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Have you ever think about applying decomposed granite for succulents? Then you will find this article useful. So, buckle up and get ready to improve your knowledge on Decomposed granite !

Decomposed granite is an element which is utilized to enhance the aeration and the draining of the potting medium

It is critical that you provide excellent drainage for cactus and succulents so that they can grow vigorously and healthily. 

You can use  Decomposed granite in different ways such as combining with pumice and perlite and combining with grit and gravel. Moreover, people use Decomposed granite as a top dressing.

When it comes to succulent growing context when you add Decomposed granite to soil, you may call it soil amendment. 

Decomposed Granite For Succulents

Is decomposed granite good for succulents?

Decomposed granite is pretty good for the growth of succulents as well as for cactus.

When you provide Decomposed granite for them, it will enable them to have a good air circulation in the growing medium, besides they can have an excellent draining as well.

These are two critical factors for the wellbeing and the growth of the succulents and Decomposed granite could be handy here.

What are the types of decomposed granite?

There are three types of Decomposed granite which you may come across and each of them have unique characteristics. 

The three types of the Decomposed granite are natural Decomposed granite, stabilized Decomposed granite, resin coated Decomposed granite etc. Here is a comprehensive detailed guide on each Decomposed granite type.

Natural Decomposed granite

This is a  Decomposed granite type which anybody can afford to buy for any type of their DG. That is because  they are not that costly, and they are the least expensive ones you will find out

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They are special since they can aggregate whether there are any additives or not. You could commonly spot them being used for landscapes for mulching, patios, garden paths, besides many people use them in play areas or in sport surfaces as well.

Natural or loose Decomposed granite would be an excellent choice as a non-organic mulch if you do not add any additives. 

You can spread it around the trees as well as your plants. DG will weather overtime and further it will keep providing the nutrients also to the surrounding soil and to the plants.

If you manage to compact the natural Decomposed granite well , you can make any walkway or patio hardy. 

It is very permeable and they could handle water extremely well too.  However, this might not be the exact solid surface for some. However, they will guarantee that your plants will get excellent drainage.

Stabilized Decomposed granite

Stabilized Decomposed granite is costly when compared to natural Decomposed granite

However, you could still afford buying them if you compare them with pavers and aggregate materials. They consist of a stabilizer which is blended with granite.  Consequently, it serves as a binder.

When you compact it, stabilized  Decomposed granite looks like natural Decomposed granite as stabilized Decomposed granite top layer will also be loose and organic. 

Having said that , stabilized Decomposed granite is more stable when compared to natural Decomposed granite. 

Further they have a less potential for erosion as well. You could use them the best for pathways and for patios as well. 

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Stabilized Decomposed granite requires only an easy maintenance. Further they have a long durability also when compared to natural Decomposed granite.

Decomposed Granite For Succulents

Resin – coated Decomposed granite

Resin – coated Decomposed granite is the most stable Decomposed granite type. Furthermore, it has a long durability as well.  

What happens here usually is, mixing natural resin with Decomposed granite. Then it will aggregate and create an asphalt like material. 

Resin – coated Decomposed granite looks more natural when it comes to its looks. Since they are more stable and durable when compared to other Decomposed granite, many people use this for driveways and for pavements as well. 

You can guarantee that Resin – coated Decomposed granite will never wear down. Further it will never erode also.

If you wish to give a rustic and a natural look, Resin – coated Decomposed granite would be the best option to go with. 

Furthermore, what is good about using  Resin – coated Decomposed granite is that they are not that expensive when you compare them with other materials. 

They would be a perfect aggregate for your landscape. In addition to that you may use Resin – coated Decomposed granite for sport surfaces and for construction needs as well.

What are the best ways to use decomposed granite?

Many people use decomposed granite for their paths, driveways, and garden trails. Besides, you may use them as xeriscape ground covers as well

In addition to that you can use them to add a smooth visual transition  between formal garden and wilderness too. You can use decomposed granite in lawns and in planting beds as well.

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However, chances are that it may break down and it is one of the disadvantages. 

I recommend not to place the decomposed granite too close to where you enter the house as chances are that it will stick to your shoes, and it will scratch the floors.

As such I recommend placing the plants a few feet away from the entrance of the house. Alternatively, you may use a door mat as well.

Decomposed Granite For Succulents

How much does decomposed granite cost?

Decomposed granite raw material would cost around $ 40 – $ 50  per cubic yard. 

You can easily acquire them from landscape supplies. Home Depot is a famous place where you can or purchase them. 

If you wish to have a contractor to install a path or a patio, it will cost about $ 4 – $ 6 per square foot. 

Having said that, if you can do it on your own, you can reduce the cost by 50 %. However, if you wish to use a resin coated decomposed granite for a driveway, the cost will be high.


As aforesaid there are so many advantages of having decomposed granite. It will give a crunchy sound and a soft look for the entire landscape. 

Furthermore, it will be useful in enhancing draining and air circulation in the potting medium. They act as excellent mulch material too.  Anybody can afford them too.

Credit to : Growing Succulents with LizK
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