Graptoveria Fred Ives Succulent | 15 Care Tips For An Amazing Garden |

Graptoveria Fred Ives is famous for its resilience as well as for its long-lasting life.  This is a hybrid form of a combine between Graptopetalum paraguayense and Echeveria gibbiflora.

Let’s find out how to grow and propagate this beautiful succulent in your garden.

Graptoveria Fred Ives

How do I identify a Graptoveria Fred Ives?

The highlight of this plant is their fleshy leaves which are in dark purple color along with whitish edges. Graptoveria Fred Ives could be 4-8 inches in height . Moreover they will be 2 inches wide.

Their plant foliage color will change based on the amount of water they get along with the level of sunlight.

Consequently,  their pink color will change to any color.  That makes them excellent choices for rock gardens as well as for containers.

Graptoveria Fred Ives succulent generally bloom with tiny flowers. You could  spot them in  bright yellow in color.

Chances are that they could sometimes carry red spots. The flowers will look like stars in shape.


Fred Ives could rise to 4-8 inches tall. Moreover they will have a width of 2 inches


Fred ives plants will be relatively growing faster during winter time. On the other hand, during their dormancy in summer  they will literally be in sleep mode and their growth will be slower. 

One look care guide

Botanical NameGraptoveria ‘Fred Ives’
Common NameFred Ives
Plant TypeCactus-succulent
Mature Size4-8 inches tall. 2 inches wide
Sun ExposureFull sunlight to Partial sunlight
Soil TypeWell draining
Soil pHAcid Alkaline Neutral
Bloom TimeSpring
Flower Colorbright yellow
Hardiness ZonesZone 9a (Minimum 20° F | -6.7° C)
Native AreaMexico
ToxicityNon toxic
Average priceAbout 10 USD
Graptoveria Fred Ives

How do you take care of a Graptoveria fred ives?

Ensure that you provide it with basic growing requirements and the growing conditions. They will reward you with an attractive plant. 

Light Requirement 

Graptoveria fred ives is fond of plenty of bright sunlight. They would require direct sunlight for about 6 hours per day.

If you wish to grow it indoors, make sure that you locate it in a place where it will get plenty of natural sunlight.

It would be ideal if you could place it  near a bright sunny window. You should provide  partial sunlight along with direct full sunlight . 

Even if you grow  them  outdoors, ensure that it gets an adequate amount of sunlight. In case your red ives plant lacks sunlight, it will tend to become wilt and discolored.

Temperature and humidity

Fred Ives plants prefer to have bright full sunlight. When we give them adequate sunlight, they can display vivid colors. Hence, the best place to grow Fred vines would be in an outdoor container.

This is a plant type which could thrive in colder temperatures too. However they cannot tolerate the freezing temperature and the frost.

Hence avoid placing them in colder places. Best thing is to grow them in a container if you live in a colder area which you could relocate  indoors once the temperatures drop down to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Important thing to note is to place them at a bright sunny window where they can grab an adequate amount of sunlight.

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Consequently. They will be able to maintain the attractive color without losing it. Once the temperature increases, you may bring them back outdoors.

Is it cold hardy?

Fred Ives is not a cold hardy plant.

Hardiness Zone

They prefer to grow in Zone 9a where Minimum temperature would be 20° F (-6.7°C)

Watering Requirement 

Graptoveria fred ives plants usually grow in  drought conditions. They further have specific requirements in terms of their watering needs. This is a significant factor to keep them pleased as well as healthy.

You could simply stick your finger in the soil and see whether your plant needs water. That is an easy way to check on the plant’s water requirement.

If, in case, you notice that the top surface of the soil is dry completely , you should immediately resume  watering.

Keep in mind to not over water it. Unless, there will be pests invasions as well as root rots taking place.

Graptoveria Fred Ives

Soil Requirement / pH

Providing these plants with proper soil mix is also a vital fact to keep these plants happy and healthy.

When you buy these plants from the stores, chances are that they could have been planted in inappropriate soil too.

These plants would love to have sandy soil with medium level of moisture.Soil mix has to be well draining.

Simultaneously  the pot should  contain enough drainage holes too. In case there are no adequate number of draining holes, you may drill more for better drainage.

Graptoveria fred ives would prefer to have acidic alkaline and neutral types  of soil. Further if you wish  you may go ahead with porous cactus soil.

Flowering and Fragrance

Graptoveria fred ives succulent generally bloom with tiny flowers. You could spot them  in bright yellow in color.

Chances are that they could sometimes carry red spots. They will look like stars in shape. Flowering usually takes place in spring time.

Pot size Potting and Repotting

The most suitable pot which you could utilize  to plant Graptoveria fred ives is a terracotta pot.

However make sure that they have an adequate number of draining holes. It will help the water to move through well.

You don’t need to repot Graptoveria fred ives quite often.You could do it only  once every year. 

However you could do repotting once you purchased the plant from the market. Further , if you haven’t repotted your plant for a few years, you could repot it. 

Further during this process, ensure that you select a slightly larger pot to replant them.  

As by that time, soil would have lost all its nutrients and it would need a fresh soil mix. You should do repotting only in their growing season. Refrain repotting in dormant season.

Gently remove the plant from the pot without making any harm to it. Clean the soil around it.  Best is to change the new soil mix into a better draining one and then repot them.

