String Of Buttons Propagation | 5 Effective Propagation Methods |

String of buttons propagation can be done by using their leaves, cuttings and from offsets.

Propagating them is a simple process. Here is a full guide on how to conduct the propagation process properly.

String Of Buttons Propagation

What is string of buttons?

String of buttons would be a great pick for a beginner into succulent gardening. 

That is simply because of the easy maintenance they require and because of the spectacular looks they have. 

These are used to grow in quite harsh weather in South Africa. In fact, they used to grow in gritty arid soil conditions and because of that String of buttons are hardy sets of plants which can thrive in any condition.

String of buttons can withstand less sunlight levels , moderate water levels and extreme temperature levels as well. 

Even a forgetful gardener can start growing them because of these characteristics as they can thrive on neglect. 

If I briefly touch on the plants’ outlook, they consist of leaves which take a triangular shape. 

Further they grow in a spiral manner which forms on the stems. This feature gives a stacked look for the plants. When they go through light  stress properly, they will become pink in color.

String of buttons propagation by leaf Cuttings

If you wish to follow a faster way of propagating I recommend the stem cuttings method. 

Having said that, you may also use their leaves to propagate them. However, it is tricky and less foolproof when compared to the stem cutting method. 

You need to be extra patient when doing that too. The leaf propagation method takes a lot of time. 

Besides that, You can rely on more successful rates of the stem cutting method and many people go ahead with this method because of that.

How to conduct the leaf propagation of the string of button plants.

As mentioned above, leaf propagation is tricky as their leaves form in a spiral manner growing opposite to each other. 

However, to start off, you should first get a pair of leaves from the plant whilst ensuring that no part of the leaves are left in the stem.

Next, you need to leave them somewhere where they can become callous just like what you do with the stem cuttings. 

Ensure that the place where you are leaving them is a dry and a warmer place.i suggest you dip them in a rooting hormone if you wish.

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As the next step, you may place them in the well-draining potting medium and mist them lightly. 

Avoid exposing the specimen to direct sunlight here though. When they form roots completely you could grow them in a well-draining soil mix and continue caring for them like you do for a regular succulent plant.

String Of Buttons Propagation

String of buttons propagation by stem cutting 

First, get the cuttings and allow them to develop callous. They can wither within a couple of days as they have stems which are slender. 

Besides that , ensure that you are getting stems from healthy plants and not from the plants which look unhealthy and stressed.

After that  may dip them in a rooting hormone. However, this is something which you could do only if you wish to do so. 

If you do this, it will stimulate the root forming process of the plants. You can guarantee successful results as well.

When the cuttings are fully withered, you could stick the cuttings and place them in a potting medium which has an excellent drainage. 

Ensure that you do not expose them in direct sunlight though. You need to water the soil once every few days whenever you spot their soil is dry. You could spot them rooting from two weeks’ time.

They will finish rooting within four to six weeks’ time completely. Further you could spot them forming recent growth from their stems. 

When they form roots completely, you could minimize misting them and treat them as regular plants. 

To elaborate further on this, you could water them regularly and slowly acclimate to adequate bright indirect sunlight levels.

As you may understand, you could propagate your plants with the aforesaid simple steps, and you will be happy to see them flourishing when they grow to their fullest.

Do they produce seeds?

String of buttons produce seeds. Further you may use them to propagate them as well

You simply have to place the seeds in a wide pot which comprises sand and soil which is mixed at a ratio of 1:2.

Do they produce offsets 

String of buttons provide small offsets and you could use them to  propagate as well

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All you need to do is to cut them off from the main stem and leave them in a warmer place where they can be callous. 

Next you may plant them in a soil medium which has a free draining and a good aeration.

Can you root the string of buttons in water?

You could use water and propagate them in water as well. Propagating them in water is like propagating them in soil. 

Only difference here would be the growing medium as it would be water whereas you will have soil as the growing medium in the soil propagation method.

To propagate them in water, you have to take a jam jar and place a sterile cotton calloused wool in the jar. 

Keep adding water until you make the wool wet. After that you may place the calloused stalks in the cotton wool and place leaves right next to the lid edge. 

Ensure that you keep the specimen this way for a few weeks. After that you could spot them forming roots which are translucent. 

When they are fully established you could grow them in the regular pots and treat them as individual plants.

String Of Buttons Propagation

How to treat after propagation

Sunlight requirement

String of buttons  are native plants in South Africa which literally means they are used to grow in harsh full sunlight and in semi shade as well. 

However, they can thrive in any moderate sub-light condition when you grow them as houseplants. Having said that, the lack of sunlight will be troublesome for the plants. 

In case if the plants are running short of proper sunlight, they will lose the color of the foliage and become etiolated. Hence best recommendation would be to expose them for bright and indirect sunlight.

Soil requirement

A soil mix which has a close resemblance to their natural habitat would help these plants for their optimal growth

Ideally a sandy, soil mix which contains pumice, bark would be ideal for them. I suggest you go ahead with cactus soil mix or with succulent soil mix which is readily available at all the garden stores.

Water requirement

You may use a soak and dry method when watering the string of button plants. That way you can assure that there will be no excess water provided for these plants. 

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All you need to do is to water them deeply and soak the soil well, whilst drenching it so that the excess water can move through the pot whilst making the soil moist. 

It is vital that you check whether the soil is dry and only then proceed with watering them.

Temperature and Humidity requirement

You could grow them in containers as they would be great picks for them

However, you need to  protect the plants from frost or temperature ranges which are below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. In terms of the humidity levels, they can withstand moderate  humidity levels.

Fertilizer requirements

String of buttons can thrive with poor quality soil which is infertile. They are not used to grow in soil mixes which are enriched with nutrients

Hence fertilizing these plants is not very significant when looking after them. Having said that, if you feed them, it will stimulate the growth of the plants. 

You may use a houseplant fertilizer to feed them. However before you feed them, you  need to dilute it to half strength and then apply.

Related questions

How do you separate the string of buttons  pups?

You may simply cut off the offsets from the main stem whilst using a sterile knife. Next let them wither and plant them in a soil mix which has excellent drainage.

Does a string of buttons  need sunlight?

Bright indirect sunlight for six hours and semi shade for the rest of the day would be beneficial for the optimal growth of the string of button plants. 

When you grow them outdoors, they can thrive in warmer weather.

How long does it take a string of buttons to root?

You could spot them rooting within  four to six weeks’ time. When you spot, they have formed the roots entirely , you may grow them in individual plants as aforesaid.


Before concluding, trust you found this article interesting and you could enhance your knowledge on conducting the propagation of the string of buttons plants properly.

Credit to : Succulent Plant Care
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