10 Elephant Bush Benefits (Can You Think More?)

Elephant bush plants is a commonly spotted succulent plant in South Africa.  In this article I am going to discuss a few elephant bush benefits.

Elephants are quite fond of eating these plants and hence why they have inherited the common name called elephant bush. They consist of bright green small leaves and a red stem as well. 

They usually tend to grow either in a sprawling manner or as shrub types. In addition to that , they produce attractive flowers as well. You could spot them forming mainly in pink. 

These versatile sets of plants are quite beneficial in so many ways and we are going to discuss them.

So, here are some of the special benefits you will have from growing Elephant bush plants.

Elephant Bush benefits

Reduce stress

As aforesaid, Elephant bush plants produce flowers in attractive pink color

Whenever you spot them flowering, it will be so soothing to look at them and it is said that it would be helpful to lessen the worry and stress you have in your body. 

They would further help to ease your body from anxiety and make your body calm and relaxed.

For Better air quality

Elephant bush plants are some interesting plants which could purify the air. In fact, they can remove the carbon dioxide from the air, and they act like a carbon sponge here

Consequently, the air quality will be benefited from that. 

To elaborate further on this, they could absorb approximately about 4-10 tonnes of carbon per hectare. They could be useful in making the plants tissues and producing oxygen. 

Experts have discovered these plants have a significant capacity to  offset poisonous carbon emission just like the many moist subtropical forest plants.

These are even more special as they could conserve solar energy so that they could conduct the photosynthesis process at night. 

This feature makes them even more capable of fixing the carbon when compared to tropical rainforests. 

Carbon has been a major concern when it comes to the context of global warming and this plant would be quite helpful in overcoming this situation.

As a food

Rightly as their common name depicts, elephants are quite fond of eating the Elephant bush plants. However, apart from the elephants, goats and tortoises also like them

Moreover, the South  African people also use these plants in their cuisine. For example, they usually add it on their salads, soups and for stews as well.

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That will in fact add a sour taste to their food.

Further consider that you are hiking in South Africa and come across these plants. Then you may consume as they have citrus or a lemon taste which will help to cool you down. 

They are a perfect set of plants which will overcome dehydration and exhaustion of you. However, do not use them as a medicinal plant if you are not interested  in doing so by a doctor.

Value in the environmental aspect

Elephant bush plants would be great picks for any kind of environment as they have their own unique way of conducting the photosynthesis process.

They are special sets of plants since they can thrive in rain forests as well as in deserts.

This literally means , you could grow them in any type of environment as then it would help to clean the environment.

Noise reduction

You can use dense growth of plants to reduce noise. Elephant bush is the perfect plant for that

Noise blocking plants are especially useful in urban areas where refracted noise from hard surfaces, such as buildings and pavement, are problematic. 

An advantage to using plants as noise blockers is that they absorb sounds best in the high frequencies that people find most annoying. 

You can plant an elephant bush in your fence to make a noise reduction barrier. It is beautiful and convenient.

Elephant Bush benefits

Happy mood

Succulent gardening in general brings so much joy for you and they will be in a happy mood right throughout

It would help you to make them occupied with the environment. Further it will help them to learn on new activities and on new lessons as well. 

When they are engaged in nature, they will feel happier and would make them interested in learning further aspects of mother nature. Ultimately, they become nature lovers.

Productive environment

When you start growing the Elephant bush plants , it will make them productive as they are engaged in doing something

Further it will make them motivated to eat healthily. They should practice eating vegetable parts from their childhood. 

Further when you make them grow what they have grown, they will feel more accomplished and some pride when reaping the harvest of what they have sowed.

In addition to that when you make them interested  in gardening, it will strengthen  the bond between you and the kids also. 

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That is literally because you will have fun growing them with the kids. They will keep asking questions from you and even you will feel more thrilled to do the same.

 Further you will be able to spend more time with your kids and do gardening both jobs together.

Sense of responsibility of the kids

When you do  gardening of Elephant bush plants , it will make them feel more responsible in what they are doing. 

It will make them more independent and will make them do things on their own. They will start to think on how to care for them daily and how to maintain a checklist etc. 

Maintaining a checklist would be beneficial  for them when they are given tasks at the school.

In addition to that, gardening itself is science and the kids will learn how they can relate it to biology, chemistry and botany. 

Further they will realize that if they do not water their plants, they will die and they will learn how to water depending on the weather conditions. 

Your kids will feel more self-confident when starting something on their own and to see them flourishing.  They will be empowered. 

They will feel so happy to see their hard work and efforts finally paying off. They will feel a sense of commitment towards gardening these plants as well.

Kind of meditation

Once they start to grow elephant bush plants, it will make them more patient. Gardening itself is a sort of meditation

It is a slow process where you need to await the results with a lot of patience. However, it is worth waiting for the results of your patience and hard work. 

Your kids will understand the worth of waiting when they finally spot the plants flowering and flourishing.  

Elephant Bush benefits

Pretty to look at

Elephant bushes are quite famous for their unique and attractive looks. They usually come up with an attractive foliage and a structure which is unique to them too.

You could hardly spot them blooming when you grow them indoors. However, if you manage to fulfil its growing requirement and provide the optimal conditions, they could produce attractive blooms in summer particularly on the matured plants. 

When they produce flowers, they will be pink in color and small in size. Chances are that you could spot them flowering in white as well. 

This will add so much grace to the whole look of the plants. Additionally, these blooms stay alive for a few weeks also. 

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If you are wondering how to make a bonsai plant, elephant bush plants would be one great plant to use for this purpose.

Their stems are red  and their leaves will be glossy and green in color too. Hence that gives a spectacular look for the whole plant.  

Many people tend to use them as ornamental plants as well. They could grow in different growth manners be it upward , downward or in a sprawling manner. 

You may need to do a bit of pruning to make the plants look prettier and it will be even more visually appealing.

They will be attractive when you grow them in succulents’ arrangement or even as solitary plants.  

Related questions

Is elephant bush good for health?

It would fulfil your thirst and help to heal if you are exhausted. Further it will treat you if you are dehydrated or having a head stroke also. 

Not only that but also, you could crust the leaves into pieces and treat for blisters as well.

If you are suffering from sore throat and mouth infections , you may  chew the leaves and eat them, as it will give you some sort of relief.

Is it good to keep cactus at home?

I recommend not to keep the cactus at your home as feng shui experts have revealed that they may bring bad luck for your house, and they further transmit bad energy to your houses. 

They would bring unlucky as it could result in stress and anxiety in your family. The uses the thorns of the cactus to emphasize this fact.

Where do you put the elephant bush?

You need to keep the elephant bush plants in a spot where they can absorb plenty of sunlight. It is quite crucial

Further, if you grow them as houseplants, ensure that you grow them in a well-draining soil mix too. The pot type should be a porous one as well.


To wrap up, trust now you are well aware of the numerous benefits of having elephant bush plants and hope now you are  excited to have them in your indoor gardening collection. They are worth having !!

Credit to : ArizonaAdventures
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