How Do I Make Succulents Colorful? 5 Easy Steps Must Know

I have seen succulents in many colors such as green, purple, blue, yellow and red. But do you know, you can make succulents colorful regardless of their natural color. If you want to make succulent colorful at first, you must have a basic idea of maintaining your succulent properly.

There are two ways to Make Succulents Colorful, that is you can dye your succulent or stress out your succulent and have great color. So you can now choose a ways to make your succulent colorful without harm to the plant.

How Do I Make Succulents Colorful Easy Steps

How to make succulents colorful?

People who love to grow succulents or those who want to make a garden with succulents like to have different shades of succulents around them. So you can find some ways to make your colorful succulents without harm to the plant.

Change color by stress

If you want to make your succulent colorful, the first step is that make it stress. When you hear that at first, you might be wondering and thinking, is it good or needed? Do you know that stress is not a bad thing for plant? Stress can change people and plants, in a good way. If we are going to stress them out, succulents will show their true colors to us.

Keep in mind, the color change is not an abnormal thing for succulents. They try to protect themselves by changing their colors.

Well, even though you stress your succulents sometimes, they stay the same with the same green color. It is good if you can find a variety of succulent that you have to stress out.


As you know, all most succulents are from deserts. And they love sunlight, and they need it to grow happier and healthier. If you want to make colorful succulents, at first, you have to expose them to all the conditions that they deserve, precisely as a desert. Infertile soil, drought, sun exposure, and cold temperature at night for an extended period can make a massive difference to the plant.

When it comes to the soil, it plays a significant role. Succulents do not like to have a wet and soggy soil . Succulent grows in a dry zone, and they are unable to absorb much water. If they have to absorb too much water, your succulent will not last long. If you want to keep your succulent healthier, you have to find well-drained soil to plant them.

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When you are going to water the succulents, you have to check whether the soil is completely dry inside before watering the plants.

Do you know succulents have remarkable roots that can absorb water easily and quickly because they will store water inside their stems and leaves? If you need your succulents to be bright colors and colorful, they need proper sunlight throughout the day. Otherwise, they become pale with time.

Can you dye your succulents? Step by step

Yes, you can dye your succulent with food coloring without harming the plant. But first, you have to stress your plant. All succulents store water themselves, and you should reduce the water intake and stress them to gain a good result. When you do not water them, they start to use their stored water to survive.

STRESSED colorful

Please refer to the below steps to Make Succulents Colorful as you need. Since the succulents are stressed out, they are out of energy, nutrients, and all those are fulfilled by water. Take a transparent cup, glass, or vase and pour water half away. Then add your food coloring for that and stir well.

Then, you need to take out the roots of the succulent from the pot and find out the roots or the plant’s central root. You need a sharp blade to cut the roots, of course not the whole roots. Some might think to cut the plant with a scissor, but using the same might crush the plant. Now put the succulent in the colored water glass and keep it for around 12 hours. But you have to stir the water regularly. Since the plant is stressed out and you have kept it without water, roots will suck water quickly.

After this process, you have to replant the succulent in a pot. Keep in mind you have to take a new soil base to replant the succulent, and it is better to have a new pot as well. And it is recommended to add perlite to the soil base to grow the plant properly. So the process is not done yet. To the betterment of the plant again, you have to stress your succulent for a few days. Already the plant has stored colored water in to the body. When they do not get the water, they will use the stored colored water for their transpiration. And you can see the dye inside the leaves, and if the flowers are going to bloom, you can see the flower also get the same color you have used.

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Which succulents do varieties change color? colorful succulents

We have listed down a few varieties of succulents that can change their colors. So no need to make Make Succulents Colorful


Sempervivum can be named as Hen and chicks too, and it is green color, a long-lasting succulent which is like a rose in shape. It could grow up to 1 inch tall and stays the same its entire life. Sempervivum also can change their color, and you also can use food coloring as well. It is easy to Make Succulents Colorful

Tradescantia Pallida

People also call Tradescantia Pallida as purple heart as well. This plant is originally purple, but you can turn that into bright or light as well.


