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Today I’m going to be talking about Easiest Succulents To Grow in your home or garden. Whether you’ve had trouble keeping succulents alive in the past or you’ve never tried growing succulents before, we’re going to go over some beginner-friendly options today.

When we consider the other plants in general, they would require constant moisture for their survival. On the other hand, Succulents will not be too fuzzy on watering / moisture as they have the special ability in retaining water in their body. This is  why the succulents  tend to grow in warmer conditions. Hence why, a lot of people tend to grow succulents indoors instead of other house plants. Bellow is list of Easiest Succulents To Grow

Easiest succulents to grow

What are the easiest succulents to grow?

If you ever wonder about starting your own succulents’ collection, you may start off with the easiest succulents to grow. Find below a list of best indoor easy growing succulents which could be recommended.

01)   Burro’s Tail – (Sedum morganianum)

This comes very handy if we are looking to grow a plant as a hanging plant in a cute container. It is a trailing succulent of which the stem could rise to 3 feet. It has gray green leaves. Blossoming of Burro’s Tail could be spotted very rarely, chances are that you could see them with pink or red flowers in summertime.

This is an endemic plant in Mexico. We need to provide them with bright sunlight so that they can grow well. When it comes to watering, make sure you wait until soil gets dried enough completely before you water them again.

Easiest succulents to grow

 02)   Christmas Cactus – (Schlumbergera x buckleyi)

They are flat and do not usually come with sharp spines. One feet would be the maximum length that it could get. They are called crab claw cactus in general . That is because once they drape over, it looks more like a crab claw. This is a plant which would appreciate a bit of moisture. Hence watering should be done appropriately. Please wait until the first layer of the soil gets completely withered. Before watering, You may place this plant closer to a window so that it will be pleased.

During wintertime, you could see them blossoming. They will be more yellow in color and it is a Easiest Succulents To Grow.

Easiest succulents to grow

03)   Hens and chicks

This common name is called for two types of succulents. Both are related to each other but looks different . Both these types form tiny succulent plants that are slightly offset from mother plants. Echeveria Elepgans – produce flat rosettes which look like flowers. They tend to grow arching and they blossom annually. Flowers will be more like bell shape.

The other type is Sempervivum tectorum . Rosettes are produced from this as well. Their leaves will be flatter and  will form in a pointed way. They bloom with tiny flowers and they will look like little stars. They form in numerous varieties which in return come up with pretty shapes as well as in various colors. Place both exposed to bright sunlight. Further watering should also be done based on the general standards. Unless, chances are that there could be root rots.

Easiest succulents to grow

04)   Jade Plant – ( crassula ovata )

This is regarded as an endemic plant  in south Africa. Their leaves will be glossy and green in color. They will grow up to one foot in height while it could rise up to several feet high when grown outdoors. For best results, you could use a terra cotta container to plant them. When watering, ensure that the soil is completely dry before you water it again.

Having said that , if you do not water them adequately, chances are that it could drop its leaves. Hence, be vigilant and consistent at the same time when you are watering the jade succulents.

Easiest succulents to grow

 05)   Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is usually grown with a short stem and Easiest Succulents To Grow. Moreover it will contain a collection of long slender leaves on the stem. As the time passes, this forms offsets which could fill the whole container. In this circumstance, take out those from the container. Replant them in some other pots so that it will not be overcrowded. One special thing about Aloe Vera is its healing ability.

This is used to cure the wounds and sun burns. Important thing to note about this is that they have sharp teeth on the edges of their leaves which could injure us. Hence, be mindful when handling them. It is a plant which we cannot kill easily. we should  place aloe vera plant in a drier place. That does not mean we have to place them under the scorching sun as if then, leaves could be burned.

Easiest succulents to grow

 06)    Panda Plant – ( Kalanchoe tomentosa)

Panda plant is a type of Kalanchoe  plant which could be spotted frequently.  This is a native plant in Madagascar. This has fuzzy , gray green colored leaves. If it’s grown as a houseplant, its maximum height would be two feet. They are slow growers. Place them in bright sunlight ideally by a  window. Be mindful to check whether the soil is withered between watering sessions.

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If by any chance you water the leaves of the plants, you will end up making the plant rot. So be careful with that !

Easiest succulents to grow

07)   Ponytail palm – Beaucarnea recurvata –

Though they are called palm trees , they are really not. However their long , woody looking trunk along with its leathery leaves at the top gives out the impression that it kind of looks like a palm tree. They are slow growers. Nevertheless, they could grow up to twelve to twenty feet high whilst they will be just four feet high if they are grown indoors. You may think it does not really look like a succulent, but its bulbous base of the trunk conserves water and that is why it is called by the name of elephant foot also.

