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Xerosicyos danguyi is a climbing succulent vine, endemic to  Madagascar. I first saw this beautiful succulent vine few years back and fell in love with its unique characters. Xerosicyos danguyi commonly know as Silver Dollar vine plant, Dollar Vine, Penny plant .

Lots of my Feng Shuai loving friends try to grow  this plant at home to bring good luck to their homes. Most importantly, this plant requires very low maintenance.  

They have thick stems formed in cylindrical shape. Their leaves would be 1 – 2 inches  in length. Leaves are silvery green in color and round in shape. Chances are that their stem could grow up to two  feet before it spread out its branches.

Moreover this flowering plant belongs to the family cucurbitacae. You could spot three varieties of Xerosicyos danguyi and all of them are native plants to Madagascar.

Xerosicyos danguy

How do I identify a Xerosicyos danguyi?

You can simply identify the Xerosicyos danguyi by looking at its leaves. Those leaves are coin shaped and grown on top of the wooden stem. The leaves which are old will be hard and dark in color. They could be plum too. You could spot the new growth of the Xerosicyos danguyi in brown color at the tip and they will later change to light green color. 

Leaves could be very tender at the begin and it will take some time to get the leaves to be thick and to harden. Furthermore they will make a large caudex and it will form deciduous vines later. Chances are that their leaves could be dead in a longer drought period.

Xerosicyos danguy

How do you take care of a Xerosicyos danguyi

This succulent is relatively easy to grow. You need to ensure that it gets a few hours of direct sunlight for them to survive. Also, You should do repotting when necessary whilst utilizing a good quality cacti succulent mix.

You should also use appropriate  fertilizers such as Troforte as they would help to simulate the Xerosicyos danguyi’s  healthy growth.

You could mist the soil to keep the humidity level up. 

Botanical NameXerosicyos danguyi
Common NameSilver Dollar vine plant, Dollar Vine, Penny plant
Plant TypeSucculent
Mature Size10 to twelve inches high / 4-6 inches wide  
Sun ExposurePart Shade to full sun
Soil TypeWell drained
Soil pHpH around 6.0
Bloom TimeSpring.
Flower ColorFlowers will be yellow to green color
Hardiness Zones9b-11b zones.
Native AreaMadagascar
ToxicityToxic to pets and Kids
One look care guide for Xerosicyos danguyi

Average price –  20 USD


Once they grow up to their full potential, their height would be 10 to 12 inches high and their width would be 4 to 6 inches wide. Further their leaves could be 1.6 inches in length.


This is  a moderately growing succulent.

Light Requirement 

Xerosicyos danguyi performs to its best potential when it gets full sunlight. They will thrive in full sunlight to partial sunlight as well.  If we grow them indoors, ensure that you give adequate sunlight for them. 

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You need to place them near bright and sunny windows if you grow them indoors. 

Temperature and humidity

If you wish to plant the Silver dollar vine outdoors ,you should  place them in a place where they will have bright sunlight. Best temperatures for them would be 410 F – 480 F.

Be vigilant with the intense heat waves. Chances are that the temperature could rise to 40oC/ 104oF when it is closer to noon. Thus, do not expose them under scorching sun, where they will get direct sunlight. If not there will be repercussions such as  sun burns. 

In addition to this they will thrive in low to medium levels of humidity.

Is it cold hardy?

Xerosicyos danguyi is not a cold hardy plant as they cannot withstand the  freezing temperatures. Hence if you are growing them outside in wintertime, make sure that you take necessary action to relocate it to protect it from cold temperature. Consequently, they could even die if we  neglect them outdoors in the freezing temperatures.


They would love to grow in 9b-11b zones.

Watering Requirement 

Xerosicyos danguy

When it comes to watering,  the most crucial thing which we need to think about is the soil’s condition. You need to ensure that the potting soil is dry  enough. You should  ensure this  before you proceed with another watering session. 

Most importantly Xerosicyos danguyi will grow well if its soil contains some moist specially in the heated times .  That does not mean we need to keep the soil wet all the time. It is just that we need to keep it moist only.  

When it comes to watering an indoor grown Xerosicyos danguyi plant, we need to water them less than we do with the outdoor Xerosicyos danguyi plants . The Reason for that is,  water evaporation. Water evaporation is higher in outdoors than indoors.

Do not supply  excess water for the plant. Best practice is to implement a soak and dry method so that you could avoid  over watering the plant. 

You should keep note on the seasonal changes when it comes to watering the Xerosicyos danguyi

Soil Requirement Type / pH

One of interesting fact about Xerosicyos danguyi is they have the ability to adjust to any kind of soil mix . However they should not be too heavy in texture.

As same as other succulents, we should ensure that they get a potting mix which have a good drainage. If you are growing them as indoor plants, you could proceed with the regulars succulent plant potting mix .

Additionally, soil Ph should be around 6.

Flowering and Fragrance

Silver Dollar vine plant

Xerosicyos danguyi blossom in the spring. When they bloom, their flowers will be yellow to green. They will grace your location if you have grown them in cute looking containers or in pots. Flowers could be quarter inch in size. If you have planted  them in a greenhouse, chances are that there could be about thirty flowers per a plant. 

