Can You Bring Cactus On A Plane? (TSA Rules)

You are traveling and you want to bring your cute cactus with you. But can you bring cactus on a plane? Let’s find out the answer and more information in this article.  So, this article is about how you should carry a cactus in a plane.

Can You Bring Cactus On A Plane

Can you bring cactus on a plane? 

Yes, it is possible. It is a known fact that many people  use  cacti as gift items or even as souvenirs and share them among friends.

It is convenient to use a mini cactus rather than using a potted plant for this purpose.  Carrying cactus in a plane is a somewhat challenging task, but it could be done. You need to first identify if there are restrictions on the airlines and then carry the cactus securely in the plane.

What is the procedure?  

Consider that you are planning to board an international flight, then you need to consider the security rules at the airport, the airlines rules, and regulations and so on.

Keep in mind many countries expect you to carry a permit to bring the soil, plants, and seeds when you travel across borders.

So, first and foremost you need to check with your destination country whether they require something like that and then adhere to those guidelines and do the needful.

You may have to declare the items including the plants. If you are traveling to the USA, you need to be in touch with the Animal and plant health inspections service.

Can You Bring Cactus On A Plane

How do you transport a cactus?  

When you transport a cactus, you need to pack them in a much secure way where it will not harm the plants.

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Keep in mind cactus are fragile plants and if you don’t do it right chances are that it could ruin the whole plant. In other words, it may kill the plants.

You could either carry the plants in the hand luggage or in the checked suitcases. I recommend transporting the cactus bare root. When you travel on a domestic flight, you can keep the soil as they are and then transport the cactus.

When you travel on an international flight, chances are that pests and insects can stay hidden in the soil which could be invasive to the landing country.

To remedy that, you need to first cut the excess parts of the plants. For example, if there are lengthy growths of the plants, you can snip them off.

Remove the plants from the pots and knock away the older soil around the plants too. However, ensure that you don’t do any damages to the plants when you do this.

After that you need to wash away the excess soil from the plants. Ensure that there is no soil residue as you will not be able to get through the international customs otherwise. Use a paper towel and remove the excess moisture from the roots.

Next you can take a zip lock or even a plastic bag and then wrap the cactus. You could use a porous blanket for this and carefully wrap the plants.

However, when you do this be mindful of the spikes they may carry as they may injure you. Instead of the porous blanket you could use a newspaper and then wrap the plants too.

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That will help the plants to stay moisturized which would be beneficial for the plants when they are in flight. When you bring them in a suitcase, try to place softer items around the plants.

If you adhere to these guidelines, you can safely keep the plants in the flight for about  24-48 hours.

Can you bring cactus on a plane carry on?

Yes certainly yes. Usually there will be a screening process at the airport where there will be rules covering the transportation  of succulents and cactus.  

So, you can carry the cactus in both carry-on . Further you may carry them in the checked bags also. Having said that, many people opt to use the personal item bags to transport the cactus which you can place right  beneath the seat in front of you.

If you store them in bags where you will have to keep them in the upper storage, chances are that it may get smashed and damaged.

Can You Bring Cactus On A Plane

Some tip when flying with cacti’s

You are allowed to bring cactus as per the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the U.S However they have the authority to deny anything which you may carry with yourself.

They will give their final verdict when you go through the security. There are airlines which would set their own set of rules with regards transportation of the cactus. So, you need to be well aware of those too.

The plants should be able to ideally fit into the overhead compartment or even in the space beneath the seats.

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Usually, cactus is a small, sized plant and it is very unlikely that you will have problems with regards  to the sizes of the plants.

Further you need to always get in touch with the destination country’s  agriculture department  and get their consent before you transport these plants. Ensure that you unwrap the plants as soon as you return home.

Final thoughts

Airlines as well as the airline regulator bodies allow the cactus to be on the planes just like any other items. However when you are on an international flight, you need to be mindful of the permits you need to take prior to the arrival.

Chances are that there would be some paperwork to be done before you travel and if you follow all the guidelines you can easily get through with this task.

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