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Orchid cactus are fabulous flowering succulent, usually you could spot growing  indoors. Their leaves are broad and flat. One more interesting feature of these plants is the sweet fragrance of their flowers. So to keep their beautiful features you have to plant orchid cactus in a good soil mix. Therefore in this article I am going to describe the best orchid cactus soil, pots and how often you should repot this plant.

Orchid Cactus soil

orchid cactus soil

Avoid using regular cactus potting mix for these cacti. When they grow in their natural habitat, their roots survive on the decaying organic matter, and they usually grow whilst exposed  to the air. 

The best type of soil mix would be porous, humus and light. Those types of soil mix will retain some moisture and drain faster. You may also go ahead with a soil mix with coarse sand.

The right mix should be slightly acidic. Further it should have a good aeration as well. You could consider adding elements such as crushed charcoal to enhance the aeration in the mix if it is required. 

Never use fertilizers which have a high Nitrogen component. Avoid overpotting the cactus. Instead let them become slightly rootbound. Whenever you repot them, ensure that you are always using fresh soil mix.

How to choose a pot for orchid cactus

You need to ideally grow them in terracotta, glazed pots. Alternatively, you could grow them in ceramic, plastic and hanging baskets also. 

However, if you are using glazed pots, ensure that you are using them only for a shorter period. 

Never use metallic pots to grow them. Besides, you can grow them in hanging baskets also. Whenever you select a pot ensure that it will allow the roots to have a better aeration. Additionally, the right pot should have sufficient draining holes too.

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Guide to plant orchid cactus 

To plant the orchid cactus, you should first detach stem sections. Those stem cuttings should be four – six inches long

You need to take the cuttings in spring or in summer so that you will have guaranteed results. Next, leave them in a warmer place where they can develop callousness. 

Next place the calloused ends in a pre-moistened potting soil. Next place the specimen in a spot where they can gain a temperature level of 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The exposure for indirect bright sunlight would be helpful for the optimal growth of the orchid cactus.

Does orchid cactus need repotting?

Orchid cactus do not want  regular repotting as they can stay in the same pot for sometime. Having said that You can report them occasionally

When you report them occasionally it will stimulate new growth in the plants and further help to stay healthy too. 

You  need to consider repotting the young orchid cactus until they start blooming. Generally, orchid cacti do not mind being pot bound. 

However, if your orchid was flowering constantly and if it stopped all of a sudden, you need to consider repotting them.

Moreover , if the roots are forming out of the pot and if their growth has taken on a massive level where it has caused an imbalance , you need to consider repotting them there too. 

Besides, if you wish to plant them in a fresh pot, you need to repot them there too.

How do you report an orchid cactus? 

You need to first wait until the perfect time to repot them. Ideal time to repot the orchid cactus is one month after they flower

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You need to wear gloves before starting the proceedings so that you can protect yourself. First and foremost arrange a proper container which fulfills the aforesaid characteristics. Terracotta pots would be the most appropriate pot type to use for this purpose. 

They would be useful particularly when the plants become too heavy, and they will stop the plants from falling over. 

Ensure the pot you are using is slightly larger than in what it was grown before. Besides, ensure that it has sufficient draining holes too.

Next you should take out the plant from the pot. If you have grown them in a plastic pot, you can gently squeeze the pot sizes and take it out.

Further you can soak the plant and use a knife and remove the plant from the edges of the pot.

After that remove the older soil around the roots. In the meantime, prepare the potting mix. To make the potting medium, you can add one part of inorganic elements such as perlite, orchid bark, horticultural grit etc. and for the organic component, you can use an ordinary potting mix.

Finally, you may place the plant in a new pot after adding a fresh soil mix. When you plant it , ensure that you are planting it at the same depth that it was planted before in the previous pot. 

Give them some time to settle in and water them after one week’s time.  Place the specimen in bright indirect sunlight.

Related questions

How often should you water an orchid cactus?

You can water the orchid cactus once every 10 days generally. However, it may vary depending on the weather, light conditions and on the pant size as well. 

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These plants usually grow in rainforests and usually grow on tree surfaces when they grow in natural habitats. They do not prefer to be moist and if you end up over watering them, it will cause root rot in them.

Is the orchid cactus succulent?

Orchid cactus is a succulent. Orchid cactus also want a minimum maintenance. They will thrive well with minimum water and with minimum pruning as well.

Does orchid cactus need sunlight?

Orchid cactus thrives well with bright indirect sunlight right throughout the year when you grow them indoors. 

However, when you grow them outdoors, you should expose the plants to semi shade and away from direct sunlight as it will be harmful for the plants.


Choosing a right orchid cactus soil mix, growing them in a proper pot type and repotting them occasionally  are three key factors for the survival of Orchid cactus. As long as you fulfill these, they will grow to their best potential. Happy cultivating with orchid cactus !

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