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Graptoveria Candle Blue which goes by the common name blue candle. So, if you have a shady area and are wondering what type of plant you could go ahead, Graptoveria Candle Blue could be a great pick for you. 

They are such graceful plants which you will fall in love with day by day. They bring so much elegance wherever you grow them. This article is about how to care for them properly and the ways of propagating them as well.

Graptoveria Candle Blue

How do I identify Graptoveria Candle Blue?

You could identify the Graptoveria Candle Blue plants by looking at their foliage. They have a waxy foliage which is blue and opalescent. 

You could spot them growing in clumps and would be tiny in size . In fact , they would reach a maximum height of 3 inches. Further their maximum width would be around 8-10 inches.

Apart from these features, you could identify these plants by their flower blossoming also. In fact you coil spot them flowering in pink. 

What is more interesting about Graptoveria Candle Blue is that their flowering would take place year-round.

One look care guide

Botanical NameGraptoveria ‘Candle Blue’
Common NameBlue Candle
Plant TypeSucculent
Mature SizeMaximum height of 3 inches.
Maximum width of around 8-10 inches.
Sun ExposureShade and full sunlight for a few hours
Soil TypeSandy, well-draining
Soil pHNeutral
Bloom TimeYear round
Flower ColorPink
Hardiness Zones9a to 11b 
Average price $ 8 

How do you take care of  Graptoveria Candle Blue? 

Light Requirement 

As aforesaid, they could thrive in a place where they will be getting shade. Having said that, it is important to expose them to a few hours of full sunlight as well. 

If you keep exposing them to shade for too long , it will not allow them to  become vibrant in the colors.

It is crucial that you leave them in a spot where they will be exposed to shade particularly during harsh sunlight as unless it could result in sunburns in the plants. 

If it is not possible for you to locate them in a shady place during intense sunlight, you could consider covering them with shade cloth so that they will not suffer from scorching sun.

Temperature and humidity

Graptoveria Candle Blue do not handle colder weather conditions well which is more like the rest of other Graptoveria hybrids. 

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They are tolerant of high temperature levels and drought weather conditions. However, you need to immediately bring them indoors  whenever there is a forecast of an extreme cooler weather condition. 

Alternatively, you may keep them in  a greenhouse as well. They do not withstand frost conditions at all and best recommended is to locate them near a bright sunny window during winter.

When you bring them indoors , ensure that you do not leave them exposed to high humidity levels. They are tolerant of low humidity levels. 

If you think the humidity around the plants is high, you may consider placing a fan or an indoor dehumidifier  to control the excess moisture in the surrounding.

Is it cold hardy?

Graptoveria Candle Blue are cold hardy up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

As such if you are someone who lives in any other zone than this, you could grow them as indoor plants. 

Alternatively, you could plant them in containers and place them outdoors and shift them indoors whenever  any colder weather condition is predicted.

USDA Hardiness Zone

This plant grow well in the USDA hardiness zone 9a to 11b 200 F (-6.70 C) to 500 F (+100 C) 

Watering Requirement

The most important thing when it comes to looking after these plants is to water them properly. Literally you should water them once they are dry only

The dryness should be ideally in the first few inches of the soil layer. If you are unsure whether the soil mix is dry or not, I suggest you use a moisture meter and check it. 

If not, you may simply place your finger in the soil and see whether you could feel any dampness or dryness.

Depending on that you need to either start watering them or wait for some more days and water. In addition to that, you may use a wooden chopstick or skewer to check the moisture of the soil. 

If you spot the soil as dark and if these stick to the wood, there is still a high moisture level available in the soil mix.

Furthermore , when you apply water to them, make sure that you do it thoroughly so that it can reach every nook and corner in the pot. 

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Once you finish watering them, ascertain that the excess moisture is moving through the draining holes in the pot. 

Ensure that there is proper ventilation around the plants so that it would not cause any moisture related issues.

Soil Requirement Type / ph.

Graptoveria Candle Blue would perform well in a specially made succulent soil mix or as cactus soil mix. The purpose for using these soil mixes is that they have a fast free draining. 

Moreover, you may place a wire mesh or some coconut coir if you think soil is spilling from the potholes.

If you do not wish to go ahead with store bought succulent soil mix or with cactus soil mix, you could make a succulent soil mix and make one on your own. 

To do that, you could use a regular soil mix and add sand, gravel, compost and some porous stone like pumice or perlite. 

However, do not cover the topsoil with toppings since it would only help to retain moisture within and make your beloved plants more vulnerable for fungi and bacteria infections.

Pot size Potting and Repotting

You need to repot the plants whenever you purchase them from the stores freshly.

You may continue with the general succulent repotting practices when repotting these plants too. 

However, when selecting the right pot , best is to use a pot which is made of a porous material such as clay or terracotta. In addition to that, it is necessary to have at least one draining hole in the pot.

Where to Plant

Plant them in a place where they can have warmer temperatures. In addition to that, avoid growing them exposed to  direct sunlight. 

Moreover, if you have grown them outdoors, you should bring them indoors to protect the plants from such unhealthy conditions.

Fertilizer and time of year

Graptoveria Candle Blue do not depend a lot on fertilizers since they grow well in soil mixes which are not enriched with nutrients.

Literally you should be more vigilant on the soil draining factor than the nutrients levels it has.


Graptoveria Candle Blue  are winter dormant plants.

Can be toxic to pets

Graptoveria Candle Blue are nontoxic for pets as well as for humans. Having said that, do not leave your kids or your pets to consume the plants.

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Common bugs and illnesses

You may encounter pests’ attacks when growing these plants occasionally if you do not practice the correct care tips

Particularly  if you have exposed the plants for over watering conditions and for high humidity levels , it could make the plants more prone towards these attacks. 

If there is any pest infestation, you should isolate them immediately and try to remove them while using your hands. 

If there is a severe pest attack, treat them with a  detergent solution or with an organic pesticide mix.

On the other hand, you may use a detergent solution, or an organic pesticide mix to remedy them too.

If your plants are suffering from root rot, you could consider transplanting them. When transplanting ensure that you remove the affected plant parts and then grow them in a fresh well-draining soil mix. 

If the root rot has occurred on a severe level, best is to use the plants healthy plants and propagate them.

Special Care tips

If you do not expose them to proper sunlight levels, it could badly affect the plants. Hence ensure that you expose them to proper sunlight levels and practice correct watering methods as well.

How to propagate  Graptoveria Candle Blue 

You may use Graptoveria Candle Blue leaves, stem cuttings or even offsets to propagate them.

You simply have to select either healthy leaves or stem cuttings and plant them in a well-draining soil mix. 

When you obtain the leaves, ensure that you are obtaining the whole leaf and there is no leftover in the leaf in the plant. 

Furthermore, when you take the stem cutting, you could use gardening shears or a pair of scissors and make a clean cutting. Once you obtain these, let them dry and develop callous and only then plant them in a well-draining  soil mix.

Read this article on Graptoveria Blue Pearl Ultimate Care Guide With 3 Propagation Methods for more information.

Graptoveria Candle Blue plant benefits

Graptoveria Candle Blue would be great additions for container gardens. Moreover , you may use them in succulent arrangements also.


If you are looking for an eye-catching addition to your succulent garden, Graptoveria Candle Blue could be the one for you. 

They do not have higher demands in water or in nutrient requirements, hence you could start growing them even if you are new to succulent gardening. 

This is such a remarkable succulent plant and start growing them and get that amazing experience.

Credit to : Mandi’s YouTube Channel
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