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How to grow aloe from seeds?

It is quite interesting aloe vera seed propagation, as chances are that you could sometimes get some species cheaply which you could find hardly and infrequently.

Aloe Vera is usually grown with a short stem. Moreover it will contain a collection of long slender leaves on the stem. As the time passes, this forms offsets which could fill the whole container. The special thing  about Aloe Vera is  its healing ability. 

You could use this  to cure the wounds and sun burns. Important thing to note on this is that they have sharp teeth on the edges of their leaves which could injure us.

Hence, be mindful when handling them. It is a plant which we cannot kill easily. Having said that  we have to ensure that we place the aloe Vera plant in a drier place. That does not mean we have to place them under the scorching sun as if then, leaves could burn.

It is a plant which grows well in desert conditions, hence we should not water it excessively and should ensure that we provide them with well draining soil. Fertilizing is not quite essential as long as we repot them as appropriate.

Many people use germinating through seeds method for the majority of the species of the aloe. They will form a firm and healthy root system within a few months’ time. Therefore it is vial to note that we must keep them heated and a little dry to avoid the fungal infections.  

Aloe Vera Seed

How to get aloe vera seed

If you are someone, who is familiar in basic gardening skills you could grow aloe from seeds without any trouble. However, Aloe plants will take a few years to mature. Besides that, the Aloe Vera plants which you grow  indoors do not set seeds. Hence, it is not possible to  grow aloe from seeds for new plants from your existing  collection . However, you could buy the commercial seeds if you wish.

Usually it takes a longer time to grow aloe from seeds compared to growing them by seedlings. Further how pleased you would  be to see a plant flourish from its most basic element. A plant that flowers makes its own seeds. We could do this in a short time with the majority of the species of the Aloes. Seeds are not that costly too.

Many species of aloe are only available as seeds. Hence that is the  most crucial reason as to why we can grow Aloe from seeds.

Aloe Vera Seed

How long does it take to grow aloe from seeds?

 It will take only 2-4 weeks if they get the expected growing conditions The growth rate of the Aloe vera could be different depending on the season and on  where you live . Further it will take several years to mature. 

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If you provide the ideal conditions, Aloes will start to sprout faster.  It is just like the way we should care for a growing Aloe plant.

How do I germinate aloe from seeds?

First step : Soil Preparation

You could start off with arranging your planting soil. For that you need to combine two parts of soil , 01 part sand along with a one part sterile compost in a bucket. Start stirring all those elements whilst putting water to that. Keep adding water and keep stirring until the blend feels moderately moist. 

Continue doing the same until it gets a uniform appearance. If you are willing to add a succulent commercial planting mix, you could do that too. 

Second step : Built nursery flats

You should arrange your nursery flats as next step. The nursery flat should ideally have a depth of two inch. Start packing the sand mixture there. Fill it to within quarter of the top. You can be a little tactful here by pressing the surface to equalize and squeeze out  any confined air there.

Third step : Plant aloe vera seed

You can plant the aloe vera seed thirdly. Place the aloe vera seeds on the surface of the sand mixture whilst keeping a gap of one inch among each one of them. Place  the seeds into the surface of the mixture . Try using a very thin layer of sand to cover the seeds.

Forth step : Enough light

Once you plant them, be vigilant on the sunlight you provide for this purpose too. You could keep the nursery flat on a large table or on a workbench which will allow the Aloe vera plant to absorb at least eight to ten hours of sunlight daily. 

If you cannot fulfil this requirement, you could artificially add more light while placing a fluorescent lamp onto the nursery flat for eight to ten hours light daily.  You may do this only if it doesn’t get sufficient sunlight. 

Fifth step : Comfortable temperature

When it comes to temperature, it is vital to provide the proper temperature for these too. Best is to heat up the nursery tray with a heat mat at a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit .You should   keep the heat mat turned on always during the seeds germination process,. Further you could be tactful by draping a sheet of plastic wrap over the nursery tray as it will help to retain the heat inside. You can take the plastic wrap out for a few hours to get rid of the stored moisture if you come across any excess condensation created inside.

