Peperomia Columella Flowers | An Unusual Flower |

Peperomia Columella Flowers are non showy and attractive flowers. Peperomia Columella is a beautiful perennial plant which belongs to the piperaceae family

They are commonly known as columnar peperomia and their leaves are arranged in a dense manner on their stem. Those leaves would be pointed in shape and somewhat thick. They resemble a dragon scale. 

Peperomia Columella are native plants to South America and to Peru. Succulent enthusiasts tend to grow these plants a lot due to the unusual looks they have. 

To elaborate further on the flowers, those flowers are green – yellow or white in color.

Peperomia Columella Flowers

How often do Peperomia Columella Flowers ?

Peperomia Columella Flowers during spring. 

Those flowers would tend to look like tail-like flowers and they would arise on top of the stems. The Peperomia Columella flower’s spadix is lime green in color. 

They do not carry any scent. Since their leaves tend to look like dragon scales, they would complement the long panicle. 

Peperomia Columella blooms are thick yet small in size when you compare them with the rest of the peperomia varieties.

Colors of Peperomia Columella Flowers

You could spot the Peperomia Columella Flowers forming in white or green in color. Their spadix would be lime green.

Do they die after flowering?

Peperomia plants are monocarpic plants.

How to make Peperomia Columella Flowers ?

You need to provide a little treatment to encourage the flowering of the Peperomia Columella. All you need to do is to expose them to high humidity levels and a cooler temperature of 15 degrees Celsius during winter.

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How to care for Peperomia Columella Flowers ?

Soil requirements of Peperomia Columella.

They would prefer to have a soil mix which consists of elements such as moss, peat, perlite charcoal , humus and mulch. 

Having said that, you may also use a standard cactus soil mix. You only need to ensure that your selected soil mix has an excellent drainage and a good aeration.  

You may use a cactus soil mix and add elements to enhance the draining of the soil mix. Ensure that your chosen soil mix has a pH of 6-7

You should ensure that you grow them in a soil mix which has an excellent drainage as unless it would lead to root rot. If you grow them outdoors, you need to still grow them in a well-draining soil mix.

Watering requirement of Peperomia Columella.

Peperomia Columella can perform well with moderate water levels. Its watering needs are similar to the rest of other peperomia species. 

I recommend using the overhead method when watering them and refrain from watering at the bottom. Peperomia Columella adapted to grow in drought conditions. 

As such, if they lack sufficient water, their mature leaves tissues would transfer their water for the younger leaves for their wellbeing.

Consider that you have grown them in pots and have kept them outdoors during rainy days, then you need to ensure that you do not let the excess water stay in the pots for too long as it would cause an unhealthy impact on the plants.

You may water them deeply during spring to autumn. However, ensure that you discard the remaining excess water after you let them absorb the necessary water levels. 

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When watering again, let the soil wither first. Moreover, refrain from making it bone dry also as then it would impact badly on the overall growth of the plants.

Water the Peperomia Columella plants with less amounts when you water them during winter. As such I recommend you follow a watering schedule during such times. 

Furthermore, always use water at room temperature. Besides you can consider misting the plants also given that there are excessive dry conditions around the plants.

Light requirement of the Peperomia Columella

Peperomia Columella will grow well if you expose them to natural sunlight. Having said that, they can also perform well if you grow them under artificial lights also. 

Morning full sunlight and partial shade during the midafternoon hours would suit them the best. 

However best would be to expose them under filtered sunlight as unless it would scorch the regular foliage color in the plants.

A bright sunny windowsill would be ideal if you grow them as indoor plants. Having said that, Peperomia Columella are somewhat tolerant of low lights also. 

Having said that, bright sunlight would suit them the best. As aforesaid, if you find it difficult to supply the required sunlight levels, you can grow them near an inflorescent light.

Temperature requirement of Peperomia Columella

Peperomia Columella are not fuzzy when it comes to the temperature levels. However, they would prefer to have moderate, warmer places mainly. 

Hence, you can grow them at room temperatures. The best temperature range which would suit them would be 65 degrees Fahrenheit – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. ( 18 degrees Celsius – 27 degrees Celsius).

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Peperomia Columella can tolerate cold weather to some extent. However, do not expose them to temperatures less than 41 degrees Fahrenheit.( 5 degrees Celsius during winter).  

I suggest bringing these plants indoors during winter. Furthermore, do not place the Peperomia Columella near cold drafts , air conditioners and to radiators.

Humidity requirement of Peperomia Columella

Peperomia Columella will perform well if they get excessive humidity levels.

Ideally you need to maintain a humidity level of 60 % – 90 % during the day. During the night a humidity level between 70 %-90% would suit them the best.

Fertilizer requirement of the Peperomia Columella

Peperomia Columella do not require a lot of water. Hence, you can feed them in minimal amounts. A minor feeding during their active growing season would help the plants to grow healthily and vigorously. 

You can feed them just once a month and refrain from feeding them more often as it would result in feed burns. 


To wrap up, Peperomia Columella are worth having plants and their attractive flower blossoming ability adds more grace to them. You need to ensure that you practice the aforesaid care tips for them to flourish.  

Credit to : Lya Solis
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