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Succulents are well known for their hardy nature. So why do they need succulent greenhouses? Let’s find out the answer here.

Succulent Greenhouse

What is a succulent greenhouse?

Green house is a specially made set up where you can keep the plants protected from unhealthy conditions for the plants.  Literally it will stop the plants from getting wet and getting exposed to unhealthy conditions such as frost. 

 As you know succulents are hardy plants and naturally found in desert environments. But now succulents are famous all around the world and people who live in temperate countries prefer to grow these beauties in their gardens.

Although succulents can tolerate extreme high temperatures they can not withstand cooler temperatures. That’s why they need a controlled environment to survive in winter.

Using a heated greenhouse to plant your succulents is a great way of helping  the plants to survive  in winter. So, many people tend to use green houses to combat these challenges. Also, I like to introduce using greenhouses  as an excellent way of organizing the plants.

If I further describe this, many succulent enthusiasts opt to use green houses to extend the growing season. As aforesaid, you may also use the green houses to secure the succulents which don’t have a frost tolerance.  

However, it is fundamental that you provide the right growing conditions when you grow them . In simple words, you need to start growing them only if you can provide warmer conditions right throughout the year  as many of these succulents are cold sensitive plants. 

When considering that, many people tend to go ahead with using green houses since those conditions would perfectly fit them and help them to thrive in winter.

Moreover, the majority of succulents have a prime requirement when it comes to sunlight and when you grow them in a greenhouse, you may fulfill that requirement as well. 

So, it would be great if you have a greenhouse if you are a succulent grower who lives in colder conditions. Once you use a heated greenhouse it would help the plants to survive no matter how unhealthy the outdoor weather is. 

Literally your plants will be having shelter when you grow them in green houses. Consider that you have succulents which would not tolerate full sunlight, then you can be tactful in placing simple shade cloths on the plants.

Many gardeners go for green houses whenever there is a drastic change in the weather. Once you use heated green houses, that will help them to stay in their preferred levels of temperatures. 

Furthermore, the majority of the succulents grow at a slow pace, so you do not need to worry whether they will overgrow or whether they will try to take over the space. So, let’s begin to discover more on this subject.

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How to arrange a succulent greenhouse?

First of all, you need to start with the tallest plants, ideally you need to place them right in the middle of the green house. For example, a succulent like Crassula campfire could go to the center of the green house. 

If I further give examples for taller plants, you may elect plants such as crassula watch chain, Hypertufa stones for this purpose. On the other hand, you may proceed with lowest rolling plants to grow upfront. The purpose of doing this step is to have an uninterrupted view of the taller growing succulents.

If you wish to make new plants, you may simply exercise the leaf propagation method here. In other words, all you have to do is to select a dry place in the green house and just lay around it there. 

I recommend doing this on the small rosette growing plants. Those rosette making succulents have their own beauty and uniqueness which would intensify the glamor of the green house as well.

In addition to these facts, you may consider placing heaters and fans depending on the succulent varieties you chose to grow there. You may use a double layered plastic layer as the roof for the green house and you may place a squirrel fan there so that it would provide a good air circulation for the succulents. 

If you have fixed panels in the roof, you may open up them so that it would enhance the airflow around the plants.  

You may use a wide array of succulents for this purpose be it rosette growing plants, grafted plants etc. I recommend using grafted plants as it is very unlikely you kill them due to the versatility they have compared to other succulents.

Succulent Greenhouse

Greenhouse Succulent Care

Taking care of the succulents in a greenhouse is pretty much the same as taking care of them when you grow them indoors or outdoors. 

In fact, over watering is what you need to avoid when growing them in green houses just like when you grow them in indoor and outdoor premises. So, bear in mind that you need to water them only if the requirement arises.

Majority of the succulents would opt to be watered with a soak and dry method. If I explain in simple words, you need to soak the soil thoroughly and after that allow them to dry before you reapply water for the plants. 

If you have second thoughts whether the plants are dry or not, you may simply place the  finger and check the moisture in the soil. Alternatively, you may also use a soil moisture meter and check it too. Keep in mind that you should never water the moistened soil.

Furthermore, you may already know that almost all the succulents go into dormancy in different seasons. So, depending on the succulents you have chosen to grow there, you need to adjust watering them accordingly. 

As such , do a proper survey on your choses succulents and check as to when they go dormant and depending on that you need to adjust your watering pattern. That is about the watering requirements of the plants.

When it comes to sunlight requirements, the amount of sunlight would vary depending on the succulent species. 

So, be mindful of what species you are growing as the lighting level they want and depending on that you need to adjust the lighting. If you wish to adjust the lighting level, I suggest you use shade  cloths or grow lights.

