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It is necessary to choose correct snake plant pot to match with your indoor or outdoor garden. Apart form that we must provide them a pot which could help the soil to wither faster.

Ideally we need to utilize porous pots. That way, they could drain water rapidly and help for better aeration of the soil.

snake plant pot

Facts to consider before buying pot for snake plants

Size of the pot

It is important that you choose the right size pot which will consequently allow the snake plant to grow well without any issues. 

Having said that, I would think it will be a little tricky task for you to choose the right size pot to grow snake plants. 

It would be even more difficult for someone who is new to succulent gardening  to choose the correct size of a pot.

Usually, plants would prefer to have some room for them to expand and grow well.  

Consider you have a larger pot, then it will consume a lot of time to wither the soil and tend to retain moisture for a longer period. 

This will cause the plant to stay in wet conditions for too long and there is a potential risk of root rot.

If you have planted them in small pots, you need to water them more often as their water tends to dry rapidly than the larger pots. 

Further they tend to become root bound and could cause stunted growth.

Snake plant variety

You need to select a pot size based on the snake plant variety you are planning to grow

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If you consider growing a larger snake plant which will consist of deeper roots, best is to use deeper pots. 

Small verities would prefer to grow in shallow pots. Generally, it is essential to have similar quantities from roots and from soil.

You could  check on the root length by taking  the plant out. 

snake plant pot

Root depth of the snake plant

You need to consider root depth before you purchase a snake plant. 

To explain further on this, you need to arrange pots which are somewhat deeper for the plants which have large roots. 

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When it comes to small root snake plants, you should provide shallow pots.

Growth rate of the snake plant

If you have a snake plant which you just bought from a nursery, best is to utilize a pot the same size as the plant. 

If you have to repot the plants, you may select a pot which is slightly bigger than the plant’s size as chances are that it could have outgrown the pot and hence why you have to use a slightly larger in width of the pot for this purpose.

The general practice is to use 1-2 inches larger pots for the fast-growing snake plants.

Drainage of the soil 

Keep in mind that providing adequate drainage is a key factor when you are growing a snake plant as it will be important for the roots’ health  especially. 

Snake plants in general are vulnerable to over watering. When the plant suffers from over watering, there would be repercussions such as root rots which could affect them fatally.  

There are certain plants which would survive in pots without any draining. However snake plants act in contrast  to them.

Soil type you choose

It is vital that you provide the right soil mix for the snake plant’s roots to grow well. It will enhance the root development of the snake plant. 

It is possible for the water also to reach to the base of the pot which will boost root development of the snake plant.

Usual practice is to use cactus soil mix or succulent soil mix for them. In addition to them, you may add perlite which will fasten the drainage of the soil mix.

snake plant pot

Snake plant pot Materials 

Clay or Terracotta pots

Many people tend to utilize clay pots or terracotta pots as it is quite popular among them. You could easily find them in the stores as well.

Their size and shapes would greatly fit to grow snake plants. What is special about these pots is that they are porous

Due to that, they could drain water rapidly and help for better aeration of the soil.

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That special characteristic makes them the most appropriate pot type for snake plants. 

In addition to these benefits of the plant, these pots are available in different designs, and they still look great with natural colors too

However, what is concerning is that they are fragile and there is a high potential of getting shattered. They are somewhat heavy too. 

Moreover, freezing temperatures could cause these pots to have cracks as well.

snake plant pot

Wooden pots

Wood containers are used to grow snake plants. you could spot them being used for planters as well. They are not heavy material. 

Further wooden containers could retain water properly. In addition to that, you could make them easily and conveniently from scrap wood too. 

It will give a natural look also. However, you need to make sure that you utilize wooden containers which have been made from rot resistant wood such as redwood, cedar, mulberry, and yew etc.

Bear in mind that, there could be certain containers which have a potential risk of shrinking and slight expansions. 

As such you need to select a container which is painted with varnish or with toner which will avoid repercussions such as root rots, fading etc.

snake plant pot

Plastic pots

If you think of using plastic containers for snake plants, they could be beneficial for you in some ways. 

Basically, you could afford them easily and they come in different colors, shapes and with light weight too. You could find one of these very easily and further you may reuse them after washing them too. 

They could be very useful if you wish to grow them in a hanging basket due to their light weight.

However, the biggest concern in using plastic containers is that water cannot move through in this container. This feature makes them inappropriate to grow snake plants. 

As such it is mandatory to have drainage holes in these pots if you wish to grow your snake plans in plastic pots. 

Unless the plant will suffer from root rot most certainly. Moreover, the plastic containers’ color will fade once they are exposed to full sunlight for a longer period.

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snake plant pot

Cement pots

These pots have a unique look. Further they would be beneficial for the plant’s soil since it could help to keep a proper temperature in the soil. 

They could survive without a crack during winter conditions, and you could use them for both indoor plants and for outdoor plants as well.

 They are heavy pots though.

snake plant pot

Ceramic pots

You could use ceramic posts to grow snake plants especially if you wish to grow them indoors. They also come in different shapes and in numerous sizes as well. 

They are heavy and it could avoid the heavy plants in tipping over. However, they are not porous like the terracotta pots and if you wish to grow the plants in these, you need to keep a closer look at the moisture level of the soil

They are costly and difficult to handle too.

snake plant pot

The place where you going to keep the snake plant pot 

You need to decide whether you are going to plant it indoors or outdoors before you purchase it. 

If you wish to grow it outdoors, you need to select a plant which could thrive in harsh weather conditions and a pot which requires low maintenance. 

If you prefer to have this plant as an ornamental plant, you could select a dwarf snake plant and select a matching pot too.

Best snake plant pot designs 

If you wish to grow snake plants in a modern home living room, you could go ahead with a ceramic pot which would enhance the attractiveness there. 

If you wish to grow them in a  wooden container it will provide a natural look to whole plant. 

Moreover, you could proceed with just a terracotta pot and customize it as you prefer. You could use paint, buttons or even pebbles to do this.

Further you could pot material such as metal cane or even glass which would make the plant look even more attractive. 

Apart from these, you could utilize vintage boxes, cookie jars, coffee mugs and serving bowls to make the pots for these plants

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