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Aeonium decorum, which is commonly called Green Pinwheel, is an attractive plant. It could grow about 60 cm (24 inches) in height and 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter

The highlight of the Green Pinwheel plants are their attractive green fleshy leaves which further consist of pink edges once they go through stress properly.

The leaves of the Green Pinwheel plants would tend to take an ovate to lanceolate shape. The leaves would be 5 cm in length and 1.5 cm in width. They would further consist of  orange to red tones as well. 

In addition to that they produce some attractive flowers as well. Those flowers resemble a star in  shape  and white in color.  

Chances are that they produce flowers in red too. Green Pinwheel plants’ flowering season usually fall in spring and in summer. Green Pinwheels have branches which have grown densely. They are evergreen and perennial shrub types of plants.

Aeonium Decorum Propagation

Can you propagate Aeonium decorum?

You may propagate Aeonium decorum by using their stem cuttings mainly. Apart from that you could use the behaving method and their seeds also to propagate them. 

Aeonium decorum propagation by Stem Cutting

First and foremost, if you wish to use the stem cutting method, you need to choose a young plant which has young shoots for your cuttings. 

If you end up selecting older and woodier shoots it will not root easily. You should snip off the shoots from at least 10 cm down from the rosettes. 

To make the cuttings you need to use clean, sharp secateurs. Once you obtain the cuttings, you need to allow the cutting edges to develop callus for a couple of days.

Once you let them develop callous, it will ensure that there will be no infection or rot. When they are calloused, you may insert each cutting into small pots in which you have filled them with gritty composts. 

Make sure that the rosette is at least 5 cm above the soil layer and half of the stem is right beneath the compost level.

You could be tactful in placing grit or perlite in the soil mix so that you could make the drainage of the soil mix faster and keep them dry. 

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I encourage water them lightly and expose them to bright and indirect sunlight. Ideally you should keep it in a barely moist condition during the rooting process. 

They would usually take about two weeks’ time to form roots. When they are completely rooted, you could continue with regular watering.

Aeonium decorum propagation by Seeds

If you wish to propagate the plants by seeds, you need to first gather the seeds once they have completed their flowering activity

Next, leave them in a paper bag where they can wither. After that you need to prepare the flats and the planting medium. 

You may simply fill a shallow clean nursery flat whilst using the same mixture which you utilized for the cuttings rooting process.

Next, you could sow the seeds in  a ray which you have filled with a soil layer. Ensure that you water them properly and keep them moist and warm. 

Ideally you need to leave them exposed to indirect sunlight and cover the specimen with a plastic wrap. 

Ensure that the potting mix is moist till they germinate completely, and I recommend removing the plastic wrap when they start germinating.

Finally, you may transplant the seeds in individual pots when they are about ½ inch in diameter. You may grow them in individual pots which are about 2 inches in size. 

Ensure that you are keeping the same soil level so that the plants will not burry. Best season to conduct seeds propagation is spring.

Aeonium Decorum Propagation

Aeonium decorum propagation by Beheading 

In addition to the aforesaid methods, you could consider beheading the Aeonium decorum rosettes to propagate them too. You may consider doing this for unbranched plants to branch as well. To do that,

You need to cut off the top section of your Aeonium decorum ideally from 8-30 cm below from the rosette. You may consider this cutting as a long cutting. 

Next, you need to leave them in a warmer place where they can develop callousness. Then you need to replant the cutting in the gritty compost at least about 8 cm deep in the mix.

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Make sure that you are keeping the stump and the beheaded cutting moist and in bright and indirect sunlight. 

You could expect them to root within a couple of weeks and you will be amazed to see how their stumps start to grow at the end.

Do they produce seeds? 

Aeonium decorum produce seeds and you could consider using them for their propagation process as well.  Once they finish flowering, you could obtain the seeds. 

Can you root aeonium decorum propagation in water?

You may use Aeonium decorum to propagate in water. Many people find this method as easy when compared to the propagation method in the soil as you do not have to deal with dirt in the water propagation method. 

You may use the stem cuttings of the Aeonium decorum for the water propagation method and you will have successful results of that.

How to treat after propagation

Sunlight requirement

Aeonium decorum would thrive well given that they get full sunlight to partial sunlight.

However, when you treat the propagated plants ensure that they get full sunlight to partial shade would be healthy particularly during hot summer conditions.

Right pot type

You should go ahead with a pot which has sufficient draining holes available. They usually require a little soil to survive

Hence you could proceed with little containers to grow them in. Once you select a pot which has adequate draining holes, you could hardly worry about any potential rot which would take place due to stranded water.

Soil Mix

You could go ahead with a regular potting mix. Having said that, it would be even better if you could grow them in a readily available succulent soil mix or in a cactus soil  mix. 

However, when you use the regular potting mix, you should consider adding elements such as perlite so that it would fasten the draining of the mix.

Aeonium Decorum Propagation


I recommend fertilizing these plants when they are in their active growing season. During winter best is to use a half strength balanced fertilizer to feed them

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However, do not do it often and best is to feed them just once a month. Refrain from adding any fertilizers when they are in their dormant season which usually fall in summer.

Watering requirement

You could water them more often during winter as they would grow actively during winter. This is something different to other succulents in general as most of the other succulents go dormant in winter whereas Aeonium decorum would grow actively in winter. 

Consider applying water for them when their top layer of the soil is withered only. Unless, you will end up over watering the plants which could result in root rot. 

Avoid watering in summer since they are in tehri dormancy during that period.

Temperature requirement

Aeonium decorum would perform well in a cooler environment. Ideal temperature levels for them to thrive well would be  around 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Related questions

How do you root aeonium decorum cuttings?

Rooting Aeonium decorum is an easy process. All you need to do is to obtain a stem cutting and leave them in a dry place first. 

Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight. You could expect them to form roots within a couple of weeks’ time. However, if you want faster results, you could consider dipping them in a rooting hormone.

Does aeonium decorum need sunlight?

Aeonium decorum prefers to have full sunlight to partial shade. Hence no matter where you place them ensure that they can gain adequate sunlight levels.

How long does it take aeonium decorum to root?

Usually, it will take about two weeks’ time to form roots.


Before concluding this up, trust you found this article very useful and hope now you are very well aware on how to conduct the Aeonium decorum propagation well and on their aftercare treatments as well. 

So, hurry up and start propagating these plants and share your experiences with others as well.

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