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Yes, Crassula Umbella is a flowering succulent. Crassula Umbella flower is red and yellow in color. 

They are small cherry-like in shape. Those flowers would usually arise in winter to spring. Further Crassula Umbella flowers will form on a 4 inches ( 10 cm ) long inflorescence.

Crassula Umbella are quite fascinating plants and they would reach a height of 15 cm maximum. 

Crassula Umbella Flower

Furthermore, they would be 4 inches wide when they are fully grown. Crassula Umbella leaves are slender and when they grow, they tend to take the look of an umbrella. 

Their leaves have rounded scallops and a surface which is smooth. The leaves of the Crassula Umbella plants tend to take a yellow-green color. 

Many succulent enthusiasts start to grow them due to the attractive looks they have.

Crassula Umbella have unbranched stems and the flowers would be about 0.4 inches ( 1 cm ) in diameter. 

How often do crassula umbella  flowers?

As aforesaid Crassula Umbella flowers will form during winter to spring.

Colors of crassula umbella  flowers

You could spot the Crassula Umbella flowers forming in yellowish red colors.

How long do crassula umbella  flowers last? 

These flowers will last 2 – 3 weeks. 

Do they die after flowering?

No, they do not die after flowering. Only Monocarpic plants die after flowering. Crassula Umbella is not a Monocarpic plant. 

How to make crassula umbella  flowers?

To make the Crassula Umbella flower, what is important is to fulfill their growing requirements. 

So,  to do that, you need to expose them to full sunlight during the morning hours and filtered sunlight during the hot, intense conditions. 

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This helps them to produce the chemical elements which they want to produce the flowers.

If you spot any stretched plants ,that literally means they are lacking sunlight and not in a position to produce flowers unless you correct it.  

Moreover, if you expose them for warmer temperatures, that will enhance the flower blossoming of the plants. 

If you have grown them indoors, it would be somewhat difficult to get them to bloom. However, if you slowly acclimate them to full sunlight, there will be a high probability for them to produce flowers.

Moreover , if you had skipped watering them during winter, you need to resume watering them when the temperature increases. 

You need to water them ideally in a way where you will be saturating the soil.  Besides, feed them when their soil is damp. 

Ensure that you are using fertilizer types which are recommended for cactus and for succulents. Encouraging the succulents to flower is more like how you should look after them well.

How to care for crassula umbella flowers? 

How to Water

You may water the Crassula Umbella sparingly in general. Just like with the rest of other succulents, you need to let the excess moisture drain away from the draining holes. 

Ideally you need to soak the plant with water and let the excess moisture drain away entirely. After that you need to wait until their soil is completely withered before you water them again. 

You may reduce watering or even cut down on watering during winter. The Crassula Umbella roots are prone to rot, especially during cooler times. 

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They usually grow well in spring; I suggest you water them more often during these times but do not over water them. 

During late fall to winter Crassula Umbella would be dormant. Hence, you can minimize watering them or not water them at all.

Temperature and Humidity

Never expose these plants for  colder temperatures than 30 degrees Fahrenheit as it is quite  unhealthy on the plants. 

In terms of the humidity, they will thrive well with  low humidity levels. Having said that, Crassula Umbella are tolerant of high humidity levels as well. 

Crassula Umbella would be great picks for outdoor gardening  if you live in USDA hardiness zones 9 through 12. If you live somewhere else, I recommend you bring the plants indoors during colder weather.

Fertilizer requirement

You may consider feeding the Crassula Umbella occasionally. A little organic fertilizer would work with these plants the best. 

Additionally, a fertilizer which is made specially for succulents and for cactus would also work well with them.  Await until mid-spring comes and then feed them. 

The reason behind that is because Crassula Umbella would grow well during this time only.  Suspend feeding them when  they are dormant or semi dormant.

Light requirement

Keep in mind that Crassula Umbella needs shade during the intense summer conditions. 

Having said that, it is important that you expose them to bright sunlight, preferably in the morning hours so that they can become vibrant  in the colors. 

As such if you grow them as outdoor plants, a spot where they can gain both full sunlight and shade would be the most appropriate to provide to grow the Crassula Umbella plants. 

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On the other hand, a windowsill would be the most suitable location to place them when you grow them as houseplants as that would be the brightest sunny spot at your home.

Soil requirement

A potting medium which has an excellent drainage would be optimal for the Crassula Umbella plant’s growth. 

Additionally, Crassula Umbella would perform well if you grow them in a sandy rocky soil mix which is specially designed for succulents.

The right ph.of the soil mix should be neutral to slightly acidic soil mix. If you grow them in soil mixes which have extreme ph., it would be quite unhealthy for the plants. 

Besides, if they are exposed to wet soil, it will easily create rots in the plants which is exactly why you need to provide them with an excellent draining  soil mix.


Before concluding, Crassula Umbella are such a fabulous versatile set of plants which produce attractive  flowers. 

They would grace the entire location despite the location you grow them. If you ensure that you fulfill their growing requirement without making a mistake in providing them, Crassula Umbella would produce flowers. 

It will be so eye catchy and pleasing to watch them when they are in full blossom. So happy cultivating with Crassula Umbella plants !

Credit to : Passions Of Nature
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