Is Miracle-Gro Good For Succulents? (Correct Way)

Is Miracle-gro good for succulents? Miracle-gro is a fertilizer which is quite healthy for succulents. 

It would enhance the growth of the succulents and that has earned them the name Miracle-gro. Miracle-gro is a fertilizer production of Scotts Miracle-gro company. It was first launched in the 1940s.

Is Miracle-Gro Good For Succulents

This is one of the most popular fertilizer products. It can act as an instant fertilizer for both succulents and for cactus as well. 

Application of the Miracle-gro is a fairly simple task too. Miracle-gro would literally enhance the density of the soil. Besides it would enrich the succulents with the essential nutrients too. Miracle-gro formula specially prepared for succulents.

Miracle gro succulent plant food ingredients

Miracle-gro has three main ingredients. If I name them, they are Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium. These three elements are quite crucial to maintain the health of the succulents’ plants. 

As aforesaid, Miracle-gro can feed the succulents immediately. For example, succulents such as aloes, jades’ health would be benefitted from applying the Miracle-gro 

Miracle-gro succulent plant food how to use

You could directly apply it on the soil and water them. However, as you water them, you need to rinse foam from leaves in case you spill any Miracle-gro on the leaves. 

I suggest you use 1 pump from the bottle for the succulents which you have cultivated in small pots. On the other hand, you could use 2 pumps for the plants which you have grown in pots which are over 6 inches in diameter. You can apply this whilst using a water can.

How often do you give plants Miracle-Gro?

You may apply this once every week.

How much Miracle Gro should I use?

Ideally you need to use a tablespoon of liquid and mix it with a given volume of water. Usually it would be one gallon of water all the time . 

You can use this for an area of 10 square feet in your indoor garden. Having said that you need to always adhere to the labeled instructions on it. 

Chances are that you may apply them in abundance sometimes and there are several steps which you could practice to get rid of the excess Miracle-gro 

Benefits of Miracle-gro

Miracle-gro would work well for all succulents. Be it how small or how big your succulents are. Miracle-gro consists of a result oriented formulation which would be quite useful for the succulents. 

Further they are quite safe on your plants too. If you adhere to the guidelines, it is very unlikely that it would harm your precious succulents. 

Miracle-gro would feed the succulents quite quickly. Further Miracle-gro can even restore other damages happens to your plants. 

Miracle-gro usually comes up in liquid formation. Hene even a small amount would do the task for your plants. Application of the Miracle-gro is also simple and easy too. 

You may simply mix it with water and apply it onto the soil directly and even a fresher in gardening can proceed with this. 

The ingredients of the Miracle-gro are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and potassium. These are the elements which promote a rapid growth in the plants. 

Further it would result in a robust growth of the too. Not only that, the combination of these three elements would contribute to the stem growth of the plants. 

Lastly it is beneficial for the flower blossoming activity also on the succulents and help to produce vigorous fruits as well. 

Why shouldn’t you use Miracle-Gro?

Miracle-gro has a significant amount of Nitrogen which is originating from synthetic ammonium and from water soluble nitrates. 

So, chances are that they may produce chemicals which would badly impact on the microbes and worms in the soil.

Further they may also consist of high components of salt which would badly affect the natural composition of the soil. They would literally cause lawn burn by avoiding the soil in absorbing those nutrients. 

Over application of the Miracle-gro may literally result in the destruction of the chemical composition of your soil.

Ultimately it may even result in the death of the plants. It would further make the plants sick too. Moreover they make the plants more vulnerable for pests attacks and for other diseases. 

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Is Miracle-Gro Good For Succulents

Is Miracle Gro good for all plants?

Miracle-gro is proven to be successful on all plant types. If you follow the guidelines on them, it is unlikely that it will burn the plants or kill the plants.

You can apply this on all flowering plants, vegetables, houseplants , roses trees suburbs and the list goes on. 

Besides that, Miracle-gro is a succulent plant fertilizer which is quite effective on succulents. It usually has a NPK ratio of 0.5-1.-1 ratio which would be quite beneficial for the healthy growth of the succulents

Can you use too much Miracle-Gro?

No you cannot use Miracle-gro in excess on the succulents. If you accidentally end up applying Miracle-gro in abundance it would result in the feed burns of the plants. 

Literally it would damage the plants roots and disable absorbing water from them. The over application of Miracle-gro would contribute to salt build ups in the soil. 

