardeners more attractive towards them.

Their tolerance for wet soil is another added advantage of them so that even freshers in sucuclents gardening can grow them.

The flourishing Greenovia pink mountain rose is a treat to watch. If you give them proper care they require, they would reward you with spectacular plants in return. 

Credit to : Succulents by Vonny
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