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Graptosedum California Sunset is yet another most remarkable succulent you could find. They require easy maintenance from you.  

Anybody would love to grow them due to these characteristics. Graptosedum California Sunset is a cross made out of combining Graptosedum paraguayense and Sedum adolphii together.  However, this is classified as a Graptosedum succulent.

They are eye catchy and undoubtedly one of the most sought after plants by the succulents’ enthusiasts. 

They form rosettes just like the echeverias and would be so graceful to look at them when they are fully grown.

In addition to that many people tend to grow them due to their pastel color formation.  I am going to cover how to look after these beauties and how to multiply them as well.

Graptosedum California Sunset

How do I identify  Graptosedum California Sunset?

Graptosedum California Sunset, as the name suggests, has a reddish colored rosette. Further they have thick leaves as well

Those leaves will be gray in color and tend to form around the stem. Their rosettes look like Echeveria rosettes. 

In addition to their prominent reddish color, they will have undertones in pink as well. You could spot they are forming new rosettes right at the top of the plants. 

Last but not least, Graptosedum California Sunset produces graceful bloom in spring. They would be white in color. You may identify the Graptosedum California Sunset by these features.

Size of the plant

Graptosedum California Sunset would reach a maximum height of 12 inches ( 30cm) while its diameter would be 9 inches ( 23 cm).

One look care guide

Botanical NameGraptosedum California Sunset
Common NameCalifornia Sunset
Plant TypeSucculent
Mature Sizemaximum height of 12 inches ( 30cm) / 9 inches ( 23 cm) wide spread.
Sun ExposureFull Sunlight to partial sunlight
Soil TypeWell-draining
Soil pH6.6 to 7.5 
Bloom TimeSpring
Flower ColorPink
Hardiness Zoneszone 10a to 11b: from 30° – 50° degrees Fahrenheit (-1° – 10° C).
Average price 5 USD

How do you take care of  Graptosedum California Sunset?

Light Requirement

Graptosedum California Sunset plants should be given strong bright natural sunlight when you grow them as houseplants

You may grow them in a spot where they can gain full sunlight to partial sunlight for approximately about 6 hours per day. 

If you find it difficult to supply, I suggest you grow lights for six hours and place them near the plants.

The exposure to too much sunlight for prolonged periods could be harmful and could make the plants scorched. Hence refrain from doing that.

As a garden plant, Graptosedum should be in an area that gets at least six hours of morning sunlight

Temperature and humidity

Majority of the succulents are not cold hardy and Graptosedum California Sunset plants are no different to them

Hence if the temperature levels decrease up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit ( -1.1 degrees Celsius), you should relocate the plants from outdoors to indoors. Best is to always grow them in a sunny shade.

Is it cold hardy?

As aforesaid , Graptosedum California Sunset plants are not frost hardy plants.

USDA Hardiness Zone

Graptosedum California Sunset plants are hardy in zone 10a to 11b: from 30° – 50° degrees Fahrenheit (-1° – 10° C).

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Watering Requirement 

Graptosedum California Sunset plants have conserved water in their stems as well as in their stems. 

They would be quite beneficial for them to survive the drought periods and in fact they could thrive well without water for more than a week due to this feature.  

In addition to that , you should control the water level of these plants. These are quite sensitive towards over-watering and if you leave them exposed to waterlogged conditions for too long , it will stimulate the plants to rot. 

I encourage you to simply place your fingers in the soil and check the soil condition before you apply any water.

Moreover, you may insert a stick in the soil and see whether the stick edge is dry or wet. If the stick end is dry, you can proceed with watering. 

Further watering should be done deeply  which will allow it to reach the bottom of the pot also. 

Moreover, ensure that no excess water is retained in the pot and instead it is draining from the pot.

Do not supply them with excess water particularly during winter as it could only badly impact the plant and cause health deterioration. 

When the surrounding temperature is cooler and excess moisture in the pot would be so unhealthy for the plants.

Soil Requirement Type / pH

Graptosedum California Sunset generally performs well in soil mixes which have better drainage. 

In fact, you may proceed with cactus soil mixes and succulent soil mixes which are readily available at the garden stores. 

They fulfill this requirement. It needs to be a porous soil mix as well. If you want to fasten the draining, you need to add elements such as peat moss, perlite, and pumice in equal amounts in the soil mixes

Pot size Potting and Repotting

The most crucial factor when selecting the right pot should be its ability to  wither the soil mix after a watering session

Out of all the pot types which are available in the market, the most appropriate  pot type which would suit these plants would be either terracotta pots or unglazed ceramic pots.

When you grow them in these pots, it will ensure that excess moisture is evaporating faster. In addition to that you should plant them in a slightly larger pot when compared to the plant size. 

That will allow the plant’s roots to spread well and form roots vigorously. In addition to that, ensure that it has at least one draining holes as well.

When it comes to repotting, you may consider doing it if you spot the plants are outgrown from the pots or when you bought them freshly from the stores. 

You could simply follow the same steps which you do with other succulents to repot them. 

Flowering & fragrance

You could expect the Graptosedum California Sunset plants to flower in spring

The color of those attractive blooms would be pink, and it is essential that they have sufficient levels of sunlight to become vibrant in the colors though.  

