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In simple words succulent kit comprises all the items you need to have when growing your succulents

As you may already know succulents are such cute plants which are renowned for their ability to conserve water in their body. 

Succulent Kit

Majority of these succulents used to grow in hot and arid weather conditions under full sunlight. Succulents would be the first choice for any freshers in indoor gardening.

Having said that , when you pay a visit to your garden store or to the nursery you could see so many indoor succulent kits are available. 

It would be worth purchasing one of these succulent kits as it would be a great investment for your succulent gardening purposes. 

I urge you to buy succulent kits as it would help you to further enhance your gardening skills.

Succulent kits may have either seeds or plants and you could purchase either one of them as you wish. In addition to that  you may also come across already grown succulents which you can arrange in terrariums as well. 

So, it will be all up to you to select your  preferred option. Botanically speaking, having a succulent kit is something very important for your gardening purposes. 

These succulent kits consist of necessary seeds, plants, soil, a pot , gardening tools, water bottles, dust bowler and so on. 

Literally it would come up with all what you require for your succulent gardening purposes. So, let’s begin to learn on this topic. 

What included in a Succulent kit

White or Terracotta pot

White or Terracotta pot is an item which is not to be missed in the succulent kit. There could be painted pots which would attract anybody’s attention at first glance. 

They would come sealed inside too. Simply you can plant your succulent right away  in the pot. The materials in the terracotta pots would provide perfect conditions for the succulents. 

Scientifically speaking, terracotta pots have a high porosity which literally means the excess moisture can evaporate faster in those. 

If you are a succulent lover, you know how vital it is when growing succulents and Terracotta pots would be crucial in this aspect. 

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They would come up in different sizes. Lastly , most of these terracotta pots are available with saucers too.

Succulent Kit

Watering Bottle 500ML

Watering bottles is useful for the watering purpose of the cacti and succulents. 

Ideally the water bottles would carry an angled narrow tip nozzle which would consequently avoid water spilling on the leaves. instead, you could easily water the soil.

Further in addition to that you may also find a spray bottle which would be quite useful to water the air plants

Please bear in mind that I recommend using spray bottles only on the air plants and not on the regular succulents and cacti.

Succulent Kit

Gardening Tools

You may also come across Mimi rakes and narrow shovels which  you can use for cleaning purposes around the base of the plants and for digging. 

You may use the shovel for planting purposes as well. In addition to that, you can find Y shaped tools which you can use to plant the succulents and to take off the weeds. 

Bulb W Nozzle is another item which comes up in the succulent kit and you can use that for blowing soil off the leaves.

Apart from that, Mini scooper is another inclusion in the succulent kit which you can use with soil or top dressings. 

Not only that but also, succulent kits come up with tweezers which you can utilize  for the cleaning purposes of the plants and on the leaves as well. 

If there are Angles tweezers you can make use of them to clean the difficult areas where you can’t  reach easily. 

If you have blooms or leaves to trim, you could make use of the snippers to do that task as they are also included in the succulent kits. 

Finally , items such as brushes, dibbles , mesh are also inclusions of the succulents kits which you can employ to do different tasks.

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Succulent Kit

Bag of Soil 

Succulent kits consist of a bag of soil which you can make use to grow the seeds. As you know, succulents have a special ability to store water in the foliage and it is vital that you do not create any over watering condition in the plants. 

In that aspect, succulents would ideally wish to have a soil medium which is gritty, and which has  excellent drainage.

Once you use these types of soil, it would ensure that there is no excess water remaining in the pots which would drown the seeds or result in rot. 

Ideally the soil that comes up in the succulent kit will hold onto the right amount of moisture which would help the seeds to develop vigorously. Usually, you can obtain the soil in bags, pellets or even in other forms.

Succulent Kit

Dust Blower

Dust blower is another element which is included in the succulent kit. It is ideal to clean the dust of the fleshy potted plants. 

What is more special about these is that you could utilize them to clean the dust on the surfaces and on the gaps as well. 

They are available in different colors as well as in different sizes and you can decide what you want depending on your wish. 

Succulent Kit

A good succulent

I recommend the best would be to choose a succulent which you can provide the right growing conditions.  There is a wide array of options which you could choose for this. 

If you want to have indoor plants, you could choose  succulent such as Haworthia, plants, Senecio string of pearls or even Donkey tail. 

Those are the types of plants which would perform well in filtered lighting areas and the indoor conditions would suit them the best. 

However even if you decide to grow them indoors, you need to still make certain that they get ample sunlight. Ideally, they need to get 4-6 hours of sunlight minimum.

On the other hand, if you wish to grow them outdoors, you need to choose succulents which could suit the conditions outdoors. 

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Succulents such as Sempervivum would be excellent for this purpose. They have a frost tolerance up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit and they would grow better when they go through cold stress. 

Further you may consider choosing some cactus species also if you wish to grow them outdoors.

Best succulent kits 

There are several succulent kits which have gained quite a big  popularity among the succulent enthusiasts. 

Out of all these, Deluxe succulent and cactus kits,  Indoor Cactus and Succulent Seed Starter Kit, The DIY Cactus Dome, are some popular succulent kits.

If I illustrate further on the Deluxe succulents and cactus kits, they will usually come up with ceramic pots which have ample draining holes, bamboo saucers, succulent seeds, peat moss pellets a nutrient pack and some guidelines on growing succulents as well. It has almost everything that you need to start succulent gardening. 

If you aspire to make a professional looking terrarium, you may choose a DIY terrarium kit to do that task. They would usually come up with several succulents, cacti mix, lava rocks and with sand as well. In addition to that, you would also get a glass bowl which would be about 10 inches in diameter approximately.  

If you want to grow succulent right from their seed stage, you may go ahead with indoor cactus and succulent seed starter kit. 

These succulents’ kits would usually consist of non-GMO seeds, soil disks, pruning shears and so on. 

Lastly both DIY cactus dome and succulent and cactus seed kit would usually consist  of the seeds of the succulents. 

What is more special about these succulents’ kits is that they are not that costly and it would be value for money you spend.


After all things considered, I hope you were able to enhance your knowledge on the succulent kits, the items which include them and the respective purposes of them. 

Credit to : Garden Republic
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