How Often Should I Water My Echeveria Succulent?

Echeveria Succulents are hardy little plants that do not need a lot of water to survive. Echeveria has fleshy leaves with a water-storing ability which helps to survive in the dry environment. so, they do not need a higher amount of water to survive. But How often should I water my Echeveria succulent? 

How often should I water my Echeveria succulent_

How often should I water my Echeveria succulent?

When watering echeveria succulents, the most important rule is to wait until the soil in the container is completely dry before watering. You should be allowed the soil to completely dry between watering. Because of that, Do not water before drying the soil. Especially given the fact that most houseplants want their soil to be moist at all times, it is not good for the echeveria succulent.

Season, container size, amount of the light and humidity are the four factors that affect how often you need to water the succulents. In the summer and spring, echeveria succulents are growing rapidly. So, you need to water more during these seasons. Depending on light and temperature, you can need to water them three days per week. Succulents go dormant in the winter. It is enough to water once or twice in the season.

Huge containers need less watering because the soil in them retains moisture for longer. Small containers need a high amount of water because the soil dries out quicker. Indoor succulent plants need less amount of water than outdoor plants. Because outdoor plants dry quickly due to the sunlight. If the plant grows in high humidity, and cool environments, they do not need much water.

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Many people watered at least once a week while they are still growing to the succulents. But, others water succulent plants more often than this. But you should pay attention to other environments and physical conditions before deciding the frequency of watering per week. When watering, moisten the soil well and water until the water drains out of the drainage holes of the pots.  Plants enter a dormancy period when the temperature cools and the day duration shortens.

At this time, Increase the time between watering and let the potting mixture dry out during watering. Some people claim that succulents should be provided only enough water during dormancy to keep them from shriveling. Even in winter, if your succulent plant is kept in a warm area inside, more watering should be done. 

How Often Should I Water My Echeveria Succulent

Should you mist Echeveria?

You can use a Spray bottle, plastic funnel and watering can for safely watering of the echeveria succulents. These tools assist you in watering your Echeveria at various stages of its life, as well as preventing root and leaf rot. Watering young Echeverias with a spray bottle (misting) is very useful for those who are around half an inch across. You can start direct water at the stem using a small funnel until the Echeverias are an inch high. Echeverias frequently fill 6+ inch pots by the time they are 4+ inches tall, and they take more water than they did before.

However, the easiest way to restore moisture to your container is to mist it with a spray bottle of water rather than watering it. But this method is not good for the mature plants because it is difficult to fulfill their water requirement. But if you mist your succulents when your plant is in a mature period you should Mist your succulents gently every 2-4 days and you should pay attention to not retaining water on the leaves. If it happens, leaves rot can be caused.

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What time of day should you water Echeveria?

Morning is the best time to water the Echeverias succulent plants. Never water the plants in the afternoon or evening.

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