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Sixth step : Watering

Be vigilant when watering on Aloe seed as well. You need to mist the aloe seeds if you see the sand mixture is dry  in the top half inch. Ensure that the sand is not completely dry for more than six to eight hours. However you should not saturate it too.

How long does aloe take to grow?

If you have planted Aloes as houseplants indoors, it will take about three to four years to get to its matured size from a young seedlings. Once the plant matures,  the leaves are about eight to ten inches ( 20-25 cm) long.

If you wish to stimulate the faster growth , ensure that you take necessary actions before planting. You need to provide optimal care and do fertilizing as appropriate  . That will cause the growth rate to increase. 

Aloe Vera Seed

Can you replant a broken aloe leaf?

It is possible to replant a broken leaf.  First, let the broken leaf dry for some time. Pay special attention to the wet edge. Wait until a thin layer of skin forms over the moist sap. If you need to hurry, you could let it dry for a few hours only. Having said that ideally, you could leave it for drying for three days.

You can start  by filling the pot with cactus soil or a sandy loam mixture. Put the broken leaf in,  whilst putting the damaged side down. You should put one third of it into the soil.

start watering the soil until it gets moist. You should keep the plant moist during the first months of transplanting. Keep the soil moist. Once its roots forms,  , the leaf will become shriveled and shrink too.

Aloes do not prefer excessive water. If you keep them in wet soil, they will tend to rot. Once the new roost form, keep them near a place where it could get proper sunlight. You should do Watering as appropriate too. 

How often do you water aloe vera seed?

You better be more cautious  towards your seedlings and water them daily as it gets warmer and dry outdoors. 

Overwriting the Aloe seeds could be very bad for the plant despite you growing it in a fast well-draining bed of pumice or perlite. Further,  dehydration could be the biggest issue. Thus, the aloe varieties which seem to be not rotting easily and not fastidious could be grown in some soil combined with pumice. That will keep them away from drying out faster. 

You better be more cautious  towards your seedlings and water them daily as it gets warmer and dry outdoors. 

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It is a good practice to grow them in baggies or in closed plastic containers as they often work out well in keeping them humid. After that you can just leave them like that. There is a chance of fungus attack could also happen.

Hence why, lot of people tend to grow them in baked, sterilized soil or soilless media as those are not healthy for fungus survival. Having said that there could be still few fungus who could still creep in. Moreover you could water them mixed with a diluted antifungal mix . 

Moreover, you could water from under the seedlings in an open flat refrain in damping off. Further it supplies the sufficient moisture for the roots after they are taken out from the heat mats.

Aloe Vera plant

Can you buy aloe vera seeds?

You could simply order it from the reliable dealers. It could take at least four or more years for an Aloe plant to form healthy seed. The timings could vary depending on the species as well.

In fact, there are certain species which do not get to its matured size even if it is ten years older. When the plant resumes flowering, it could produce seeds as well. So you could either reap the seed from the spent flowers or simply order it from the reliable dealers.

You could purchase aloe vera seed from catalogs as well as from online dealers. You could find a plenty of different species of Aloe and they will probably look alike too. However, You can ascertain whether you are buying the true aloe vera simply looking at it.

It is better to germinate through fresh seeds. Hence, you have to prepare well  to grow them and proceed with purchasing. Having said that,  you must store it somewhere before using, a cool dry environment is the best place to place them. .

Can I make my own aloe vera seeds

It is almost an impossible task to grow seeds on your own from currently prevailing aloe vera plants. Aloes which you grow as houseplants indoors will not have the adequate heat and light conditions for flowering.

Apart from that, flowering could take place only on the matured plants. When we talk about the maturity of Aloes, that could be about four to ten years when they ready to harvest. Eventually, pollinator types such as insects, nectar eating birds such as hummingbirds will land on aloes. They are not the type of plant which will self pollinate.

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