Graptoveria Fred Ives

Where to Plant 

One of the main requirements of Graptoveria Fred Ives is their need for bright sunlight. When you consider planting this in a garden, ensure that it will get an adequate amount of sunlight.

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Best is to provide full sunlight to partial sunlight. If it is not possible to provide adequate lighting, best recommended to grow it outdoors.

In case you live in a region where you will have a colder temperature, the best thing to do is to grow them indoors.

Fertilizer and time of year

You may apply fertilizers at the start of the growing season which is spring or summer. You could do it  ideally once a  week or once in two week. Avoid using fertilizer in the dormant season. 


Graptoveria fred ives plants are summer dormant plants. We should refrain from watering them or even fertilizing them as they will halt their growth during this period.

Other plants Pairs Well With

Fred ives make a good pair with Crassula ovata “Gollum”

Can it be toxic to pets?

These plants are not poisonous for both humans and for domestic pets as well

Common bugs and Illness issues 

Fred Ives plants are generally resistant to pests as well as diseases.  

Just as with other succulents, you have to keep an eye on pests and  bugs such as aphids, vine weevils, and mealy bugs.

You should do constant check ups on your plant to get to know whether any pests have invaded your plant. you can easily recognize that If there are holes, or nibbles visible on the surface of the plant.

Consider that you have over watered your fred ives plant or planted it in a low draining pot then chances are that   Powdery mildew fungus could attack your plant.

Further there will be severe repercussions like root rot too.

Best remedy is to  repot your plant in a  well-draining  soil mix. Ensure that you are removing all damaged parts of the plant.

Special Care tips

If you live in cold temperature areas,  make sure that you relocate your plants to a warmer place. You should  water these plants also as  appropriate since these two factors will affect these plants for their intense and multi color leaves.

Avoid over watering these plants. You may minimize watering the plants when the roots system is firm.

Expose them for morning sun as it will cause the color to pop. That will avoid the Sunburn too. Ideally you should provide morning sun and place them under a shady place in the afternoon.

During intense heated times, people tend to add shade cloth for them. We could plant them under buildings, trees. Those will provide shade for our Graptoveria fred ives plant.

When it is the freezing time, ensure that you relocate them indoors to protect them from frost as they cannot withstand frost.

Provide them with an adequate amount of sunlight.  If it is not possible to provide sunlight naturally try using a grow light.

During the relocation of these plants, ensure that you don’t make too many changes.

Graptoveria Fred Ives

How do you propagate a Graptoveria Fred Ives?

You could Propagate Graptoveria fired through leaves, offsets and from cuttings too. Don’t do the prorogation during their dormant season.

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Propagation through leaves.

When it comes to the leaf propagation of Graptoveria Fred Ives. First, obtain a  healthy leaf from the mother plant.

Make sure that you have taken the full leaf without leaving any part of it  on the stem. If you follow these steps, propagation will be successful.

You should be patient and wait for a few days until it becomes callous before you go ahead with replanting.

Then, plant them in a well draining soil mix. You should start watering when the soil is completely dried enough.

Propagation through cuttings  

When it comes to propagating through cuttings, you simply have to trim a leaf gently from the mother plant.

You may use a knife or scissors to trim them off. However, ensure that they are clean and with proper hygiene.

Be patient and wait for a few days and allow it to be callous. After that , plant them in a well draining soil mix. You should start watering when the soil is completely dried enough.

Propagation through offsets

If you are using offsets to propagate Fred ives plants, you will have to be very patient and wait for several years  until your mother plant forms offsets.

However, consider that your mother plant has produced an offset, then you simply have to take off the offset whilst using a knife. In this circumstance also, ensure that your knife is clean enough and has good hygiene.

Make sure that you clean the old soil from the off set. Just like with the other two methods, wait for a few days to  allow them to be callous.

After that , plant them in a well draining soil mix. You should start watering when the soil is completely dried enough.

graptoveria fred ives 2 1

Graptoveria Fred Ives losing leaves and causes

In general, the centers of the succulent obtain necessary nutrients from the leaves at the base of their plants.

Hence it is natural to witness some dry leaves at the bottom of the plant. they will ultimately fall off from the plant on their own. It is how they have naturally formed.

Graptoveria Fred Ives plant benefits

Graptoveria could be very handy in using Ground covers, Beds and Borders Patio and for  containers. Further you could use them  for rock gardens as well as in mixed cactus gardens too.

Related questions 

Is Graptoveria Fred Ives an indoor plant?

Graptoveria fred is not specifically called an indoor plant as this  could be grown in Both Indoors and outdoors.

This could be easily grown anywhere. However we have to make sure that it gets adequate sunlight along with proper watering so that it could thrive well.

Is Graptoveria Fred Ives toxic?

These plants are not poisonous for both humans and for domestic pets as well

Do Graptoveria Fred Ives need direct sunlight?

They need direct sunlight. Graptoveria Fred Ives would require direct sunlight for about 6 hours per day.

If you wish to grow it indoors, make sure that you locate it in a place where it will get plenty of natural sunlight. You could ideally  place it near a bright sunny window.

Can Graptoveria Fred Ives be rooted in water

It is possible to root Graptoveria Fred Ives in water.

Should I mist my Graptoveria Fred Ives?

During propagation, you can do misting  after the leaf, aiming for the root formation. You could do this once or twice per week.

Credit to: Desert Succulent
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