Echeveria Elegans Alba | 14 Super Cool Succulent Care Facts |

Echeveria elegans alba are endemic plants to Mexico. These plants are renowned for their fabulous appearances. 

If you are excited to discover Echeveria Elegans Alba, keep reading this article since I am going to cover on their right growing tips, pests’ problems with propagation methods.  

If you manage to care for them well, they could continue to be in the same beauty forever. These are quite famous as fantastic ornamental plants. 

Echeveria Elegans Alba

How do I identify echeveria elegans alba?

Echeveria Elegans Alba plants come up with evergreen leaves and the prominent colors of the leaves would be light silvery green to light purple. As aforesaid these are rosette forming plants.  

Echeveria Elegans Alba produces flowers along with tall pinkish red stems. You could spot their blooms in pink. 

Not only that but also, those flower margins would be yellow in color. Their flowers tend to look like lanterns. 

Size of the plant

Echeveria ‘Elegans Alba would rise up to 8 inches. Further They  would grow  about 12 inches wide spread.  


Echeveria Elegans Alba grows at a moderate rate.

Onelook care guide

Botanical NameEcheveria Elegans alba
Common NameEcheveria ‘Elegans Alba’
Plant TypeSucculent
Mature Size8 inches tall  / 12 inches wide
Sun ExposureFull sunlight to partial sunlight
Soil TypeWell-draining
Soil pH5.5-6.0 (Acidic – neutral).
Bloom TimeLate winter / Spring
Flower ColorPink
Hardiness Zoneshardiness zones 9a – 11b
Native AreaMexico
Average price 7 USD

How do you take care of echeveria elegans alba? 

Light Requirement 

Succulents in general thrive well with full sunlight to partial shade and Echeveria Elegans Alba is no different to them.

Ideally, you could grow them in shade during summer and expose them to full sunlight in winter. Keep in mind that you need to avoid exposing them to direct sunlight particularly during summer.

Temperature and humidity

Echeveria Elegans Alba can thrive well in 20-50 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures.  Avoid exposing them to cooler temperatures. Echeveria Elegans Alba are not cold hardy plants.

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Is it cold hardy?

Echeveria Elegans Alba are not cold hardy plants. Hence you need to take necessary actions to protect your plants from such extreme winter conditions.  

However, when you locate them indoors, ensure that they can gain sufficient sunlight levels.


Echeveria Elegans Alba prefer to live in in USDA hardiness zones 9a-. 11b

Watering Requirement

Echeveria Elegans Alba watering requirement is very minimal just like the other succulents. Ideally you need to water them occasionally but thoroughly. 

I recommend applying the soak and dry method when watering the plants. Which literally means, you need to water them deeply and thoroughly and let them wither after that.

Before you water, always ensure that the soil is dry from the previous watering session.

Watering frequency should be changed depending on the season.  If we consider winter once a month, watering would be more than enough. 

On the other hand, I recommend watering the Echeveria Elegans Alba once every week in hot and dry weather conditions like in Summer.

If you are unsure whether you need to water the plants, you need to first check whether their soil is dry and only then start watering them. 

If you could spot any signs of under watering, you need to start watering them immediately.

Keep in mind that over watering could create severe repercussions than what it does from under watering.

Soil Requirement Type / ph.

You need to be mindful to grow them in a well draining soil mix just like with other succulents. Unless chances are that excess water can retain in the soil mix and cause root rot. 

Root rot could be so dangerous as it could be sometimes lethal on the plants.  

Ideally you need to go ahead with a succulent soil mix or with a cactus soil mix to grow the plants. 

Alternatively, you could create a soil mix on your own by blending potting soil, coarse sand, and perlite. Ideal ph. of the soil mix should be 5.5-6.0 (Acidic – neutral).

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Flowering and Fragrance

Echeveria Elegans Alba produces flowers in pink in late winter or during spring.

Pot size Potting and Repotting

Echeveria Elegans Alba can survive well in terracotta pots as they do not retain excess moisture within the pot.

Check whether your pot carries at least one draining hole in order for the excess water to move through. 

First take off the Echeveria Elegans Alba plant from the older pot and get rid of the older soil around the roots. 

Now you could observe the plant closely and see whether there are  any rotten or damaged plant parts  visible. 

If you spot any, remove them from the plant.Consider using a fungicide to treat those cut edges. Next you could dig a hole in the new pot and plant them in the pot. 

Moisten the soil. Ensure the roots have enough space to spread and grow.

Where to Plant 

Echeveria Elegans Alba could be planted anywhere be it indoors or outdoors. 

However, ensure that it could gain enough sunlight levels though. As long as they can gain sufficient sunlight levels, they could thrive well.

Fertilizer and time of year

Echeveria Elegans Alba do not require fertilizers a lot. 

However you may feed them lightly during their actively growing season as the plant’s vigorous growth would be benefited from that. Suspend feeding them when they are dormant though. 


Echeveria Elegans Alba go dormant in winter. They will be in their sleeping mode during this time.

Can be toxic to pets

Echeveria in general are not toxic for pests as well as for humans.

Common bugs and illnesses

Echeveria Elegans Alba are resistant to pests and diseases in general. However, they may also encounter pests attacks particularly from aphids, mealybugs etc. 

Apart from that vine weevils could also create trouble for the Echeveria Elegans Alba plants. To remedy them you could simply spray water at them or use an insecticide.

However, keep in mind to not apply the insecticide directly into the leaves as it could harm the plants. 

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You need to make sure that you are fulfilling the right growing tips when taking care of them as then it will help you to keep these pests away from your beloved Echeveria Elegans Alba plants.

Special Care tips

Echeveria Elegans Alba can thrive well on their own.

Having said that I recommend you get rid of the dead flowers as well as from their older leaves. Unless those could be great breeding places for pests.

How to propagate echeveria elegans alba

You could use the Echeveria Elegans Alba offsets as well as their leaves to propagate them.        

Leaf propagation

First you need to select a healthy plump leaf for the propagation process. You could gently twist them from the mother plant to remove them.

Make sure you obtain the whole leaf for this process, unless it is very unlikely that it will succeed. 

After that you should leave them in a hot and dry place where they can develop callus.  Next go ahead and plant them in an appropriate potting medium.

Make sure you keep it moist .  When you spot, they have formed rosettes ,  you could go ahead and replant them. Before you replant them, ensure the mother leaf is withered too.

Offset propagation

You could spot the Echeveria Elegans Alba forming pups at the base of the plants, and you could utilize them to make new plants.

You could simply take off the pups and leave them in a hot and dry place where they can develop callousness just like in the leaf propagation method.

Next arrange a container which is filled with a well-draining soil mix and plant the offsets in the soil mix.

You could dig a shallow hole in the soil mix and then plant them.  Do not bury the roots though. Whenever you spot the soil mix is dry, you could moisten them.


Echeveria Elegans alba could thrive well given that you fulfill its growing necessities.

As long as they get their main growing care tips fulfilled, they could reward you  with beautiful plants in return.

Credit to : G Succulents
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