Further it may even make the plants go through wilting. Literally over application of Miracle-gro would cause you opposite results and make things worse. 

They would make the plants sick and make them more prone for other pests attacks and for other diseases also. In addition to that, it would make your succulent leaves smaller when you compare them with the regular plant leaves. 

If you wish to fix the excess Miracle-gro solution on the plants, you could first try to get rid of the Miracle-gro from the soil surface. 

You may identify the Miracle-gro easily on the soil surface as they would be usually blue in color. You could just use a small shovel and take chunks of soil which comprises the Miracle-gro .

Next you may just flush out the remaining Miracle-gro solution by using water. Even though you get rid of the Miracle-gro from the soil, chances are that you may have to flush them out by using water. 

If you left them as they are, they could even damage the roots of the plants. That said, you need to be mindful when practicing this as succulent roots are quite sensitive for over watering. 

Thirdly you can snip off the damaged leaves and the plant parts. If you can spot any wilted, burned damaged plant parts, you need to just take them off as unless it would spread to healthy parts of the plants. 

That said, you need to use all sterile tools when pruning them. If you end up using contaminated tools , it would make the plants infected with other diseases. 

Fourthly, you can consider the healthy plant parts and make new plants from those. Do not discard the pruned plant parts. 

If the cut plant parts seem to be depleted of the excess Miracle-gro , you may make use of them for the propagation process. Finally you need to regulate the light exposure. 

Literally if there is salt build up in the plants along with over exposure for excessive sunlight , it would make the plants health deteriorate. So, regulate the sunlight exposure to let them recover. 

How long does it take for Miracle Gro to work?

Miracle-gro can work within a short period of 12 hours. 

What can I use instead of Miracle Gro?

Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food

You could use this as an alicante for Miracle-gro What is special about Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food Is that you can apply it in any season. It would ensure that your plants absorb nutrients and water well. It would make the plants look healthy and firm. 

Jobe’s Organic Flower & Rose Granular Fertilizer with Biozome

This is also easy to use on your plants. Further it may also act faster on the plants just like the Miracle-gro does. They would further enhance the activity of the microorganisms. 

Jobe’s Organic Flower & Rose Granular Fertilizer with Biozome are organic and safe for both pets and for your kids as well. 

This consists of ingredients such as bone meal, potassium, feather meal and processed manure as well. This is more effective in producing attractive flower blossoms. 

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This would also allow the plants to absorb nutrients directly. This has a relatively low percentage of low salt and low chemicals also.

It is very effective to promote fruiting and the blooming of the plants. Not only that but also it would further enhance the biological activity in the soil too. 

Jacks Prof 77010 General Purpose Fertilizer, 20-20-20 Fertilizer. 

This will make the plants look lush and greener, In addition to that it would stimulate the root growth and the shoot growth of the succulents as well.

This has a relatively high component of Nitrogen and Ammonium. You could make use of this for both indoor and outdoor plants. 

AgroThrive All-Purpose Organic Liquid Fertilizer 

This fertilizer would work well on any plants. It would encourage a faster growth of your plants. Further it would stimulate the growth of the roots significantly too. 

Further it will protect the plants also. This fertilizer usually comes in liquid form and you can apply them for indoor plants as well. 

Homemade Miracle Gro 

There could be some who do not opt to go ahead with chemical fertilizers to use on the plants. Instead they would prefer to go ahead with natural forms of fertilizers. 

If you wish to make a homemade miracle gro, you need to first arrange 2 gallons of water, 2 tablespoons each from Epsom soil, baking soda,Household ammonia etc. Besides those, you need to arrange a watering can or large bowl as well. 

If I briefly explain each ingredient, Epsom salt would supply Magnesium for the plants. Magnesium is a crucial component to conduct the photosynthesis process. 

Furthermore it would help the plants to absorb other important minerals as well. The purpose of adding baking soda is to protect the plants from fatal conditions and to avoid any mildew build ups too. 

Lastly, household ammonia would act as a source of Nitrogen for the plants. Nitrogen is a crucial factor to develop lush, leafy growth in your succulents. 

To make it, you need to add all of these elements into a two gallon container. Next add some water into it and stir it well. 

Mix it well and apply it directly into the soil.. You could apply this mix just once a month preferably in summer time or in spring time. 

Keep in mind to add one eighth of concentrate for a two gallon of water. You may make the solution in any amount depending on the size you have to apply it.

