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Euphorbia portlandica go by the common name Portland Spurge and they belong to the family Euphorbia. 

You could commonly spot them growing in Ireland, Wales and in southwest England as well. In terms of the sizes, they would reach a maximum height of 40 cm.

They usually occupy in Coastal grasslands, sea cliffs. Euphorbia portlandica is a shrub type and it belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae. 

They usually actively grow in April to September. If you are interested in learning about this beauty , continue reading this article.

Portland Spurge

How do I identify Portland Spurge (Euphorbia portlandica)

Euphorbia portlandica have simple broad leaves. Further Euphorbia portlandica leaves are hairless and obovate in shape. 

Further Euphorbia portlandica would taper towards the base. They produce flowers in compound clusters. They are yellow in color and consist of crescent shaped glands. 

You could identify these plants from their flowering activity during summer. Moreover, they comprise a green fruit capsule as well.

Size of the plant

They would reach a maximum height of 40 cm.

Growth rate

Portland Spurge usually grow at medium speed.

One look care guide

Botanical NameEuphorbia portlandica
Common NamePortland Spurge
Plant TypeSucculent
Mature Sizemaximum height of 40 cm.
Sun ExposureFull Sunlight to Semi shade
Soil TypeWell-draining
Soil pHNeutral
Bloom TimeSummer
Flower ColorYellow
Hardiness ZonesUSDA hardiness zones 8a-10b.
Native AreaCoastal regions of Ireland, Wales and southwest England

How do you take care of Portland Spurge (Euphorbia portlandica)?

Light Requirement 

It is important to provide sufficient sunlight levels when looking after the plants well. They have typical light requirements just like the other succulents and cactus in general. 

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Literally you should expose them to full sunlight for six hours and to partial sunlight for the rest of the day. If you fail to provide sufficient sunlight levels, it could make them etiolated.

Portland Spurge

Temperature and humidity

Portland Spurge do not prefer to be exposed to colder temperature. Drastic changes in temperatures could traumatize these plants.

Is it cold hardy?

Portland Spurge are not cold hardy plants.

USDA Hardiness Zone

Euphorbia portlandica are hardy in USDA hardiness zones 8a-10b.

Watering Requirement 

Euphorbia portlandica used to grow in drought weather conditions. Hence, they are not undemanding when it comes to water requirements

You should be cautious not to over water them. They are responsive towards excess water, and it is always best to water them when their soil is dry only.

Soil Requirement Type / pH

Watering the Euphorbia portlandica plants well and growing them in a well-draining soil mix going hand in hand. 

Euphorbia portlandica would perform well if you grow them in a soil mix which has excellent drainage. 

Those conditions would help for these plants’ optimal growth. I recommend you go ahead with a succulent soil mix or with a cactus soil mix which is readily available in the garden stores.

Portland Spurge

Pot size Potting and Repotting

The right pot type to grow these plants should be porous. Apart from that it has to have enough draining holes as well.

That will allow the excess moisture to move through the draining holes.

When repotting, you may simply take the plant out of the pot and observe whether the plant is growing healthily. 

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Check whether you can spot any rotten or dead roots parts and if you find any you may get rid of them and treat them with a fungicide. After letting them wither for a few days and plant them in a fresh well-draining soil mix.

Where to Plant 

It is important that you select a spot where these plants can absorb ample sunlight.

Moreover, they prefer to grow at warmer temperature levels too. Finally, when you grow them as houseplants, plant them in a well-draining soil mix.

Fertilizer and time of year

As aforesaid they have minimal requirements when it comes to fertilizers as well. However, if you wish to feed them, consider adding some fertilizers during their active growing season.


Euphorbia portlandica goes dormant in winter.

Can be toxic to pets

Euphorbia is generally known as a toxic plant. Therefore you should keep this plant away from pets and babies. 

If someone ingest this plant there can be symptoms like vomiting and allergies. In rare cases this plant may be deadly to your pets if consumed in larger quantities. 

So be sure to keep this plant away from kids and pets. 

Credit to : moplants

Common bugs and illnesses

Euphorbia portlandica are usually hardy plants. However, if you do not practice the correct tips , it will make the plants more vulnerable to pest’s attacks

Pests such as Aphids and Mealybugs could be troublesome for them. Apart from these, root rot would be another major concern which you may come across when growing these plants. 

I recommend conducting daily inspections of your plants so that you could see if there are any early signs of an upcoming disease or a pest attack.

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Special Care tips

Euphorbia portlandica can perform well given that you fulfill its necessities. Hence there is nothing in particular you need to do when looking after them. 

However, you need to be vigilant enough to bring these plants indoors when there is any forecast of a frost condition.

Portland Spurge 4 1

How to propagate Portland Spurge (Euphorbia portlandica)

You may use either Euphorbia portlandica plant seedlings or cuttings to propagate them. In fact, these plants could self-sow if they get optimal conditions for the same. 

However, if you wish to use the Euphorbia portlandica cuttings to propagate them, you could follow the below guidelines.

Await till the spring comes and flower buds emerge. Then take tip cuttings off the plant. When you take off the cuttings ensure that they are at least one inch in length. 

Next remove the leaves from the cutting base. After that, you should wash off the milky sap from the cuttings. When you wash the sap, ensure that you do it with cold water. Next leave those cuttings too callous for a couple of days.

Finally, you may dip the cut edge in a rooting hormone and stick the cut end in a potting medium which is pre moistened. You could expect them to sprout in two weeks’ time.

Portland Spurge (Euphorbia portlandica) plant benefits

  • Euphorbia portlandica are useful as container plants. 
  • You could use them in succulent gardens.
  • As a gift plant


Trust you found this article useful, and you were able to clear all the doubts you had on how to look after these plants well. 

These are some eye-catching plants and all you need to do is to care for them well so that they can flourish.

Portland Spurge
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