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Succulent arrangements are a collection of different types of succulents. But have you wondered how to repot succulents together?

It is not hard, but you have to be careful about some things. In this article I am going to discuss these essential points. 

Repot Succulents Together

Can we report the succulent arrangement?

You can repot succulents in a succulent arrangement. However before repotting a succulent arrangement , you should first check on several factors. 

If your succulent arrangement consists of different varieties, you need to select succulents which belong to one variety first and then report all of them together.

After that you could start repotting the succulents depending on their sizes and on the shapes as well. I encourage you to start repotting the succulents which grow taller.

That is simply because they would require more support as they grow firmly in the new pot.

At last, you could go ahead with repotting the small succulents and the ones which have broad bases as they can grow firmly and anchor them in the new containers whilst mending their roots. 

I suggest you make a rough sketch of your expected succulent’s arrangement if you think there will be changes to the existing succulent arrangement.  

In addition to that, you may start repotting the succulents which are in the center of the succulent arrangement at first and repot the other plants next. 

It is up to you to decide, and you could do it as you desire.

No matter what you do, always keep in mind that you need to repot the plants whilst ensuring that they have adequate space to grow freely whilst gracing the succulent arrangement.

Succulents generally consist of plump leaves as well as with stems which act as water retaining bodies of the plants. 

There could be succulents which flower and which do not flower too. Further there could be succulents which could grow well in containers and in pots too. 

They are usually slow growing plants and you do not need to report the plants on a frequent basis.

Having said that, if you spot your plants have started to outgrow from the pots, you could report them. 

When you repot  the succulents, it will ensure that your plants grow healthily as well as vigorously. However, ensure that you do not traumatize the plants after you repot them too.

Why do we need to report multiple succulents? 

You need to report the succulents once you freshly bought them from the stores.

You cannot rely on the potting mix they have  been grown and best is to repot them in a fresh soil mix which will be more appropriate for your succulents. 

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Further you could repot them in a new container as you wish. In addition to that, it will allow you to inspect the plants more closely, which will consequently allow you to identify if there are root rot or any pests’ attacks.  

Next you could consider repotting the succulents in order to grow them in a fresh soil mix which will be more appropriate

It is crucial that you repot the plants periodically so that you could provide a fresh soil mix instead of the old soil mix which they have been grown in. 

As a result of this, your succulents will be able to gain the essential nutrients freshly.

You may consider repotting the plants if you have succulents which grow larger. When you spot your succulents have outgrown from the pots, you need to go ahead with repotting them. 

Unless chances are that they could become too heavy for the pots and become unstable in the pots. Further their roots would start to come out from the edges of the pots.  

This is an indication to let you know your succulents are lacking adequate space.

Apart from the above, you need to repot your succulents to simulate the new growth of the plants. 

When you repot the plants in slightly larger pots, that will ensure a faster growth of the plants as they have more space to grow vigorously.  

On the other hand, if you keep growing them in small pots, that will contribute to slow growth of the plants. 

Moreover, if your succulents are showing stunt growth, repotting them would be a great option as it will allow them to have a fresh start.

Finally, you need to report the succulents which have become root bound. Literally your plants would become root bound once their roots start to spill from the pots. 

Chances are that your roots would become tangled as a result of this. In this circumstance you could  snip their roots and repot them  either  in the same container or  in a fresh container.

Repot Succulents Together

How do I know when to report my succulents?

If you spot your succulents have sagging or unhealthy leaves, you should report them

In addition to that if you spot your plant’s roots spilling out from the pots or from draining holes, you should consider repotting them. 

In addition to those,  chances are that there could be some succulents which would become leggy as well. 

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Particularly if your plants were growing without sufficient sunlight levels, they would become taller and tend to take a misshapen look.

How to report a succulent arrangement 

The things you need to report the succulent arrangement are as follows,

  1. Pot
  2. Cactus soil
  3. Potting soil
  4. Perlite
  5. Sand
  6. Spoon or trowel

First, you could create your soil mix on your own by blending potting soil, coarse sand or perlite at balanced amounts. 

Alternatively, you could use a cactus soil mix, or a succulent soil mix as well. Next fill the pot with either one of these mixes. 

You need to select a pot which is shallow, and which is ideally about 2 inches larger in diameter when compared with the succulent arrangement. 

Further, it is essential that it carries at least one draining hole.

Next water the soil mix to keep it moist and ensure that excess water is drained through the draining hole. After that you need to take the trowel and use its tip to scoop the succulents. 

You may use a large spoon instead of a trowel. 

Do it in such a way which will lift the root system whilst ensuring that you are not harming the root system of the plants.

After that you could plant the succulents in the new pot depending on your wish. Make sure you are keeping at least 2-3 inches gap to all directions when growing the plants. 

You could be tactful in creating a tiny hole first for all the plant’s roots and then if you are happy with the design, you could go ahead and plant them in the same depth as what they were planted before.

Suspend watering the new plants for about one week’s time which will allow the plants to settle in the new growing conditions. 

After that you could just sprinkle water on the soil surface to make the soil moist. Keep in mind that you should refrain from deep watering as it could create repercussions such as root rot etc. 

Further, it will make the plants more prone towards bacteria and fungal infections as well. 

You could consider feeding them lightly during spring as the plant’s growth would be benefitted from that.

What to do after reporting 

I do not recommend drastic changes in the care treatments you do for the plants for some time. 

You could continue with exposing them to appropriate sunlight levels if they managed to thrive well. 

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However, if you think they were lacking sunlight, you could consider adjusting them slightly so that they could grow well.  

Furthermore, if you think they were in need of more humidity you could consider grouping the succulents whilst using a humidity tray as that will help to increase the humidity levels. 

Apart from that, keep a track on the temperature around the succulent arrangement using a thermometer. You could make necessary arrangements if you wish to make any changes there. 

You could consider moving them to a comfort temperature zone.  

I do not recommend feeding them for a few weeks as it could lead to wilting of the plants.  

Repotting might give a shock to the plants and on top of that if you end up providing nutrients that would make a harmful impact on the plants. Finally, you could water them if you think their soil is dry.

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Related questions

How do you combine succulents?

You need to consider several things before you combine succulents and grow. Check on the plant’s dormancy period before you combine them and grow. 

Ideally, they need to be in the same dormancy when you combine them and grow. In addition to that, check on the plants watering requirements as well.

To elaborate further on this, the succulents which consist of thick leaves have a water requirement somewhat different to the ones which have thick leaves. 

You could still do that whilst watering them with a direct dose without spilling it on other plants. To do that you may use a syringe or a water bottle.

Do you water succulents before repotting?

You need to water the succulents before repotting, ideally a couple of days prior to repotting them.

When you water the plants a couple of days prior that will ensure that they are hydrated as it is important that your soil mix is moist.

Is it better to plant succulents together or separate?

You could plant succulents as solitary plants or together as well. It is totally up to you to decide. No matter how you plant them, they will thrive well and grow vigorously. 

However, when you plant succulents together, they will usually grow a little slower so that they can maintain their shape. 

Watering them would be somewhat challenging when watering them if you have grown them together.

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