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If you ever wish to make a dazzling colorful  rainbow  succulent arrangement  and are wondering how to make it, this article would be useful for you. 

Rainbow Succulent Arrangement

Make a rainbow in your garden 

Rainbow succulent arrangements are a real concept, and you could spot them growing in such great enchanting  colors.

If you are into succulent gardening , you may already know that succulent species turn into different colors given that they get different growing conditions.

For example, the exposure to excessive sunlight will make them go through stress. Consequently, they will exhibit vivid colors. 

Some of the quite famous rainbow colored succulents which are used for this process are echeverias, Sedums aeoniums, sempervivums, euphorbias and aloes.

You may call rainbow succulent arrangement as a multicolored succulent arrangement too. 

Further, if you already have variegated forms of the succulents in your garden , you could use them for this arrangements. 

All you have to do is to arrange  your plants in a unique order to show their colors

Artificial succulent arrangements

You may go ahead with craft of a variety of succulents when making a rainbow succulent arrangement

You could use polymer clay to craft them. It is not essential to use molds to craft these plants. In addition to that , you may try a DIY rainbow succulent arrangement too. 

Last but not least, you could make your own dyed rainbow succulents as well. In fact, you could use the food coloring to do this purpose.

To do that, First and foremost, suspend watering the succulents for some time. Then you may simply start off by preparing an effective coloring mix. 

To prepare a coloring mix, first get ready with a cup of water and some drops of dye.

Next snip off the roots as then it will ensure that the  coloring chemicals are not filtered once you soak the stem with the dye. 

Leave the stem immersed for a half a day. Ensure that you stir them well so that there will be no particles made. Next you may go ahead and repot them as you wish.

Different color succulents

Pink succulents

Rainbow Succulent Arrangement

You may use Echeveria rainbow succulent if you wish to add a pink succulent in your arrangement. 

Having said that, bear in mind that they also have a tendency to change the colors depending on the seasons. 

You could commonly spot them growing in Central America and in South America. In fact, this is the real rainbow succulent which you could find in the wild. 

You could in fact spot their leaves in green, but it could be turned into pink  colored hues  as they go into stress.

Red succulents

Rainbow Succulent Arrangement

Sedum rubrotinctum, Peperomia graveolens are fine examples for red succulents which you could use in a rainbow succulents’ arrangement. 

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One of the most commonly used red succulent in the succulents arrangements is Lipstick ( Echeveria Agavoides ) which would turn  bright red in color. 

These plants have a closer resemblance to blue agave. However, they are somewhat smaller when compared to agave succulents.

You may use Campfire plant ( Crassula Capitella) also as a red succulent. In fact , you could spot them in orange when they are immature. However, once they mature and grow older, they will become brilliant red in color.

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Orange succulents

Rainbow Succulent Arrangement

Sedum ‘Firestorm’, Graptosedum ‘California Sunset’, Euphorbia tirucalli Sticks on Fire’ could be handy as orange succulents when making a rainbow succulent arrangement. 

Out of this Euphorbia tirucalli‘  would be a perfect orange succulent pick  for  rainbow succulents’ arrangements. 

To further elaborate on these plants, they are somewhat taller, and you could spot them in sharp orange color which almost gives a look of fire. Further they  resemble the texture of a coral reef as well. 

Furthermore, they would change their yellow orange color to red orange particularly during winter.

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Yellow succulents

Rainbow Succulent Arrangement

Yellow Houseleek ( Sempervivum  ) could be a great pick to use in the rainbow succulent arrangement as yellow succulents. 

Their leaves are yellow and could further consist of red edges as well. Apart from that, you may use Sedum adolphii, Crassula ovata sunset succulents as yellow succulents  too

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Green succulents

Burro's Tail vs Donkey Tail

You have a lot of options to go with when it comes to selecting green succulents for  your rainbow succulent arrangement. 

They are such as various  cacti types, sempervivums, aeoniums, Crassula lycopodioides  ( watch chain ), green houseleaks etc. 

Out of all these, if you wish to add succulents which are in light green, green houseleeks would be ideal. Having said that, sempervivums also form in so many green shades as well. 

If we consider cacti, you have a lot to select from. However, consider adding cacti’s which bloom, so that it would make the rainbow succulent arrangement even more enchanting.

A cactus like a rainbow cactus would go well with these arrangements and they tend to form in a pricky manner as well. 

Further the exposure for sufficient sunlight levels could make them look in a mix of pink and green colors. When you place them outdoors, they will produce flowers in dark pink and that will be an added advantage in having them in your arrangement.