Animal Manure 

Animal manure is yet another source of supplying prominent nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and potassium.

Animal manure would help to keep a proper healthy structure in the soil. Not only that but also, it would enhance the development of the beneficial organisms in the soil as well.

Besides, it would act as a slow release of nutrients too. When you apply them on sandy soil, it would enhance the draining of the soil mix.

However I suggest you use manure only from chickens, cows and from sheeps. Refrain from using manure from dogs, cats or from pigs. 

Coffee Grounds 

Coffee ground is yet another great alternative for micro grow. These are naturally acidic. Further they can supply Nitrogen as addition to that , they comprise of elements such as magnesium, potassium as well. 

Is Miracle-Gro Good For Succulents


it is important that plants have calcium to grow vigorously too. When considering that, egg shells would be a great pick here.

They consist of calcium carbonate and which would be quite handy in providing calcium for the plants.

Calcium is an important factor in terms of provisioning a right cellular structure in the plants. If your plants are lacking calcium, you could see how they develop black spots or become twisted.

I suggest you collect all the egg shells during winter itself so that you have plenty in hand by the time you plant them.

Wash them properly and dry them. Next you can crush them and just sprinkle them around your plants and you are done.

Compostis high in microorganisms and nutrients suitable for your garden – 

You could just save the food scraps and yard waste and compost them. The compost has a higher component of microorganisms and nutrients which is quite useful for the plants to grow. 

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This is a very good alternative for the miracle gro. It would nourish the plants with all the nutrients. Not only that but also, it would protect the plants from diseases and from other pests attacks as well.

Lastly it would encourage the growth of the healthy bacteria and fungi growth too. More importantly it would be an eco friendly method of fertilizing the plants too. 

When should I stop using Miracle Gro?

If we consider the succulents , you need to stop feeding them with Miracle Gro when they are in their dormancy.

Further once you spot the plants growing to their best potential and blooming with vigorous and attractive blooms, you could suspend feeding the plants. 

Why is Miracle-Gro killing my plants?

If you use Miracle gro in excess amounts, it would turn out to be fatal on the plants by resulting in fertilizer burn. On the other hand, less application of Miracle gro would also bring fatal impact on the plants. 

As such always ensure that you are applying these in the right amounts. Unless it would burn the plants. Miracle gro acts as an all purpose fertilizer. 

However make sure that you are following the labeled instructions and try to apply them in the right amounts on the plants. 

Is Miracle-Gro Good For Succulents

Related questions

How often should I water my plants with Miracle Gro?

I recommend watering them once every two weeks if you have used Miracle gro on the indoor plants. However for outdoor plants, you may water them once every week or every fortnightly.

Can I put miracle growth directly on soil?

To answer the question whether you can apply Miracle-Gro directly into the soil. Yes, you can. Since these are continuous release plant food, you could simply apply them directly in the soil of your plants. 

Can you use Miracle Gro in hot weather?

I don’t recommend using Miracle-Gro during hot weather, Ideally you need to let those heat waves or droughts pass by and then apply Miracle-Gro on the plants. 

Ideally you need to apply them right before the hot weather conditions come for best results. That would make them prepared to battle with such intensely hot conditions.

Should you use Miracle-Gro before rain?

If it is a light or a moderate rainfall, you could apply the miracle gro before the rain fall or even after the rain fall. Literally you can apply the Miracle gro anytime of the year except during intensely warmer periods as explained in the above. 

Why is Miracle-Gro Blue?

Miracle gro is usually blue as they are forming from copper sulfate. Copper sulfate is naturally blue and that gives them the blue color for the Miracle gro. 

Can I use Osmocote and Miracle Gro together?

Yes, you can use osmocote with Miracle gro together. Osmocote is a slow release granular fertilizer so it will not create any issue on the plants.Both of these are good products and applying a bit of both would not result in any major repercussions. 


Now you know the answer for the question “Is miracle-gro good for succulents”

To recap what we discussed here, Miracle gro is a fantastic all purpose fertilizer which would be quite effective in stimulating the growth of the plants. Having said that, you need to ensure that you apply them in the right amounts though.

If you apply them in abundance it would even kill the plants. I hope this article gave you comprehensive details on the usage of the miracle gro and if you had any issues with regards to using them, I hope you were able to find the answers for them as well. 

If you apply miracle gro in the right amounts at the right amount, it would pave the way for a healthy and vigorous growth of your beloved plants. 

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