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Aeonium Kiwi propagation is a fun and easy task to add into your weekend gardening schedule. In matter of fact these succulents could be propagated by several methods such as  by using stem cuttings, offsets and seeds. 

To briefly explain on the plant before we proceed on, Aeonium Kiwi succulents would stay in a vivid color and in a distinctive texture all year around thanks to its colorful foliage. 

Aeonium Kiwi succulents’ foliage would consist of shades of chartreuse cream and red.  

Their preferred USDA growing zones would be 9-11. They could grow well be it in containers or in low water landscaping beds.

As aforesaid we could conduct the Aeonium Kiwi succulents’ propagation through aforesaid vegetative methods and from seeds as well.

However, if you propagate Aeonium Kiwi succulents through seeds, their new pup’s appearance would not be the same as their mother plants simply because they are hybrids.                              

Let’s find out several methods of Aeonium Kiwi propagation. 

Aeonium Kiwi Propagation

Aeonium Kiwi propagation via Offsets

You could divide matured, and well-established plants and use them to grow new plants. Usually, the offsets would form around the plant base and tend to form whilst connecting to the stem.

However, best is to first wait until these offshoots develop roots. After that you need to cut them off from the main plant and go ahead with potting.

Having said that, it is not compulsory to wait and do it. You could take those unrooted offshoots and allow them to become callus just like you do it in the cutting method. After that you may pot them in new pots.

These offshoots would thrive well and perform well if you conduct it in spring or in summer. Having said that, they could root at any time of the year as long as you keep them warm and in bright light conditions.

Aeonium Kiwi Propagation

Aeonium Kiwi propagation via Seeds

You could consider propagating the Aeonium Kiwi succulents from its seeds.

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However, that would be a sort of a gamble simply because you cannot expect the seedlings to be the same as their mother plant.

The germination of the seeds could take place freely if you have grown them in a fresh soil mix. Alternatively, you could sow the seeds in a nursery flat also. There you could grow them in a neutral fast draining soil medium.

After that you could mix the seeds along with some sand so that it would make the sewing easier. Simply you could sprinkle some sand and seed mixture right into the growing medium. Keep in mind to not to cover it with soil though.

Next, you may keep the seeds in a place where the temperature would be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that you keep them in moderate moist conditions.

Keep the seeds under your observation for about five to ten days. Further you could thin out the seedlings so that only one stays in each 1 square area.

Finally, you could go ahead and plant them in small pots when you spot them forming mature leaves.

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Aeoniuam Kiwi seed

Aeonium Kiwi propagation via Cuttings

If you wish to propagate the Aeonium Kiwi succulents in an easy way, you could consider using the stem cutting method.

I would recommend conducting propagation of Aeonium Kiwi succulents during the winter season so that you could get the most reliable and successful results.

Having said that, you could consider propagating them at any time of the year as well.

You could select an ample number of stems since Aeonium Kiwi succulents could rise to two to three feet in height.

When you make the cutting, make sure that it is about 4-6 inches from the end. Further ensure that you are selecting a healthier stem for this purpose.

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You could ascertain that simply by looking at the leaf’s quality. When you are using a healthy stem to propagate, that will assure you get the best results.

Further keep in mind to do a clean cutting when doing this by using sharp garden scissors. In addition to that, you need to sterilize the tools and use for his purpose unless you are exposing the plant to potential infections.

 One you cut them off, leave them somewhere where they become dry. Ideally you need to keep them that way for about 3-5 days.

Once this happens, the cut edges will become calluses. Consequently, it would avoid any infection or any over absorption of water as well.

 After that you could plant them. You could expect them to form roots within a few weeks’ time. In fact, they would produce tiny roots.

You could consider watering them like you usually do with the regular Aeonium Kiwi succulent plants.

Aeoniuam Kiwi propagation

Aeonium Kiwi propagation via Leaves

You could propagate the Aeonium Kiwi succulents from its leaves. However, it will take a long time to form roots if you propagate Aeonium Kiwi succulents through leaves.

Further it is not worth trying since you cannot guarantee the results also.

If you wish to obtain a leaf to propagate you need to simply wiggle it off the plant. When selecting the leaf, you need to make sure that it is healthy and large.

Avoid using the wrinkled small or dried leaves as they would not give you successful results also.  

You could simply twist the leaf from the stem and let it become callus for a couple of days like you do with the stem cutting method.

However, ensure that you are using the whole leaf for the propagation and ensure that there is nothing remaining on the plant.

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Once the plant becomes calloused, you could place them on soil. You could spray water once a week and provide them filtered sunlight.

Generally, you need to provide more water and less sunlight for leaf propagated specimens when compared to the parent plants.

Aeonium Kiwi propagation 3 1

Aeonium Kiwi propagation via Water propagation

Water propagation literally means, using water as the growing medium instead of soil. Many people tend to find this method as less messy compared to using the soil as the growing medium. Further they find water propagation methods easy too.

Aeonium Kiwi succulents stem cuttings could be propagated using water as the growing medium and you can have successful results of it.

How to treat after propagation 

Despite which method you use to propagate these Aeonium Kiwi succulents, it is important that it has a vigorous roots system in return so that you could plant them in a garden bed.

You should ideally place these specimens in a sheltered pot where the specimens expose for morning shade and afternoon sunlight.

You could leave them in such conditions until you spot them forming several leaves. After that you could acclimate them to full sunlight within one week’s time.

After that you could water them thoroughly but less often. That will allow the soil to become dry in condition between two watering sessions.

Aeonium Kiwi propagation 7 1


Aeonium Kiwi succulents are somewhat easy to propagate.However, I would recommend you propagate them through stem cutting so that you could get successful results.

So, to wind up, you should conduct the Aeonium Kiwi succulents’ propagation when they have new growth formed.

Further the trickiest task in terms of propagating the Aeonium Kiwi succulents is to set up the environment in which the plant starts to form roots and grow.

So why wait? Start propagating your beloved Aeonium Kiwi succulents and enjoy the results!

Credit to: PINAY- The Country Side
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