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Succulent plant owners like myself have a hard time keeping their succulents healthily and alive. I had this problem with jelly bean succulents. I often ask myself “Why my Jelly bean succulent is dying”. No matter what I do my jelly bean does not survive to grow up.

After ,some research I found that there are some solutions to overcome jelly bean succulents from dying. For this, it is mandatory to identify the issues you will go through once you start growing them. If you take the proper steps, it will not be a big challenge to take care of these plants.

Jelly Bean Succulent Is Dying

Do not overwater the jelly bean succulent

As you may already know, the first and foremost issue which affects the proper growth of succulents are water related. Over watering is the major cause for this. It is not a secret that we should not add more and more water on a regular basis for succulents as we usually do that with other home-grown plants. 

We only need watering them on a moderate level consistently  whilst providing well drained soil . Besides that, it’s essential to ensure that you maintain the accurate humidity level in the soil too. saturated or muddy soil is not good for jelly bean succulents. The best option would be to mist the ground to get the best results. Feeding directly will not be a good option.

Choosing the correct pot to avoid jelly bean succulents from dying

Second factor for the succulent plant growth failure would be not having sufficient space for them to grow freely. If you have planted them in a tiny container or in a tiny point it will be challenging for the succulents to have proper growth. Many people tend to grow the succulents in a tiny teacup or in a small flower pot. 

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They do so  simply considering the fact that those will add more beauty to the plant once it grows. However, this will not be healthy for the plant’s growth as then they will not have the required space for the roots to spread out and grow. You should  have a proper container that is twice the size of the depth of the roots and thrice of the size of the width of the roots. These conditions would be ideal for them to grow as they wish.

succulent pot

Well drainage is important

Not having a well drainage system in the container is the third issue for the succulent dying. It is vital for you  to be vigilant on this as it carries an equal importance as the first two factors for the plant’s proper growth. When you are selecting the relevant pot or the container, we must make sure that it has the required drainage holes which will consequently help the soil to have a proper drainage for the succulent growth. You can be tactful in using a piece of the net or a pantyhose on top of the holes to control the dirt before it ruins the process.

A comfortable temperature for your succulent 

Succulents are very well grown in warm weather conditions and they prefer those conditions very much. Hence, they should be kept heated to have proper growth.  Succulents will hate to be in a cold climate or to be left besides a window where they will be exposed to  the cold weather. If that has happened with your plant, immediately you should place the plant where it gets heat and where they can remain warm. On the other hand, it is essential to note that if the weather pattern is constantly changing on them they will tend to grow bad and the outcome will not be encouraging for you.

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Provide them with enough space

To avoid succulent from dying, you must let them grow freely without planting them too close with each plant. Ideally, you  must grow these plants while keeping some inches among them so that it has the required space to grow the way they want. You should make them feel that they are sort of in their natural habitat. If you grow them close with one another, chances are that they can smother each other. Thus, you better be careful with this factor too.

Fertilizer-rich soil for jelly bean succulent

Not having nutritious  rich soil would be the sixth issue for succulent dying. Just as most of the plants, succulent prefer to be grown in such areas where they can absorb the required nutrients from the soil. Afterward, they can flourish with better growth.

There are few things you can do to prevent this. First would be to stir them in some organic matter whilst on the hand, you can plant them in a planting mix. This will help the succulents to grow well and be graceful in the appearances too. You could simply try your local garden center to get the perfect soil mix for succulents. If at all, if you are enthusiastic you can end up making your own succulent soil which will have the required density as well as the nutrient levels for the plant’s proper growth.

Consider repotting to avoid succulents from dying

Final suggestion for succulent dying would be transplanting them. It will give these plants a fresh stimulation. If you have  not changed the pot where you have planted  the succulent and if it has been there for way too long with the struggling looks, you  should understand that it is the high time to repot them in a larger pot.

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 As a result of this, these plants will have the sufficient space for them to spread out. If they are kept in the same container for too long it will be too compact. Then unnecessarily the plants will get cramped and smothered by their roots. After all, this will be the perfect time for you  to proceed with regrowing succulent as by then the plants have grown bigger. The easiest way of re growing the plants would be in using a mother plant. 

Conclusion on why my Jelly Bean Succulent Is Dying

In the end, I think you got the answer you sought in here. Ultimately you have to provide proper care to save from your jelly bean from dying. The most important thing is the watering. water as less as possible. Then I think you can see the healthy growth of your plant and be happy about it.

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