Blue succulents

Rainbow Succulent Arrangement

Succulents such as Echeverias, Senecio repens, Sedeveria blue Elf, Pachyveria Glauca Elf, Pachyveria Glauca and Kalanchoe would be ideal to use as blue succulents. 

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I suggest you go ahead with blue chalksticks  as they would form a majestic blue shade once they grow. The exposure for sufficient sunlight levels will make them turn into purple too. 

However direct sunlight for prolonged periods  could be harmful for them. Having said that, the exposure for direct sunlight could make the plants bloom though. Flowers  would be white in color.

If you wish to go ahead with a succulent which has a blue green shade, blue agave could be a handy pick here. 

Chances are that you could spot their leaves’ margins turning yellow and red when they are properly stressed. However, since they are prominent in blue, this would go as a blue succulents which you could consider adding in a succulent arrangement.

Apart from the aforesaid, blue spruce ( Sedum Reflexum ) is another one fine succulent which you  could use as a blue succulent. 

They tend to look like a needle in shape. When you expose them for proper sunlight, they will produce flowers in yellow and it would be so pleasing to watch them along with their prominent blue color foliage. 

They are quite fast-growing plants too.

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Indigo succulents

There is a bit of confusion among pink, purple and indigo succulents. But you can easily use Opuntia  Microdasys Rufida Indigo (Violet Prickly Pear) as your indigo succulent.

The only problem with this plant are a big plant and might be hard to use in succulent arrangements. 

Purple succulents

Rainbow Succulent Arrangement

You may use succulents such as Echeveria ‘Perle von Nurnberg’, Echeveria ‘Neon Breakers’ as purple succulents.

In addition to that you could use purple heart ( Tradescantia Pallida) or Echeveria Elegans as purple succulents too. 

Echeveria elegans turn purple when they go through stress properly. Further many people tend to use them as wedding decorative plants too.

Moreover, you could use the Santa Rita Prickly Pear plant ( Opuntia Santarita) as a purple succulent in a succulent arrangement. 

They are thorny plants, and they bloom with yellow flowers when  they can get their light requirement fulfilled. Furthermore, you may use purple heart plants also  as purple succulents in a succulent arrangement. 

They have hard edges and tend to take a needle shape in their appearance. Try growing them in a place where you can’t reach easily so that it will look even more attractive when you look at them from afar.

Try making a rainbow succulent arrangement whilst adding all the aforesaid succulents and you will fall in love with them day by day. 

Multiple color succulent arrangement 

Black and white combination

You can try black and white succulent arrangements for fun. You could select a succulent like Senecio haworthii as a white succulent.

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They in fact consist of leaves in snow white and that characteristic makes them look very elegant. Find more white succulents here.

As for black succulents there are few black and blackish succulents in the succulent world. You can find those in here

Using these two colors you can make beautiful and elegant succulent arrangements. This is really novel concept and you should try it sooner than later.

Rainbow Succulent Arrangement 6 1

Other color combinations you can try 

  • Black and red
  • Black and yellow
  • Black and orange
  • Red and yellow
  • Pink and purple
  • Green and red
  • And many more

How to take care of these succulents

Light requirement

You should leave the succulents in a bowl where they can  gain bright indirect sunlight for the whole day. 

Ideally, try exposing them for full sunlight in the morning and semi shade in the afternoon in harsh weather conditions. 

On the other hand, less exposure to sunlight could make the succulents etiolated and become misshapen. They become etiolated when they stretch towards a lighting source. 

Whenever you spot they have become  etiolated, you could place them in a bright sunny spot. Make it a habit to rotate these plants occasionally so that they can receive sunlight evenly.

When you grow them as houseplants, you could place them in a bright sunny spot which could possibly be a bright sunny windowsill. 

Further you could be tactful in shifting the plants outdoors in the morning hours on and off. That will allow them to gain fresh air as well as bright indirect sunlight.

White  requirement

When you make a rainbow succulent arrangement, you need to  skip watering them for a couple of weeks. It is always best to water them in less quantities rather than over watering

More importantly , you need to water them when their soil is dry only. To ascertain this, you could simply place a stick in the soil and check the moisture level of  the soil. 

Moreover,  when watering ensure that you do it thoroughly and let the excess moisture drain through the pot. Suspend watering them when they are dormant.

Temperature and Humidity requirement

Most of the succulents are fond of growing in warmer temperature levels and in average humidity levels.

In addition to all these factors, ensure that you properly maintain the succulent arrangement too. If you spot any dead or dried up leaves, you may simply take them off from the arrangement. 

In case a healthy leaf drops, you could use them for the propagation process.

Trust this article was useful and now you are much more confident in making a rainbow succulent arrangement. 

Credit to : Chopstick and Succulents
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