It is vital to note that this is a plant which could adapt to indoor conditions. Having said that, they would also appreciate bright light, heated temperatures, and low humidity as well . If someone does not have much time to spare on gardening this will be the one simply because it doesn’t require more water particularly during winter time.

Easiest succulents to grow

08)    Snake plant – (Sansevieria trifasciata)

This type of succulent is unbreakable. Literally, it could thrive for several weeks though they do not get water or sunlight. Their looks will remain the same. their leaves will be thick, stiff and they will tend to grow right up. The leaves will somewhat look pointed too. When they generally grow, they will be about three feet tall. They will have patterned markings which resemble a snake.

Later, as the time passed, we could report as appropriately. They will prefer the medium to bright sunlight. A little amount of water would also be very useful for their growth.

Easiest succulents to grow

 09)    African milk tree – ( Euphorbia trigona )

This type of succulent could be nine feet in height once it grows to its mature size. It is most common and Easiest Succulents To Grow. This is not a tree. It could be grown indoors as well.Then they will be about three feet in height. Its stem will look like a triangular, branched one. Further there will be sharp thorns along the stem too. Additionally, you could spot tiny reddish leaves in the tips of the green stems as well.

It is said that it forms milky sticky sap which could be harmful if you do not cleanse it. Ensure that you provide adequate light along with an evenly moist soil so that it grows well.

Easiest succulents to grow

 10)  Zebra Haworthia – (Haworthia fasciata)

This could be commonly spotted in garden centers and it is renowned as an easy going plant. You could place them near a window where it will get bright indirect sunlight for several hours daily. Just like with the other succulents, wait until the soil gets completely dried enough after one watering session and before you start with another watering session.

This will come handy for a terrarium as well. This will be about 5 inches in height when it gets matured. It will remain small. Hence you could plant this along with other Succulents.

Easiest succulents to grow

Are succulents easy to grow indoors?

Lot of gardeners prefer  to grow Succulents indoor. Main reason for this is the minimum effort you need to put into care for it. When we consider the other plants in general, they would require constant moisture for their survival. On the other hand, Succulents will not be too fuzzy on watering / moisture as they have the special ability in retaining water in their body.

This is why they are adapted to warmer conditions. Hence why , a lot of people tend to grow succulents indoors instead of other house plants. Literally they thrive in indoor conditions. This is mainly due to the fact that they have specially adapted fleshy leaves , thick stems, etc.  to retain water in their body. Thus, they could survive in dry air without any  side effects.

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Indoor succulents (types)

  • Burro’s Tail – (Sedum morganianum)
  • Christmas Cactus – (Schlumbergera x buckleyi)
  • Hens and chicks – ( Echeveria Elepgans / Sempervivum tectorum )
  • Jade Plant – ( crassula ovata )
  • Aloe Vera – (  Aloe barbadensis miller )
  • Panda Plant – ( Kalanchoe tomentosa)
  • Ponytail palm – Beaucarnea recurvata 
  • Snake plant – (Sansevieria trifasciata)
  • African milk tree – ( Euphorbia trigona )
  • Zebra Haworthia – (Haworthia fasciata)

Care guide for easy growing succulents

Easiest succulents to grow

Choosing a type

First and foremost , make sure to select as to what type of succulent you would love to have in your house. Many succulents would love direct sunlight. If your allocated place for the plant is a little shady area , better to proceed with a low light tolerant plant. For example, you can go ahead with a succulent like mother in law tongue. Additionally, if you want to have a plant in a hanging container , a string of banana would be fancy as it is a trailing type of succulent. Ensure that you read the plant label to have an idea on their requirement on sunlight , size and the spread etc.

Selecting a pot

Please do be vigilant on the pot you use, as it should have enough drainage holes which consequently help for a good drainage. Refrain in utilizing glass containers on a long term basis  as they will cause root rot. Further it will obstruct the roots proper breathing as well.

 Growth medium

Usually, at the nurseries, these succulents are grown in soil which contains a lot of moisture. Hence, once you bring it home, it is recommended to replant it in a new pot as you wish. You may use coarse potting mix for this purpose.  You can be a little tricky here to use some perlite or pumice to the pot as it will make the drainage efficient.

How to plant

Firstly, select a pot which has enough drainage holes which consequently help for a good drainage. You may use coarse potting mix for this purpose. You can be a little tricky here to use some perlite or pumice to the plant as it will make the drainage efficient. Plant the succulent and in the arranged pot and water them moderately and as appropriately.

Where to place

It is recommended to place the succulents where it will get at least six hours of daily sunlight when growing them indoor.  Ideally, they should be placed near a window. In case, they do not get the adequate sunlight, you will see them bend towards the direction where they can get sunlight.