Echeveria minima is a miniature succulent that is known for its size and beauty. It grows up to 3 inches in height. This variety also can change their colors.


This plant belongs to the cactus family. There are over 150 species of Opuntia throughout the world, and this is the largest species of the cactus family. Since there are lots of species, you can see a wide range of colors as well.


Agave Is native to Mexico, and they have spread to some other region afterword’s. Agave is a slow-growing plant with spiky edges. Most of the agave also can change their colors. Mostly with blue, yellow.

Jelly bean plant

The jelly bean plant’s scientific name is Sedum rubrotinctum, and this plant also can change its color if you want. It is easy Make Succulents Colorful

succulents colorful Succulents

Frequently asked questions?

How do I get my succulents to turn red?

You can stress out your succulent to get its original color, or you can use red food coloring to do the same. It is easy to Make Succulents Colorful

Why are my succulents turning purple?

If your succulent turning purple, it is because the plant is stressed out. When you do not water the plant as it wants, the plant will show its true colors.

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Why is my succulents change colors?

Changing colors can be happened due to a few reasons. When you do not provide enough sunlight to your plant, it will fade and change its colors. And when you skip watering the succulent, they get stressed out and change their colors.

Why do red succulents turn green?

Most of the succulents can be seen with green leaves and stems. Even though a succulent is a dry zone plant, it also needs water to get energy and nutrients. Succulents turn green when they get more than enough water, and they are not stressed out as well. It is easy to Make Succulents Colorful

How to stress succulents indoors for color?

Basically, you have to provide more sunlight and lack of water. Keep in mind you might not give enough sunlight if the plants are inside the house, but if you want Make Succulents Colorful, you should provide more sunlight to the plant.

What are succulent colors?

When it comes to the succulents’ colors, it comes in many shades of red, blue, purple, yellow, and orange as well. These colors are mainly based on the succulent variety. Please refer below to find out the colors of succulents and types as well. It is easy to Make Succulents Colorful

Blue Succulents

Blue Chalksticks (Senecio Serpens)

Blue Glow (Agave attenuata x Agave ocahui)

Blue Spruce (Sedum reflexum)

Echeveria ‘Blue Bird.’

Stonecrop’ Blue Spruce’

Echeveria – ‘Blue Waves.’

Ferocactus glaucescens – ‘Blue Barrel Cactus.’

Pachyveri – ‘Jeweled Crown.’

Purple Succulents

Opuntia Santa Rita “Santa Rita prickly pear.”

Echeveria “Purple pearl.”

Pleiospilos nelii ‘Royal Flush.’

Sempervivum’ Purple Beauty.’

Senecio jacobsenii’ Trailing jade.’

Gymnocalycium’ Purple moon cactus.’

Senecio herreanus ‘Purple Flush.’

Lithops optica ‘Rubra.’

Echinocereus pectinatus’ Rainbow hedgehow cactus.’

Red Succulents

Sempervivum Heuffelii ‘Chocolate Sundae’

Echeveria agavoides’ Romeo.’

Crassula capitella ‘Red Pagoda.’

Sempervivum ‘Red Lion.’

Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Aurura.’

Euphorbia trigona ‘Royal Red.’

Mammillaria spinosissima’ Red-headed Irishman.’

Orange Succulents

Echeveria’ Sanyatwe’

Graptosedum’ California Sunset’

Mammillaria elongate cristata ‘Copper king.’

Opuntia rufida minima ‘Mini cinnamon cactus.’

Sedum adolphii’ Golden Sedum.’

Lithops karasmontana ‘Orange Ice.’

Graptoveria’ Fred Ives’

Echeveria’ Orange Monroe’

Sedum nussbaumerianum ‘Coppertone Stonecrop’

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colorful succulents

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