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The answer is bit complicated. Yes there are weeds that look like succulents. The complicated part is the weed we are talking about is also succulent

If you are a succulent grower, I am sure you would have come across situations where you might spot weeds that look like succulents. For example, we could take purslane (Portulaca oleracea), which are both succulent and weed.

Also in this article we are going to talk about succulents which grow like weeds. Growth Rate of these succulents is very high. 

So let’s find weeds that look like succulents and succulents grow like weeds.

Weeds That Look Like Succulents

Weeds that look like succulents

Portulaca oleracea

Purslane is an annual succulent type which belongs to the family called portulacaceae. In terms of their appearance, they comprise prostrate stems which you could spot in red.

Further they contain fragile stems as well. when it comes to their leaves, they are oval in shape and fleshy. 

Generally, you could spot them growing in clusters in joints and at the edges of the stem as well. They tend to take a trailing behavior and are renowned for mat forming habits as well.

Once they spread to a great level in your succulent garden, it could be a big menace which you want to get rid of as soon as possible.

In terms of their flowering , they are usually small such as a quarter an inch and yellow in color.

They would further comprise five hearted shape looking petals. You could spot them anytime of the year. You may spot them as clusters of leaves at the stem edges.

Moreover, you could spot them opening up during the morning hours only.

Once they completed flowering, seed capsules would be replacing all the flowers. Their capsules would split open whilst releasing seeds which you could commonly spot in dark brown and in black.

They could reseed by themselves as well. Further, you could propagate them whilst using stems. Once you place them in the soil, they will start forming roots.

These purslane plants are originating from India, Persia and from Mediterranean islands.  Further it has a close relationship to a bedding plant called portulaca. (Moss rose).

Growth Rate

Purslane plants are renowned for their rapid growth rate. Also their germination would take place once the soil temperature becomes heated.

As such you would not spot that unless it is the summertime. In addition to that, their germination would take place once the applied herbicide’s impact wore off too.

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If in case, your succulent garden invades with purslane plants, chances are that they would come out again every year once they produce their prolific seeds.

As such, before they become a threat to your succulent garden, best is to get rid of them. In fact, the seeds of the purslane plant could remain alive in the soil for a long time such as for four decades.

Portulaca oleracea

Succulents that grows like weed 

Sedum succulents

You may spot sedums in different heights and in different colors. Further you could spot them in numerous forms as well.

Stonecrop is another common name which you could use to call them. Many of the sedums are hardy plants. Moreover, they could withstand the drought conditions.

They would consist of chubby leaves which are fleshy to the touch. Further they could vary in shades as well.

In addition to that they would form flowers that resemble stars and they would be small too. You could spot them blossoming in their late growing season.

Usually, Sedums have two categories such as low growing sedums and upright sedums. When it comes to low growing sedums, they usually tend to stay short, and many people tend to use it as a perfect ground cover.

On the other hand, you may spot the upright Sedums could form clumps in a vertical manner and they would perfectly fit for borders.

Spring is the best time to grow Sedums and you could protect them from frost since that frosting time has passed by that time.

They tend to grow at a moderate growth rate.  Having said that, it could also be different to each other depending on their species and on their variety as well.


Ice Plant succulent

Ice plants are a set of warm weather perennial plants. They would form flowers in bright colors. Ice plants tend to look like ice crystals.

They are fleshy and it could transform into dark color when the temperature decreases. You may spot the ice plants in heated areas as evergreen.

You could spot ice plants forming in ground covers as well as in bushy subshrubs. That would depend on the type.

You could spot them blooming in the spring season. Having said that they could also bloom in the late growing season as well. You could commonly spot them flowering all summer long in heated areas.

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Ice plants could grow at a rapid rate and spread rapidly when they get their proper growing conditions. Best is to plant them in mid-summer in cooler climates.

They would produce blooms in purple and if you wish to add a purplish touch to your garden, you may consider adding them to your garden. In addition to that, you could grow them in containers as well.

ice plant succulent

Donkey Ear Plant succulent

Donkey Ear Plant is also yet another fast-growing plant. It could even produce its own roots. Moreover, it could even make new baby plants whilst using its leaves just like mother of millions. 

When you provide it with the right growing conditions, they could grow faster and could rise to 12’ – 18’ in height and in width too.

They would produce large leaves and they would look like large lence in shape. Further those leaves would be 1’-1.6’ in length.

They have leaves which you could spot in bronze green, and they further consist of a way layer of white too. That is what makes the plant look in gray green along with maroon, brown blotches.

When it comes to their flowering, their blooms consist of dark salmon petals in red and further they have an interior in yellow.

They have a terminal inflorescence, and these are some significant factors when it comes to their appearances of the plants. You could spot them blooming during the beginning of winter or even in fall.

They would resemble bells and could be small in size. They would carry a flower stalk which is about 2’-3’ in feet in height.

Not only that but also they would further have clusters of preach buds in pale color too. This whole blooming activity would last for about a couple of months. Unfortunately, once they completed flowering, plants would perish.

Lizard’os Tail succulent

Watch chain is a common name of Lizard’s os Tail plant. they would tend to take a creeping and branching look.

They have a light green foliage, and they would perfectly fit for hanging baskets. Lizard’os Tail usually grows leaves which tend to cluster around the stems, and they all together tend to grow in small bushes.

They bloom with small flowers, and the flowers are yellow, green or white in color.

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Their flower stalks could be 6-8 inches in length. Flowers’ spikes would form above the plant leaves, and they would become a string of nutlets which would look like a lizard’s tail.

Their leaves are medium and would be about 1.5 inches in width . On the other hand, they would be 3-4 inches in length too. leaves would be either arrow shaped or heart shaped.

lizard tail succulent

Mother of Thousands

Mother of thousands plants consist of large chubby leaves which form baby plantlets from the edges of leaves. They are fast growers.

Further they could withstand intense heat as well. It is very hard to spot them flowering when you grow them as indoor plants.

If you have grown them as outdoors plants, you could spot small tubular shaped flowers in pink and in gray colors.

They would produce flowers at the beginning of the warm season. Unfortunately, chances are that the plant could deteriorate once they complete flowering.

Weeds That Look Like Succulents

How to control growth of above plants

You could utilize pre-emergent treatments to control the growth of the aforesaid plants.

In addition to that, whenever you spot any threatening weeds in your succulent garden, take them off at the very moment you spot them without letting them spread to a greater level.

In addition to that, you could apply a thick layer of mulch as well. Further you could start tilling the soil too.

Related questions

Is Jade a weed?

Jade plants are a set of popular houseplants and not weeds. They are easy to grow and could stay alive for a longer period as well. They would perfectly fit as a decorative house plant and could rise to about three feet when you grow them as house plants.

Is sedum a weed?

Sedum is not a weed but a perennial plant which consist of chubby succulent leaves, they further consist of fleshy stems and star shaped flowers as well.


There are weeds that look like succulents and succulents that grow as weed. It is important to identify those plants as soon as possible to control them. 

The best controlling method is to remove them as soon as possible from your succulent garden.

Now that you have gone through the article and hope you are now well aware of the succulents that look like weeds and how to identify them. Happy growing up!

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