Sedum Sunsparkler Angelina’s Teacup | 14 Amazing Care Tips |

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup is a perennial succulent. They are compact, low growing and mounding plants

They require only a little care from you. Further, they could perfectly fit in the rock gardens, slopes , borders and even for your containers as well. They could also become vibrant in their colors when they go through stress properly.

Sedum Sunsparkler Angelina's Teacup

More about Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup is a dwarf succulent and they are so popular among all the succulent enthusiasts.

Apart from that Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup would be the perfect choice if you wish to enhance the tone in your landscape setting.They are hardy plants and they can thrive in almost all seasons.

Even a fresher in succulent gardening could start growing these lovely plants. Many people tend to grow them for their attractive foliage. However, they could produce some attractive flowers during summer as well.

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup was introduced by Chris Hansen who is considered as one of the most famous succulent breeders.

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup is more like a compact version  of the original Angelina Sedum. 

So, you could consider growing both these varieties in your garden as they have contrasting forms as well as constant colors. 

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s can withstand warm temperatures as they are used to grow in hot and dry weather conditions. 

Moreover, Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup is deer resistant and rabbit resistant as well. This is in fact the smallest Sunsparkler sedum.

How do I identify Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup?

As aforesaid, Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup are dwarf succulents. They will remain in a bright color all year long whether you fertilize them or not

You could spot Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup in golden yellow during seasons such as spring, summer and autumn. On the other hand, you could expect them to turn their leaves tips into orange during winter.

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup tends to form branches in a denser manner. Their foliage form in a needle-like form.

Size of the plant

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup could grow up to 6 inches in height. Further, their maximum spread would be around 18 inches.

Growth rate

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup is a low growing set of plants and tends to grow in a mounding manner. Their growth rate is medium.

One look care guide

Botanical NameSedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup
Common NameSedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup
Plant TypeSucculent
Mature Size6 inches in height / spread around 18 inches.
Sun ExposureFull sunlight to partial sunlight
Soil TypeWell-draining, sandy
Flower ColorPink shade
Hardiness Zones4 – 8
ToxicityNon toxic
Average price 9 USD

How do you take care of Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup? 

Light Requirement 

It is crucial that you supply them with sufficient sunlight for the Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup to grow healthily

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All you need to make sure is that they can get full sunlight for 6 hours of the day, preferably during the morning hours. 

They could withstand the partial shade during the rest of the day.  When you grow Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup indoors, you need to place them near a bright sunny window at your place. 

However, if you still think your plants are lacking sufficient sunlight, you may consider placing grow lights near the plants.

Sedums in general could thrive well no matter where you place them as long as they can gain sufficient sunlight levels. 

However, when you expose Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup to strong sunlight levels, that will help the plants to become more vibrant in their colors. Do not leave them under the scorching sun though. 

Temperature and humidity

Keep in mind that Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup cannot tolerate temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Those intense sunlight could be harmful for the plants. They are somewhat cold hardy plants. On the other hand, Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup is tolerant of high humidity levels too.

Is it cold hardy?

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup is cold and hardy up to -25 degrees Celsius.

USDA Hardiness Zone

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup prefers to grow in USDA hardiness zones 4-8.

Watering Requirement 

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup young plants need to be watered on a regular basis. During the first season, their roots will establish. 

Further, if you have grown Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup in a container, you need to water them once every two weeks. 

Moreover, when watering you need to ensure that the excess water is moving out from the pot. Avoid placing saucers under containers.

You need to be mindful not to over water them as it would be a great mistake you would make while growing them. 

If you end up over watering these plants, that will lead to bacterial infections as well as fungal infections too. 

If you have grown them outdoors, Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup could thrive well with the winter rainfall.

Furthermore, when you water these plants, ensure that the soil has withered from its previous watering session.You could check the moisture in the soil by placing your finger.  

If you think the soil is wet, you need to wait for a couple of days and only then water. On the other hand, if you feel like the soil is dry, you could resume watering them immediately.