These succulents come up very gracefully if we take care of them well. Watering is regarded as a prominent fact when we consider succulents in general. In most cases under watering has less effect than over watering. Once you water your succulent, let it soak well until the water circulates through soil and until it exits from the drainage holes.

To reiterate, be mindful to not to over water as it will be an absolute disaster for the plant. rotting and fungal disease are two main repercussions of overwatering. Best is to water them more, but as appropriate only. One more very important factor with regards to watering these succulents is that, ensure that the soil is dried enough after one watering session before you proceed with another watering.

Chances are that you will kill your plant if you let the soil mix to be moist constantly. Further avoid watering the succulents during their dormancy too.

Easiest succulents to grow

How to take care

You simply have to adhere  to all the recommended caring processes such as providing them with sufficient light, providing them with soil with good drainage , watering them adequately etc.

Lifetime of easy growing succulents

Succulents come in numerous varieties. Hence, it’s not possible to give a straightforward answer for this. if we take following examples, their life time are as follows,

  • Jade Plant – 70-100 years
  • Hens and chicks – 3+ years
  • Aloe vera – 5-25 years

A succulent like chick and hens’s main part usually do not live long. It will be for about three to four years. However they form plenty of offsets. Due to that, the death of the main plant could be insignificant and unnoticeable too.

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How and when to change their pot?

If you spot your succulent has outgrown the container and if you see your succulent is in stress, you better go ahead with repotting. Do select a container which is well draining and slightly bigger than the previous pot which was planted before.  Refrain from utilizing glass containers on a long term basis  as they will cause root rot. You can fill the base of the pot with one third of the pre moistened potting mix , then plant it in the middle. After that, you can add some more pre moistened potting mix to backfill.

Easiest succulents to grow


Does this succulent attract bugs?

Bugs will be an insignificant issue , if you adhere to all the recommended caring processes  such as providing them with sufficient light, providing them with soil with good drainage , watering them adequately etc. in case you come across any indoor plant which is infected by a bug, immediate action should be taken before it gets worse. Bug called gnasts is commonly spotted among these succulents.

If you want to get rid of them, you only have to use a well draining soil and ensure that you let the soil dry between two watering sessions. They usually contain in the soil if it has constant moisture. Mealy bugs could also be spotted among these succulents.

Can I put easy growing succulent in a shallow dish?

You could make an attractive  indoor grown succulent landscape collection whilst using numerous types of succulents along with shallow dishes. They will look pretty on a table and will make a pretty desert dish garden. They would want minimal care and attention from us once they are grown.

Sedum, aloe are a couple of succulent types which could survive in dish gardens. When we grow succulents in shallow pots ,we have to  concentrate mainly on watering. Please do it occasionally when it’s required and make sure the soil is entirely dry between two watering sessions.

Do succulents like small pots?

Choosing a correct size for your pot is very crucial when you are growing a succulent. It is not advised to grow succulents in larger pots as they can retain water in the excess soil which could cause root rot. That doesn’t really mean you may proceed with a  small pot when you grow the succulent. Because, when you grow a succulent in a small pot, it contains a smaller amount of soil. It means it will not be able to provide the adequate nutrients for the plants survival.

Additionally, it will obstruct the roots’ proper  growth as well. Finally as a result of this, plant growth will be affected too. Hence, it is recommended to choose a pot which contains a proper height as well as a proper depth. You may use containers which are 10% larger than your succulent.  By providing enough space for them will reward us  with best results. Having said that, If you have some cuttings to plant, please go ahead with shallow pots.

 Do succulents grow tall?

This is quite common to see the succulents grow taller specially when they are grown indoors. Everybody knows that succulents are slow growers. Usually they stretch their body to the direction where they get the sunlight. This is called etiolation. This is the very first sign the succulent gives you to indicate that they lack sunlight. It will start to turn to a certain direction where they can get sunlight and will later bend towards that direction.

Consequently, it will get much taller whilst keeping room between the leaves. Leaves will also tend to look lighter in color and will be small.

Can succulents grow in shade?

If you have a shaded arena allocated for a succulent to be grown, you can still have it. It is not a secret that many succulents require bright sunlight or several hours of direct sunlight. We could take a plant like, passalong for an instance as they withstand low light as well as low humidity in house. Further during summer a  plant like fairy crassula will flourish in light shade.

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Succulents are absolutely wonderful plants to grow. They are fairly easy to take care of, and they are beautiful to look at. If you have been thinking about giving succulents a try, definitely do it! You will not regret your decision, and they can always make a great gift for family or friends. Start with Easiest Succulents To Grow list above.

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