Planting Succulents In Deep Pots (Think Different) 

When I say succulent you might picture a tiny plant in a tiny pot. But have you ever thought about planting succulents in deep pots? Is it a viable option? 

Let me explain to you all about “planting succulents in deep pots”. Please keep reading. In the end you will have your answer.

Planting Succulents In Deep Pots

Planting succulents in deep pots? Is it a viable option?

Yes, You can plant succulents in deep pots. However, when you grow succulents in deep pots you need to grow them outdoors. 

In general Succulents would opt to grow in shallow pots as they don’t usually have a deep root system. Once you provide a deep pot consequently you will have to apply a lot of soil. 

Ideally, they would thrive well in narrow pots which have a little amount of soil. you need to select plants which perfectly fit in the pots.

Otherwise, if you end up using a small plant to grow in deep pots, it would not allow the plants to grow healthily. 

If you have deep pots to plant succulents, you can choose succulents depending on your wish where you can mix some of them to create an attractive texture and a wide array of colors. 

If you are a keen succulent enthusiast who wishes to learn on this, it would be worth going through this article.

How deep should a succulent planter be?

Ideally the succulent planter should be 10 % deeper than the plant size. So, if you have an option to make from deeper and shallow pots, I recommend you go ahead with the shallow pots. 

On the other hand, the ideal planter should be 10 % larger in width compared to the plant’s size.

If I elaborate further on this, consider that if you have a 2 inch succulent you need to use a 2.5 inch – 4 inch sized pot so that you can get the best results of it. If you have a 4 inch succulents, you need to choose a 4.5 – 6 inches sized pot. 

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It is crucial that you select the right pot size to plant your beloved succulents as only then the plant’s health would be benefitted from that. In other words, it would help the roots to develop firmly.

Selecting a pot which has an unfitting depth is a commonly spotted mistake which many succulents’ growers tend to make. 

If you end up using a way too deep pot, it would make it difficult for the plants to absorb sufficient sunlight. If you spot your beloved plants’ leaves at the bottom looking unhealthy, it could be due to the fact that you have grown them in a way too deep pot. 

So, to remedy this, you need to immediately repot them to a narrow pot. It would help the plants to revive.

Do succulents need deep roots?

In general succulents have a very shallow root system. Those shallow roots help them to survive in extremely dried environments. 

Planting Succulents In Deep Pots

How to plant succulents in deep pots? 

First of all, I suggest you wait until spring comes and then start the proceedings. There is not so much planning you have to do when you plant the succulents in deep pots. 

When you plant succulents in deep pots, you may either choose one individual plant to grow or multiple plants. 

However, when you choose multiple succulents for this, you may use a wide array of succulents which would develop in various colors. The colors would contrast with each other. It would completely depend on your requirement and on your wish.

In addition to different color schemes, you may also choose succulents which come up in numerous shapes and in numerous sizes as well. There is no such precise way of planting the succulents. 

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However, what you need to be mindful of when growing multiple succulents in deep pots, is to check on the growing requirements of the plants. 

so, ideally you need to select plants which have equal requirements in terms of growth so that it would be easy for you to look after the plants. 

So, if you are not too sure as to what type of care treatments your chosen plants need, I suggest you explore these plants deeper and then act accordingly. You can find a lot of information on our site.

Besides these factors, you need to be mindful of the selected plants dormancy and on the plants preferred hardiness zones as well. 

Ideally you should not mix cold hardy plants with non-cold hardy plants. Furthermore, don’t plant tropical cactus along with desert cactus as well.

So, once you select the plants, you need to plant the largest plants right at the back in the pots. Next you can cultivate the smaller plants at the front in the pots. 

However, when you cultivate the plants, you need to plant them at a fair bit of distance so that all the plants can grow freely.

How deep you should plant the succulents in the pots

Bear in mind that you need to plant the succulents in a way whether the leaves at the bottom stay level with the pot edges. It could be either a little higher too. That will consequently allow the plants to gain sufficient sunlight.

Planting Succulents In Deep Pots

How to water succulents in deep pots?

This is very important because succulents are adapted to grow in hot and arid conditions mostly and most succulents have similar requirements when it comes to watering. 

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So, when you grow plants in deep pots, you do not need to worry a lot about watering. That said, there could be some exceptional succulents which will have watering requirement which are in contrast with the succulents

Deep pot contains a lot of water. That means they retain moisture for a longer period of time.

But succulents do not love moist soil. Therefore when watering deep pots do not fill the pot with water. Always try to fill half the pot. 

Apart from that, if you fill the pot with water, keep the succulents in sunlight to evaporate water. Otherwise your plant might have root rot or fungus disease. 

Also you do not need to water them every day. Check the soil for moisture before watering. You can use your finger to check the moisture level of the water. 


Now you know lot about planting succulents in deep pots

To sum up, succulents can grow to their best when you grow them in deep pots if you adhere to the abovementioned tips and guidelines. 

I hope you were able to clear all your doubts with regards to this subject and that now you are all set to start gardening with succulents in deep pots. Hope you found this article interesting too !

Credit to : Dalla Vita
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