Faux Succulent ( What That Really Mean? )

Faux succulents or fake succulents are  not real succulents and have their own pros and cons.

However, there could be some people who may wonder why we need fake succulents since we have real succulents. 

However succulents could be somewhat responsive and temperamental too. In this circumstance faux succulents or replica succulents could be handy.

They will not come across any of these issues and this article is about those faux succulents. 

Faux Succulent

Are faux succulents’ real plants?

Faux succulents are not real plants, and they are in fact  artificial plants. However Faux succulents would be effective if you wish to have plants which are consistent in colors. 

You could find many Faux succulents which come with beautiful hues. They would further come in various shapes and in sizes as well. You can customize your desired color succulent with manufactures. 

However Faux succulents are special since they will be very specific in each detail, and they would be perfect to add in succulent arrangements as they will remain attractive and in the healthy manner right throughout the year. 

You do not have to  bother in watering the Faux succulents. Hence,  under watering or  over watering would not be any issue for you.

You could simply forget about watering as they do not need water.

On the other hand, if we take real succulents into consideration, no matter how hardy they are you need to be vigilant on their light requirement, growing medium and providing the right amount of water.

However Faux succulents will not form any sunburns nor become misshapen. Furthermore, they will not become yellow like actual succulents do. 

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Faux succulent arrangements?

You could use Faux succulents to make succulent arrangements. First of all, you should insert foam and fill in those empty spaces with moss

Next you may cover the foam with moss whilst making sure that it is entirely concealed. Finally, you may insert the faux succulents stems into foam bricks.

What are fake succulents made of?

Faux succulents are made of plastic. In fact, melted plastic soda bottles have been used to make fake succulents.

Faux Succulent

Can you put fake succulents outside?

You could put the fake succulents outside without any issue.

If you are still worried, you could consider using clear UV resistant sprays which you may use for these artificial plant’s materials.

However, ensure that these are all safe to apply prior to using them on your Faux succulents.

Who makes the most realistic artificial plants?

The most realistic artificial plants are as follows.

  • Artificial Trailing Ficus Hanging Plant in Pot from Crate & Barrel.
  • Olive Tree in Ceramic Pot from Target.
  • Faux Potted Monstera from Crate & Barrel.
  • Artificial Magnolia Spray from Target.
  • Faux Pilea Peperomioides from The Sill

How do you make fake succulents at home?

Following is a list of DIY fake plants projects which you may easily implement and utilize for home decorations.

DIY Cactus with Pool Noodles

You could make this project whilst using pool, noodles, foam sealant paint, knife terracotta pots and rest of other craft substances. This method will be hard for  beginners.

Felt cactus Craft

To do this, you need to cut out cacti shapes on felt sheets. Next you should fill them with polyfill. Finally you may plant them in terracotta pots whilst using hot glue.

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DIY Fake Leaves

You need to arrange some wires, cotton cloth and glue when doing this project. You need to DIY these artificial leaves so that you could add artificial greenery to your space.

DIY Pebble Cactus

You need to arrange oval shaped and oblong shaped pebbles which have different sizes first. Then you may paint and make them look like cacti.

When you complete doing this, you could simply arrange them in a container whilst putting gravel and sand. It would turn out to be such a beautiful specimen.

Needle felted cactus

You simply need to be aware on needle felting to conduct this method

Swiss cheese plant

First arrange a pot in which you have filled with foam and gravel. Next you need to assemble some paper crafted leaves of a cheese plant.

Paper Heart leaf philodendron

To do this project also, you should have wire, scissors and some paper to complete this. You simply need to cut a heart leaf on paper and hold them with wire so that it will act as stems.

Faux Succulent 2 1

How long will a faux succulent last?

It will depend on the material you used for the design.

Plastic or rubber materials can last up to decades. But metal materials are subjected to rust and break after a few years. 

How to care a faux succulent

You have to do very minor maintenance to protect your faux succulents. 

Rainwater and direct sunlight can cause color changes in these fake succulents. Therefore keep them indoors (study room, bedroom etc). 

Other than that you can dust them once a month and wash them twice to keep them clean. 

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Since you do not have to worry about watering, feeding or pest controlling it is easy to keep them.

Pros and cons of faux plants

Pros Cons 
Do not need to waterThey do not grow
No need of fertilizesNo flowering
Pest will not attack themCan not propagate
No wilted leavesCan not hybrid with other succulents
You do not need to worry about potting and repottingThere might be spider invasions
You do not have to shift the plant outdoor to indoor or vise versaLeaves’ color might fade due to intense sunlight and you can not reverse it.
They do not get sun burns
You can choose any color, shape and size you want
You can place the plant anywhere you want
Winter or summer do not affect them

Related questions

What do you call a fake plant?

You could call artificial plants faux plants. They will never outgrow from the pots. Further their leaves will never wilt too.

Not only that but also, you could just ignore watering them and feeding them too.

Credit to : Erin Williams
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