Greenovia dodrantalis (Rose Succulent) Succulent Ultimate Care Guide

Greenovia dodrentalis belongs to  the family Crassulaceae. They are not easy to find . In fact they are an endangered species.

The most common name of this plant is rose succulents and the name perfectly matches with its appearance. They look like regular roses and the only difference is the color changes.

They rosset type leaves and it adds much value to the plant. Further this plant will blossom more often  compared to other plants in the Greenovia group. These plants are found native in Canary island.

Greenovia dodrantalis

How do I identify a Greenovia dodrantalis?

Greenovia dodrantalis are small sized plants. When they mature, they would be only 6 inches (15.2 cm) in height. Their bodies would be sort of squats.

They are usually contained with a rose tinge at the end of the leaves. Their leaves are chubby,  and gentle in  nature.

When the plant matures, the leaves at the bottom tend to get pulled away from the prominent body for a while and they over time produce a gentle pink color.

As they further grow, they will be forming pups and even offsets which could make new plants.

Leaves of this plant would be about 1.4 inches (3.5 cm ) long and 0.6 inches (1.5 cm) wide. They are fleshy, gentle, chubby and look like an oval in shape.

Most importantly, they have a wax layer also. You could  spot it in gray- green. However they could form a rose tinge at the end of their leaves.

One look care guide

Botanical NameGreenovia dodrantalis.
Common NameRose Succulent
Plant TypeSucculent
Mature Size2.4–6 inches (6–15.2 cm) tall.
Sun ExposurePartial sunlight to full sunlight
Soil TypeWell draining
Soil pHneutral
Bloom TimeSpring
Flower ColorYellow
Hardiness Zones10a-11b
Native AreaCanary island.
ToxicityNot toxic
Average price 15 USD

How do you take care of a Greenovia dodrantalis


When Greenovia dodrantalis get fully grown, they could be 2.4–6 inches (6–15.2 cm) tall. Whilst on the other hand, the stalks of the offsets could be 0.3 to 0.2 inches (8.1) cm in height.

Rosettes would look like an urn or cup in shape and they could be 2.4 inches (6 cm) in width.


If you consider the group called Greenovia, they do not flower very frequently.These  are monocarpic plants.

This literally means they will die once they have flowers . However before they perish, they will set seeds. 

However, if you are lucky enough to collect those seeds. You may grow them. However it could take a number of years to grow them well.

In terms of flowering of this plant, Greenovia dodrentalis blossom more often than the other Greenovia without even perishing.

When they seed, you could simply collect them and place the little seedlings  in shallow trays . You could spray water using a spray bottle at the beginning.

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Once you spot leaves , plant them in containers which are larger. When planting them, you may use gritty potting soil along with a pot which has adequate draining holes for excellent drainage.

If you want to speed up this process, you may use a sharp sterilized  knife and divide the little pups at the bottom of the plant. Take care of the plants like you usually do.

Greenovia dodrantalis

Light Requirement 

We need to take care of these Greenovia dodrantalis just like  Aeonium plants. Hence when it comes to the lighting requirement of these plants, you need to provide partial to full sunlight.

Be careful as they are vulnerable to extreme sunlight as chances are that they could get sunburns.

Hence be vigilant and do not expose these rose succulents to direct extreme sunlight. You have to be careful with this  especially in the summer season.

This is a different succulent plant as they will turn into bright attractive colors once they are exposed to bright sunlight. 

Having said that, it is necessary for them to have an adequate amount of sunlight so that they can maintain the compact rosette type. However they are not in need of direct extreme sunlight.

 Apart from these, it would be handy in using a grow light to provide artificial light for indoor rose succulents.

Temperature and humidity

Greenovia dodrantalis would love to  grow in temperatures between 40ºF (4.5ºC) and 100ºF (38ºC). Furthermore, they would not like to grow in too dry conditions. 

What would ideally fit these succulents for growth would be a subtropical climate

Is it cold hardy?

Greenovia dodrantalis do  not thrive in cooler weather conditions.

Hardiness Zone

These plants would prefer to  grow in zones, 10a-11b where the temperatures would be around  30ºF  – 50ºF

Watering Requirement 

Greenovia dodrantalis would require  slightly more water than the other succulents in general.

As such this plant would be a great pick for a beginner in gardening since they can thrive in wet conditions for a longer period than the other succulent.

Keep in mind to drench your rose succulent completely at the very moment the soil becomes dry.

Watering frequency  could vary depending on the seasons. If you consider a regular summer season, you may need to water the rose succulents once every two days.

On the other hand, in the winter season, you may need to water these plants every week or every two weeks. That is purely because it would take a longer time to get dry.

