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Succulent Planters

What is the best planter for succulents?

To answer the question, the best planters for succulents would be terracotta or ceramic pots. They provide good air circulation and consequently it would be beneficial for the respiration of the roots.

In addition to that, it would be so effective in terms of draining the water. They do not retain any excess water within the pots.

However, they are not light in weight, particularly when we consider them with soil and with plants.

Does a succulent planter need holes?

It is not necessary for the pot or the container to have draining holes and you could always use containers or pots which do not have drainage holes. 

Having said that, you need to make sure that  you do not leave the plant in  rain or in a drowned condition. 

Keep a close eye on watering in these pots. Shallow bowls or shallow pots would be perfect examples for this simply because the succulents have shallow roots.

Do succulents need deep pots?

It is not necessary to grow succulents in deep pots.  However, the ideal pot size which would suit to grow succulents should be 10 % wider than the plant size.

If you have to make a selection from shallow or deep pots, you need to always select the shallow pots to grow the succulents.   To explain it further,

Consider that you have a 2 inch succulent, then what you could do is to obtain a pot which is 2.5 -4.0 inch pot. If you have a 4 inch succulent, you need to get a 4.5 – 6.0 inch pot. It will give you the best results.

What can I use as a succulent planter?

Metal Containers

These would be very handy as perfect upcycled planters for succulents to grow. Many producers have pots with a number of draining holes which will avoid your plant getting waterlogged.

That will be convenient for you so that you do not need to make drainage  holes. Not only that but also, they look so attractive. They will look absolutely gorgeous for outdoor use.

You could make it more attractive by spraying paint. After that you could add some coffee filters, succulent soil mix and finally the succulent plants.

Consider that you want to make it a hanging planter, then you need to have a flower pot hanging kit to do the necessary. 

When you do this, first of all you should spray paint on your colander and after that let it dry entirely.

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After you complete that step, you  need to add a layer of coffee filters right at the base of the pot. Once you do that it will help to cover many holes.

Further it would avoid any potential spilling out of the soil too . however, you could still allow the water to drain away.

After that, you could add soil which is almost to the top of the colander. You could arrange the succulent as you wish, and you could add more soil so that it will be entirely full. 

In case you wish to have it on the patio and do not want to hang it, you are done.  In case you wish to make it a hanging planter, get a flowerpot hanging kit and do as per its instructions.

Succulent Planters

Coffee cans

I am sure all of you have empty coffee or tea cans in your household. In fact, you could easily turn them into succulent planters.

You could use tea cans ideally as they have pretty logos on the outside of the pot.  In case if you have a can, which is not decorated, you could consider decorating it so that it will have a polished look.

Depending on your wish you could paint it in a fun bright color or even use mod podge. You could decorate it as you wish too.

However, you need to make sure that you drill a couple of draining holes in the can unless it would cause root rots.

In case you wish to hang it you could utilize a long piece of twine and tie them. Place them adjoining next to each other and wrap them with the twine making sure they are wrapped only once.

When they are all tightly connected, you could use a nail or a command hook and hang them on the wall.  Isn’t it quite easy to do?

However, you need to keep in mind that you need to pack the soil compact and nicely unless chances are that the soil will spill out.       

Succulent Planters

Mug planters

Have you considered using your coffee mugs into planters? you could locate them in places such as kitchen counters, window sills etc.

You could also use whatever the coffee mugs you have for this purpose. However, you should drill a draining hole right at the bottom of the mug so that the excess water could move through.

Having said that, it would be a little challenging to make holes in ceramic mugs, but that is possible as long as you do it smoothly.

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You could consider placing them up if you are running out of space. Simply you could place some nails in the wall and hang them using their handles.

If you have mugs which are light in weight, you could still consider hanging them using twine and a command hook.

Succulent Planters

Ladles planter

Are you thinking of getting rid of your soup spoons? Then, you could easily make them succulent planters. Sounds interesting right?

In fact, it is becoming so trendy across the world as many innovative people tend to use soup spoons, ladles as succulent planters.

You might probably think it would be too tiny to grow a plant, but keep in mind mini succulents would perfectly fit in those and would grow to their fullest.

You could be innovative in loading up their spoons with several succulents and that would help you to create a lush arrangement. 

In case your ladles are curved, consider placing a clothesline and hanging them from them, place it in your home or your garden. 

Apart from that if there is no hole is available in your ladle, you could hand it on a nail.

Succulent Planters

Rain Boots

Are you one of those who wish to add a touch of southern charm to your front porch, so you could consider growing succulents in rain boots.

Go grab a worn-out pair of rain boots, a pocket knife, succulent soil and last but not least succulents.

To start off, make some holes in your rubber rain boots. Best is to make several holes in soles as well as closer to the top of the boots.

After that add some soil whilst making sure it is almost full of it. Ideally until it reached the top. That is about it! see how best you made use of your worn-out boots. 

Succulent Planters

Do succulents like to be crowded?

In general, succulents will prefer to grow crowded. Be it in one container or fully filled in a container.

However, if you think of repotting the crowded plants that will stimulate a new sprout growth. If you have individual plants, you could consider growing them in 2 inches sized containers.

If you have succulents which have grown in a crowded manner, you could consider thinning them and provide them more space. Best is to repot the succulents during their actively growing season.  

Should you put rocks at the bottom of a planter?

You should consider placing rocks, pebbles, sand or even broken pieces of pots at the bottom of your pot. It helps  the drainage of the pot.

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This is how the experts are doing it. This literally means you are avoiding the plant’s roots being stranded in soggy soil. However, there could be some people who take it as a myth or hoax.

The reason behind placing these materials is to avoid waterlogged roots, as it would contribute to root rots which could even make fatal repercussions for the plant. 

On the other hand, one might think if you are already providing a pot which has draining holes, what is the point of adding these elements.

The reason is chances are that the plant growing medium could retain water to a certain extent and you could avoid this condition by doing this.

succulent planters 1 1

Can you use regular potting soil for succulents?

You cannot directly use regular potting soil for succulents to grow.

In fact, succulents are quite different from the rest of the other plants as they have special requirements when it comes to water, sunlight and soil.

If you do not fully fill those requirements that would affect the deterioration of the plant health as well as on the growth.

If you want to use regular soil mix, you could amend it by certain elements. If you use regular soil, that will retain extra moisture in the soil and ultimately it would result in root rots.

Succulents would prefer to have a fast-draining soil mix which would retain a little amount of moisture inside.

In addition to that, it need to have good aeration too. Regular soil would be too compact and consume more time to wither which could be lethal for the succulents.

However, you could consider adding elements such as mineral grit so that the draining of the soil would be benefitted. You could apply them at a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2.  

Do succulents like big planters?

Succulents would prefer to grow in big planters. Having said that, it would not lead to a healthy growth of the plant though.

Simply because they have excess room, that would not allow the roots to fill the container with the roots.

Do succulents like tight pots?

You could grow them in tight pots. Having said that, it would make the plant grow slower.

Can succulents stay in small pots?

Best is to grow your succulents with a half inch space between the plants and the plant edges. Avoid  using too many small pots.

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