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You could add them in your indoor garden collection given that you fulfil this requirement so that it will be helpful to produce attractive flowers.

Where to Plant 

When selecting the right place to grow them keep in mind that these are not the types of plants which survive well in colder weather conditions. 

Hence if you experience any colder temperature which drops more than 30 degrees Fahrenheit ( -1.1 degrees Celsius), plant them in a light container which you could easily move in and out of the house. 

They tolerate full sunlight to partial shade. So, if you grow them as outdoor plants, select  a spot where they can gain both full sunlight and partial shade. 

Ideally, they should gain full sunlight during morning hours and partial shade in the afternoon hours.

Fertilizer and time of year

Fertilizing Graptosedum California Sunset plants is not very vital when looking after them. However, if you consider feeding them a little, it will surely benefit the growth of the plants. 

Spring would be the best season to feed them since only they will be growing actively. Do noy feed them at full strength. Instead feed them after diluting with water at a quarter strength than the recommended.


Graptosedum California Sunset dormancy falls in winter.

Other plants Pairs Well With

Graptosedum California Sunset would grow well with Kalanchoe.

Can be toxic to pets

Graptosedum California Sunset are nontoxic plants for humans as well as for pets.

Common bugs and illnesses

Unlike many other succulents, Graptosedum California Sunset are somewhat prone for pests’ attacks and for diseases. 

Over watering could be one major issue which contributes to the plants root rot.  When you supply them with an abundance of water, it would make the root cells burst and which would ultimately result in rotting.

When this starts to happen, the infection will spread right throughout the plants. If you spot your plant getting discolored, it is an early sign to indicate you of the root rot. 

Furthermore, if you spot the leaves turning yellow in color or become brown or black, it literally means the plants are rotting.

Whenever you come across such a situation, you should cut off the affected plant sections  whilst using a disinfected pair of garden shears. 

Next, knock away the older soil  around the roots. Next observe the roots well and snip off the rotten roots parts as well. 

Finally you may leave them in a palace where they can develop callousness. Once they are calloused, you may go ahead and plant them in a well draining planter.

Secondly , Lack of sunlight could make your plants’ leaves stretch  out. It is what you call etiolation scientifically. 

They usually tend to stretch towards the best possible lighting source they can approach.

Further when you grow them with inadequate sunlight levels, it will be difficult for the plants to convert the nutrients in the soil to food. 

To overcome this issue, all you need to do is to place them in a spot where they can gain more sunlight. If you have grown them indoors, you may simply place a grow light closer to the plants.

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Pest infestation could be one more issue you may come across when growing them.

For example, pests such as mealybugs and aphids could create trouble for these plants and chances are that it could even be fatal on them too. To treat them, you could apply water mixed with insecticide soap.

In addition to that you could add warm casting in the soil too. In fact, warm casings produce an enzyme which could be harmful for these pests. In addition to that they would be beneficial to better the aeration as well.

Special Care tips

Graptosedum California Sunset requires only an easy maintenance from you. They are undemanding when it comes to fertilizer requirements and in water requirements as well

If you grow them in a well-draining soil mix and expose them to sufficient sunlight levels, they will flourish well. 

If you spot your plant is stretched out, you should shift them to a bright sunny spot. Furthermore, ensure that the Graptosedum California Sunset are keeping their Rosset form right throughout.

How to propagate  Graptosedum California Sunset

You may use Graptosedum California Sunset leaves, cuttings and seeds to propagate them.

How to propagate Graptosedum California Sunset by leaves

First, you need to give a gentle twist and remove the leaf from the stem.. When you twist it, make sure that you are obtaining the whole leaf from the stem. 

When you take the whole leaf, it will assure you the best results. Next as you may already know if you are into succulents gardening, you could leave them in a dry place which will allow them to develop callousness.

How to propagate Graptosedum California Sunset by cuttings

Graptosedum California Sunset could be propagated by using their cuttings as well. To do this, you could take a disinfected sharp knife or a pair of scissors and remove a leaf from the plant. 

After that let them wither for a couple of days and once they are dry, you could go ahead and plant them in a fresh pot. 

Consider adding water whenever you spot their soi, is dry.

How to propagate Graptosedum California Sunset by Seeds

If you wish to use the seeds of these plants to propagate them, ensure that the temperature in the surrounding area is warmer. 

If not, you may either use a grow light or a seed warmer. Next sow the seeds in a well-draining soil mix and water the soil when it is dry. 

However, seed propagation is somewhat time consuming as it could even take several weeks to show the results.

How to propagate Graptosedum California Sunset by Offsets

Graptosedum California Sunset are rosette-forming plants and you could simply snip off the offsets whilst using aforesaid tools which are sterile and disinfected. Leave them in a dry and warmer place and plant them in a well-draining soil mix.

Graptosedum California Sunset plant benefits

Graptosedum California Sunset would be quite handy to use for rock gardens and for ground covers as well. You may grow them as indoor plants too.


To wrap up, trust this article was useful for you and hope now you know to look after them well. As long as you fulfil their basic necessities, they will perform well and grow to their best potential.

Credit to : Altman Plants
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