Soil Requirement Type / pH

Succulents in general grow well in soil mix which are well draining and Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup is no different to them

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup could grow vigorously in a sandy soil mix. If you do not grow them in a well-draining soil mix, that will make the plant roots sit in waterlogged conditions in the pot. 

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Ideally you need to grow them in a porous soil mix as they are well draining and have a good aeration as well. pH should be ideally neutral or acidic.

Flowering and Fragrance

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup could produce flowers in yellow. They would tend to take a star shape and you could expect them to flower in mid to late summer.

Pot size Potting and Repotting

Ideally you need to ensure that there is at least one draining hole in the pot. You may go ahead with glazed pots to grow them as they would look fantastic along with their foliage colors.

When it comes to repotting, you should ideally wait until their soil becomes dry. Moreover, you need to do it in the warmer season too. 

To start off, you should first take off the plant from the pot gently without harming the plants. Then knock away the older soil around the plants. 

If you could spot any rotten parts or damaged parts of the plants, you could snip them off and treat them with fungicides.

After that you could go ahead and plant them in a fresh pot filled with a soil medium which is well draining. When you plant them, ensure that it is planted in the same depth as what it was before in the old pot. 

Next you may leave the specimen in a hot and dry place. However, ensure that you are not exposing them to direct sunlight and for rain as well.  Do not repot them when they go dormant.

Where to Plant 

Sedum succulents would generally like to be in places where they can get full sunlight or partial sunlight. Best is to give it five or more hours of direct sunlight daily. 

In addition to that if you grow them indoors, you could place them closer to a bright sunny spot which could possibly be a windowsill. Also need to provide them a well-draining soil mix to grow them as well.

Fertilizer and time of year

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup does not depend on fertilizers a lot. As aforesaid in the beginning of the article, they are hardy plants, and they can thrive on their own without any additional nutrients. 

However, you could consider feeding them with diluted fertilizers during their active growing season if you wish to do so.


Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup’s dormancy would be in winter. This will be their relaxing time and you should never repot them or feed them during this time. 

Can be toxic to pets

No, this plant does not have any harmful chemical substances.

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Common bugs and illnesses

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup is hardy and resistant to pests. Having said that, chances are that they may encounter pests’ attacks from mealybugs, aphids etc. 

Whenever you spot any pests, an attack is present, you need to immediately attend to them and treat them. 

It is important that you treat them well in advance as then it will be easy for you to overcome them. Unless chances are that they could create even greater damages.

Keep the plants under your observation so that you can see whether the plant is growing healthily and vigorously. . So, I recommend you spare some time and check these plants on a regular basis.

Finally, root rot would be another major issue when growing the Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup. As aforesaid if you keep supplying them excess water, it will lead to root rot. 

It could be so annoying since they could even die due to root rot.

Special Care tips

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup needs only an easy maintenance from you and you could just continue with the regular care treatments for them.

You could prune them if you wish preferably in spring.  That will make them look very neat and graceful in looks. However, you should make sure that you do not over water them.

How to propagate Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup .

You could use stem cuttings to propagate the Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup. You could simply make a cutting whilst using a clean knife. 

You should leave those cuttings in a hot and dry place where they can develop calluses. That will avoid any potential root rot of the specimen. 

Finally you simply have to plant them in a fresh  potting medium. Apart from that, you could consider dividing the Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup plants every few years.

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup plant benefits

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup are useful for design borders, combination containers, and for ground covers as well. 

Not only that but also you could use them as gift items too. Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup would be perfect plants for your fairy gardens no matter where you place them be it patio or your deck.


We are confident that you will fall in love with these lovely plants when you start growing them. This would be one perfect gift you need to use to make someone happy. 

You could start growing these plants along with your kids and they will find this very interesting.

By the way, just to remind you, Angelina is a famous ballerina mouse cartoon, and I am sure your kids will undoubtedly find these plants very enchanting. 

Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup would be such graceful plants no matter where you grow them.

Before wrapping this up, trust you could improve your knowledge on the Sedum sunsparkler angelina’s teacup plants and trust you are all set to start growing these wonderful plants.

Credit to : Overdevest Nurseries
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