Echeveria Setosa Flower ( It Reminds Me Tiny Fireball )

Echeveria setosa produces beautiful flowers. Echeveria setosa flower is urn shaped and Yellow – red in color. 

They will form in clusters during spring to summer. Further you could spot them forming in the edges of the long stalks. The Echeveria setosa blooms are attractive for hummingbirds as well as other small birds.

If I explain briefly about the Echeveria setosa plants, they go by the common name called Mexican firecracker. 

Echeveria Setosa Flower

They belong to the family Crassulaceae. The Echeveria setosa leaves are spoon shaped and mid green in color. 

They would further carry dense white hairs as well. Echeveria setosa would further consist of short branching stems too. 

Their leaves are covered with white hairs. The Echeveria setosa rosettes are 4.8 inches ( 12 inches ) in diameter. Leaves are 2.8 inches long and 0.8 inches wide. 

So, this article is about the Echeveria setosa flowers. Further I will be covering how you could encourage them to bloom and how you take care of them etc. in this article.

How often do Echeveria setosa flowers?

Echeveria setosa blooms from spring to summer. Once they flower, you will see flowers in red mainly. Further they will form with yellow tips as well.

Colors of Echeveria setosa flower

Echeveria setosa flower would come up in red and yellow. However, many people tend to grow the Echeveria setosa due to the attractive foliage they have.

How long do Echeveria setosa flower last?

Echeverias flowers will stay alive for weeks usually and Echeveria setosa blooms will also be the same. They would usually last for about two weeks. 

When the older flowers wither, new flower buds will appear. As aforesaid hummingbirds and butterflies are quite attractive towards these flowers. 

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The Echeveria setosa flowers have seeds and you can use them for propagation and make new plants. 

Further you may move the pollen from the flowers by using a paintbrush. When there are the right growing conditions, they will produce seeds in the flowers. 

Hence refrain from throwing away the flowers. as you can use it for propagation. Once they complete flowering they will flower in the next years from spring to summer.

Do they die after flowering?

Echeveria setosa are not monocarpic plants. Hence, they will not die after they produce flowers. They will stay in bloom for a couple of weeks and will add more grace for the plants.

Echeveria Setosa Flower

How to make Echeveria setosa flower?

The exposure for sufficient sunlight level will encourage the Echeveria setosa flowering. This will create the chemical reactions that your plants need to produce the blooms. 

If you spot your Echeveria setosa plants not getting sufficient sunlight, you will see how the plants become misshapen. 

Further the warmer temperatures and longer days will also encourage the flower blossoming of the Echeveria setosa plants. 

If you had skipped watering them during winter, you need to start watering them when the temperatures increase.

However, do not over water them. Instead make their soil saturated. Further feed them when their soil is damp. Increase the strength of the fertilizer when feeding. 

Further consider feeding them with a fertilizer which has a high component in phosphorus. Literally the correct care tips will make your precious Echeveria setosa plants flower.

How to care for Echeveria setosa flower? 

Sunlight and temperature requirements

Strong sunlight levels would work well with the Echeveria setosa for their optimal growth. 

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However, the minimum temperature they can tolerate is 45 degrees Fahrenheit during summer. On the other hand, a temperature level of 50 degrees should be fine for their optimal growth.

If you live in USDA hardiness zones 9b-11b, you can grow them as outdoor plants where they can gain full sunlight to partial shade. 

Further you may also grow them as houseplants too. Do not leave them exposed under direct sunlight as if you do so, it will result in the scorch of the plants. 

On the other hand, the less exposure for sunlight will also make the plants become stretched and become leggy too.

If you expose them to drastic changes in sunlight, it will make the plants stressed and shriveled. Hence if you were growing Echeveria setosa as houseplants for a prolonged period and wish to bring them outdoors, you should do it gradually. 

Avoid exposing them for direct sunlight as it would make the flowers scorched.

Watering requirements

Overwatering should be avoided with the Echeveria setosa plants as it would create fatal repercussions on the plants. 

I recommend you follow the wait and dry method when watering the Echeveria setosa plants. This will ensure their soil is dry before you water them again. 

Further never spill water on the leaves of the plants. Instead water the soil directly. This will allow you to avoid any potential root rot which could take place. 

Further grow them in a well-draining soil mix.

Echeveria Setosa Flower

Fertilizer requirements

Echeveria setosa are desert plants which literally means they do not grow in a nutritious soil mix

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Considering this fact, you can feed them only with slow-release fertilizer when they are actively growing. Moreover, you may also feed them with a water-soluble fertilizer or with a cactus fertilizer as well.

Soil requirement

A well-draining soil mix or a cactus soil mix which has a low acidity is optimal for the vigorous growth of the Echeveria setosa plants

Furthermore, you can make a soil mix on your own by blending balanced amounts of 1:1 of ordinary potting medium and perlite. 

If you wish to check the soil texture , you can squeeze a small portion in your hand. Next, You can simply open your hands and see whether the soil is falling apart freely. 

If they form a mold that literally means you need to add more perlite. You may add elements such as coarse sand also instead of perlite.

Pot type

Ensure that you are growing them in porous material pots. That will allow the excess moisture to evaporate rapidly without retaining it within the pots. 

Moreover, it is important that your pot has one draining hole in the bottom so that excess water can move through. 


Echeveria setosa flowers are glamorous to watch. If you ensure that you fulfill their growing requirements, they will flower and It is a treat to watch them in full blossom. It is fun growing them ! So happy cultivating with Echeveria setosa plants.

Credit to : Desert Plants of Avalon
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