What Succulents Should Be Avoided for 1st Time Growers? 

There are a lot of varieties of succulents that can be grown. Unfortunately, some are better known than others, and many people don’t realize the potential that some lesser known ones have until they have tried them in their garden. So, What succulents should be avoided for 1st time growers? Let’s find out.

What Succulents Should Be Avoided for 1st Time Growers

What succulents should be avoided for 1st time growers?

Succulents in general are considered as easy to care plants. Having said that, there are some succulents which you need to avoid especially if you are a starter into succulent gardening. Those succulents can react even for the simplest change in their environment.

So, you need to grow them with so much care. So, from this article, we are going to discover several succulents which you need to avoid if you are a newbie into succulent gardening.

String of Pearls

What Succulents Should Be Avoided for 1st Time Growers

Most of the succulent lovers find it difficult to grow the string of pearls when they plant them indoors. There are several reasons which could factor in this condition.

String of pearls plants usually grow in a downright way and they would grow fabulously if the conditions are to their liking. Growing a string of pearls is somewhat tricky due to several reasons.

For example, these plants do not prefer to grow in too heavy soil mixes. Ideally it has to be a fast draining and a well aerated soil mix. 

The over application of fertilizers may also impact these plants in an unhealthy way. Over feeding can take place due to overusing the fertilizers and from using the wrong fertilizers also.

It would contribute to root damage which would result in a fatal outcome also. In addition to that if you keep misting the plants more frequently it would lead to the crown rot of the plants.

String of pearls is used to grow in hot and arid weather conditions, and you need to provide the same growing conditions when you cultivate them too.

In addition to that, if you had exposed the plants for hot direct scorching sunlight, it may also cause for the health deterioration of the plants and bring in so many adverse repercussions.

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On the other hand, lack of sunlight and growing them in a way too larger pot also may also result in adverse effects on the plants health.

String of dolphins

What Succulents Should Be Avoided for 1st Time Growers

String of dolphins are prone for pests’ attacks specially from spider mites, mealy bugs. Due to that you would find it challenging and tricky to grow them indoors.

Spider mites may form webs on the undersides of the leaves. Further mealybugs would tend to develop white cottony growths of the plants.

In addition to that, String of dolphin’s plants may have to encounter several diseases also. Having said that, if you practice the right care tips, it is unlikely that you will have to deal with these issues.

Apart from that string of dolphins are toxic to pets too. So, if you have furry pets around your home, you need to ensure that your beloved kids or pets don’t get in contact with the plant. 

Excess watering would make the plants turn brown. On the other hand, under watering may also cause the plants to turn brown too.

So, you need to ensure that you water them precisely without making any lapses as it would result in adverse effects on the plants. In addition to that it would make the leaves flat too. Ultimately it would even kill the plants.

Aeonium Kiwi

What Succulents Should Be Avoided for 1st Time Growers

Aeonium Kiwi are some colorful plants which would be excellent choices for both indoor gardens and for outdoor gardens as well.

If you wish to grow them what I would recommend you do is to plant them in small pots. However, Aeonium Kiwi would require full sunlight to grow well.

Despite wherever you plant them, you need to fulfill the sunlight requirements of these plants. These are fuzzy when it comes to weather conditions also.

Literally they would not prefer to have both hot and dry summer and freezing temperatures also. What they want is ideally Mediterranean conditions.

These plants also prefer to have more moisture when compared with other succulents. Stil, you need to ensure that you don’t overdo it too.

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Too much water would make the colors change the colors. Aeonium kiwi plants are attractive plants so many people opt to grow them.

However, they would require somewhat different care treatments when you compare them with other succulents. Literally they would want to have little more moisture and moderate temperatures.

Bunny ear succulents

First of all, finding a mature Bunny ear succulent itself is a difficult task as they grow at a very slow rate. You cannot find them at common plant shops.

In their dormant period they would go through a dormancy which would make the plants look almost dead. So, they won’t look aesthetically beautiful when they are dormant.

When you are dealing with the plants for propagation , you need to protect yourself by wearing gloves as chances are that the glochids may get in contact with your skin easily. Further it would be difficult for you to get rid of them too.

You may have to deal with several problems when growing these plants and a newbie in succulent gardening would find it a little bit tricky to battle with those.

For example, these plants are susceptible for mealybug attacks especially when there are favorable conditions for them to attack.

Further lapses in watering may cause stunt growth of these plants. A fresher in gardening may struggle with watering the succulents and if you make mistakes with that , it would result in stunt growth of these plants.

Bunny ear succulents would easily tend to droop if you expose them for intensive heated sunlight or if you grow them in a poor quality soil mix. Further they may also develop brown spots and dried up pad tips if you fail to provide the right care tips.

Sedum Donkey’s Tail

What Succulents Should Be Avoided for 1st Time Growers

Sedum Donkey’s Tail may constantly go through mealybug attacks just like most of the other plants mentioned above.

They would result in stunted growth of the plants and a fresher in succulent gardening would find it difficult to detect them. They would be invisible most of the time since they would occupy the folds of the plants.

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In addition to that, if you over supply them with a lot of water, it would contribute to root rot. Not only that but also, shortage of sunlight would make them develop etiolated stems too. Further it would make the leaves pale in color.

Apart from that, Sedum Donkey’s Tail leaves would generally tend to get dropped even if you try to touch them gently.

However these are not toxic plants and you do not need to worry about that. With that being said, you need to be extra careful when you grow them as these are fragile plants.

Hybrid varieties

What Succulents Should Be Avoided for 1st Time Growers

First and foremost, Hybrid varieties are somewhat costly and not everybody would be able to afford buying them.

Furthermore, they are more sensitive to sunlight and for touch as well. It is very unlikely that they will function like most of the other succulents which are available in the market. 

There could be certain cross breeds which are quite responsive for extreme sunlight. So, in general all the succulent growers would want to have a considerable time to figure out the exact growing care treatments they want.

So, obviously a fresher in succulents gardening would find it challenging to handle those plants. If you do not care for these plants carefully, They could be dead. 


What succulents should be avoided for 1st time growers? Here we’ve revealed our top 6 picks of succulents that you should stay away from if you’re just getting into the growing game.

Above are plants to add to your collection once you have a handle on proper care, but since they are easier to kill than many succulents, they are best avoided as beginners. If you like to know some of hardy plants in the succulent world read this article on What Succulents Are Hardest To Kill? (Hardy Succulents).

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