Pot size Potting and Repotting

When you are selecting a pot, ensure that it has enough drainage holes. Ideally it should be  2 X 2 X 7 in depth.

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You should do repotting only  in the spring. Ideally once you see your plant has become root bound, you need to go ahead with repotting without any hesitation. One more intention of doing repotting is to provide fresh soil, as once the soil gets older, there won’t be any nutrients for the plant to absorb. 

You should do repotting every other year. Refrain in  watering the Xerosicyos danguyi for one week or even more sometime. If you have a plant with a larger root system, ensure that you take a larger pot or a container

Where to Plant 

Xerosicyos danguyi prefer strong sunlight. Hence, if you wish to grow them in a garden, ensure that it gets adequate sunlight. Ideal condition would be full to partial sunlight. Due to their requirement in sunlight, you should grow them outdoors.

Having said, if you live in an area where it will have to go through the  winter conditions, the best thing to do is to grow them indoors. That will allow them to fulfill  its light requirements . Further , You may grow them Ideally in cute looking pots or in containers.

Silver Dollar vine plant

Fertilizer and time of year

They have low food requirements. Hence, you should  fertilize them only once. You should do that in their growing season.


Xerosicyos danguyi are winter dormant plants. They literally go to sleep during winter period. You should refrain  in watering them during their dormant season. Avoid doing propagation during this season.

Can be toxic to pets

They are toxic plants. Generally Xerosicyos danguyi is a toxic plant for pets like cats and dogs and for small kids as well. However, always keep this plant  at a  safer distance from them.

In case, they have consumed them, consequently chances are that they could get stomach aches along with vomiting.

Common bugs and  illness issues.

You could stay  relaxed when growing this plant, as this is not the type of plant which the pests  will  invade easily. However, the nasty mealybugs could still harm the plant , but not on a frequent basis though.  Aphids could also annoy you sometimes when you grow these plants , but that also very rare. 

Aphids could survive in brand new growth of Xerosicyos danguyi. Apart from them, slugs and snails could also trouble you  as they could also feed on baby plants.  you could simply overcome them by using appropriate pesticides. Further you could wash out both aphids and mealybugs.

Special Care tips

Make sure that you have  grown them  in well draining soil. In addition to that , please provide it with at least nine hours of full sun along with adequate amounts of water. Add on some fertilizers before their flowering season. Minimize watering during the winter season and continue with normal watering during the rest of the periods once the soil is dry. You should do repotting as appropriate only.. 

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How do you propagate a Xerosicyos danguyi

Silver Dollar vine plant

Xerosicyos danguyi is not the type of plant where we must make a lot of effort to propagate. However, you should be mindful when propagating as you need to do it only in its growing season.

Further the perfect time to do that is mid spring or the summer time. You should refrain from propagating Xerosicyos danguyiin winter and in autumn as the roots will not form  in those periods.

Secondly,you may use  only the matured branches’ cuttings for propagating process. Best is to cut off a little part of the main stalk also so that new growth will also form. Leaves will be anyway forming roots.

Fuerter If we elaborate more on how we propagate Xerosicyos danguyi through  cuttings, the first thing you should do is to cut and take off  a leaf from the mother plant whilst using a knife or a scissor.

Make sure they are in good hygiene. Let it become callous for a few days. Then go ahead with replanting in a well draining soil mix. Go ahead with watering when the soil is dry.

When you propagate Xerosicyos danguyi through seeds, germination could take place within two to three weeks time. further the plants which you have grown from seeds will have a caudex whereas on the other hand it won’t be available on the plants which you have grow from cuttings.

Xerosicyos danguyi plant benefits

It could be very handy in using it as a beautifying climbing plant. it will look very good once it starts to scramble up and hide walls and fences. 

Apart from that, it would be very useful for using in a cute looking hanging basket or in  a container which you could place indoors under bright sunlight.

Silver Dollar vine plant


Is Xerosicyos danguyi an indoor plant?

You could grow this as an  indoor plant.you could plant  Xerosicyos danguyi easily indoors or outdoors based on where you live. If there are immature plants in their young age, they would fit outdoors in bright shady places. 

We could ideally plant this indoors at a bright sunny area especially during winter times.

You could grow Xerosicyos danguyi indoor. However their growth rate would be  slower. Hence make sure you provide the brightest sunny spot for the Xerosicyos danguyi so that you could get  better results.

Is Xerosicyos danguyi toxic?

They are toxic plants. Generally Xerosicyos danguyi is   a toxic plant for pets like cats and dogs and for small kids as well. Hence , always keep this plant at  a safer distance from them. 

In case, they  consumed by them, consequently chances are that they could get stomach aches along with vomiting.

Do Xerosicyos danguyi need direct sunlight?

It is not compulsory to give direct sunlight for them. Xerosicyos danguyi perform to its best potential when you give them full sunlight. Having said they will thrive in full sunlight to partial sunlight as well. 

 If you have  grown them  indoors, ensure that they get adequate sunlight.You should place them near sunny windows if you grow them indoors. If you grow them  outdoors  they will survive in full sunlight. 

Can Xerosicyos danguyi be rooted in water?

You can root these plants in water. You could let them propagate in water and it is relatively faster. Chances are that roost could form faster  in about  two weeks.

Should I mist my Xerosicyos danguyi?

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