In addition to aforesaid factors, always keep in mind to use a soil mix which has excellent drainage. For a start you may go ahead with commercially made soil mixes for succulents and cactus. 

Alternatively, you may make a soil mix on your own too. However, when you make a soil mix , make sure that you include substances such as coarse sand, gravel perlite and pumice. Those elements are renowned for their ability to enhance the draining of the soil mix.

Succulents are a set of plants which can thrive on neglect for some time. So, try to practice the hand off approach rather than trying to provide too much care. 

For example, over watering and over feeding is what could even result in the death of the plants. Additionally ,if you have planted other regular plants also in the green house, you should separate them from the succulents as they would need a different care treatment. 

Simply, if you end up watering the succulents the way you water the other plants, it is very likely that it would badly affect the succulents.

All in all, succulents are a versatile , hardy set of plants which would thrive well with even a minor supervision. They would be such great additions for your green houses.

Do succulents do well in greenhouses?

Yes, they do. They would grow actively and vigorously in green houses. Succulents can thrive well in bright to moderate sunlight levels where the green houses provide. 

Furthermore, the majority of the succulents would tend to stay small and due to that they would not outgrow from the given space as well.

However, looking after the succulents is somewhat challenging as aforesaid. Literally ensure that they get proper ventilation and proper heat level as well. 

If you have a heated greenhouse, succulents would do well in greenhouses in winter. However, if you use an unheated greenhouse, chances are that it may badly affect the plants.

Succulent Greenhouse

Does a greenhouse need to be in full sun?

It is not necessary to be in full sunlight as the majority of the succulents would prefer to have bright indirect sunlight most of the time.  

Having said that, there could be exceptions for variegated versions of the plants. if the green house is getting direct sunlight, ensure that you filter it and then let it reach the green house. The exposure for direct sunlight may result in sunburns. 

It is noteworthy, succulents can tolerate direct,  full sunlight in the morning hours for some time. However, ensure that you expose them for such conditions only after you acclimate them to full sunlight. On the other hand, if there is lack of sunlight for the plants, you can consider placing grow lights.

Which way should a greenhouse face?

I suggest you place the green houses facing from east to west. That way you can grow the succulents all year round. 

The purpose of doing this is to maximize the sunlight exposure for the plants during winter. Not only that but also, it would help to keep the green house warmer after colder nights. 

If you opt to grow only summer growing succulents, you may change the way you place it. Ideally you need to locate it facing north south so that it would allow the plants to get equal sunlight and to avoid overheating, especially  during intense hours of the days in summer.

How do you overwinter succulents in a greenhouse?

Growing succulents in a greenhouse during summer is not a challenging task. However, when it is winter, you need to be smart enough to provide the appropriate   growing conditions which would suit the winter conditions. 

Literally you need to be mindful of the temperature level as well as the humidity levels. In fact,  the condensation in the greenhouse would be on a high level if you don’t expose them to warmer temperatures during winter. 

If the condensation is high, it would result in development of mold, fungal infections on the plants. Furthermore, it would pave the way for rot in the plants as well.  

So, to keep warmer temperatures in your green house, I suggest insulating the green house for a start. In addition to that you may also use heaters also for this purpose. 

This is the commonly used and the most effective way of helping the plants to thrive in winter conditions. Ideally you may use electric heats as they would emit dry heat and reduce the condensation as well. 

Having said that, it would be somewhat costly to invest in electric heat. However, it will be worth investing in that. In addition to electric heaters, you may also choose propane  gas heaters and gas heaters as well.

In addition to these, make sure that all the plants are getting sufficient ventilation during winter. In fact, it is a fundamental  requirement when it comes to overwintering the plants in winter. 

So, you may consider opening the panels in the greenhouse to do this. further if you come across the condensation issue in the green house, you may be tactful in placing a dehumidifier in the green house. It would help the plant to stay healthy and to be protective from fungus and from mold.

Succulent Greenhouse

Can you put a greenhouse on a slope?

Many people are wondering whether it is possible for them to set up a greenhouse on a slope and to answer that question, yes, it is possible and it is a very simple task to do.  

Not everybody has the perfect location to set up the greenhouse. So, if you are planning to set up the greenhouse on a slope, yes you could go ahead and do it.  


If you are a succulent grower and willing to spend some time and money it would be worth trying to grow succulents in green houses. 

Once you practice the right care tips, it would create favorable growing conditions for the plants and consequently it would help them to thrive well. 

So, wishing you all the very best with that and I am sure you will enjoy doing this and become an expert in succulent gardening in greenhouses.

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