Furthermore, if you have grown your Greenovia dodrantalis in a pot, keep in mind to use a pot which has an adequate number of draining holes so that it could help for excellent drainage.

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Soil Requirement Type / pH

It is important to supply them with a well draining soil mix. Unless, the plant will suffer from repercussions like root rots due to excess moisture.

Further you could use standard succulent mix or even the cactus soil mix to provide them with an appropriate soil mix.

It is better if you could refrain from using organic elements  such as peat moss or even coconut coir.

They are the type of elements which could store water and consequently help the soil to be in moisture for a longer period.

You could purchase a proper soil mix from stores and you can be tricky  in adding perlite which will affect fast drainage.

Moreover you could use a sandy loam or regular potting mix for these Greenovia dodrantalis to grow well.

Greenovia dodrantalis

Flowering and Fragrance

Greenovia dodrantalis are an exceptional plant. They blossom in the spring season and when they do, they will flower with yellow in color.

Pot size Potting and Repotting

You should repot the Greenovia dodrantalis once every few years. They usually prefer to be compact. Hence, it would be better if you could provide a soil mix with a medium level of fertility.

Where to Plant 

Greenovia dodrantalis would require a strong level of sunlight. If you consider a plant which is grown in a garden, just ensure that it gets an adequate amount of sunlight. 

Best is to grow them in a place where it gets partial to full sunlight.

You could ideally grow Greenovia dodrantalis indoors rather than growing them outdoors. Simply because they love warmer weather conditions. 

If you are someone who lives in an area which has colder weather conditions, it is always best to grow them indoors.

You only need to worry about supplying it with the right amount of sunlight when growing them indoors. As long as it gets its sunlight requirement fulfilled, it will do well.

Fertilizer and time of year

Rose succulents are usually not dependent on a lot of fertilizers. However, if we feed them , it will grow even better. You may use a few grains of light fertilizers to stimulate the growth process.


Rose succulents go dormant during the summer season.

Can it be toxic to pets?

 This is not a toxic plant for humans as well as any animals.

Common bugs and  problems 

This plant may face common pest problems such as scale, mealy bugs or root mealy bugs. To avoid these animals you have to check the plant carefully daily or once in two days. 

Check here for treatments (and details) for common succulent pests.

Special Care tips

Do bear in mind to locate the rose succulents in a hot location where it gets the right amount of sunlight as well. You should water the top layer of the soil dry.

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Cut back on watering during the winter season. Then start watering them when the spring season comes.

Greenovia dodrantalis

How do you propagate a Greenovia dodrantalis

Propagation of rose succulent through leaf  

when you propagate rose succulents through leaf method, firstly remove a leaf carefully from the mother plant. make sure that it is a healthy leaf.

When removing it from the plant, make sure that you take the full leaf from the plant and nothing is remaining on the plant.

You can count on propagation through leaf cuttings  for better and reliable results if you adhere to these rules.

Wait for a few days until it becomes calloused. Go ahead with planting them in a well draining soil mix. Water them when the soil is dry.   

Propagation of rose succulent through stem cutting

when you propagate rose succulents through stem cuttings, you could cut off a healthy stem cutting whilst using a sterilized knife.

Let it become callous and then place it in a well draining soil. Water them when the soil is dry.   

Propagation of rose succulent through offset 

when it comes to propagation through offsets, you might have to wait for a number of years until it produces offsets.

When they do, you can trim off a healthy offset at the bottom of its plant. remove the extra soil from the plant and let it become callous for some days.

Then place it in a well draining soil mix.  Water them once the soil is dry.

Propagation of rose succulent through seeds

when you need to propagate the rose succulents using seeds, it is actually not advised to do. This is a slow growing succulent type.

However if you can get the seeds, you simply have to place the seedling in  a well draining soil mix. You could practice this method if you are growing them outdoors.

Greenovia dodrantalis plant benefits

Rose succulent would be a perfect fit for your indoor gardening collection, you could plant this in a cute looking pot or even in a container which would grace the location wherever you have placed them. .

Greenovia dodrantalis 6 1

Related questions 

Is Greenovia dodrantalis an indoor plant?

This is an indoor plant. You could grow this as an indoor plant since it is a succulent type. When they are grown indoors, you just  make sure that it gets the right amount of sunlight.

Is Greenovia dodrantalis toxic?

 This is not a toxic plant for humans as well as for any animals as well.

Do Greenovia dodrantalis need direct sunlight

It is not necessary to give them direct sunlight. The care treatment which we need to give these plants are like the type of care treatment we do for the Aeoniums.

Hence, the best would be to provide them partial sunlight to full sunlight. 

Rose Succulents are vulnerable to get sunburns especially during the summer season. As such be careful to not to provide them with extreme bright direct sunlight for a longer period.

Credit to: Malou Tristan
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