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Mistletoe cactus is a flowering plant and it produces some spectacular blooms in yellow and white. Mistletoe cactus is a tropical chain cactus which originates from Central South America. 

They are trendy plants and many people tend to grow them in hanging baskets. If I briefly explain the plant’s appearance, they have spiky stems which tend to look like pencils.

Mistletoe cactus produce fruit as well. Those fruits would be white and tend to take a globular shape. However, even though Mistletoe cactus is a cactus, they do not prefer to have dry and air landscapes. 

Instead, they would prefer to have warmth and humidity. To ascertain this fact, you can commonly find the Mistletoe cactus in steamy rainforests of South America.

Mistletoe Cactus Flower

How often does mistletoe cactus flower?

Mistletoe cactus produce flowers during spring, and you could spot them blooming right throughout the year.

Colors of mistletoe cactus flower

The colors would be bright yellow and orange. Once they mature you could spot them turning the colors into green. 

The exposure for sufficient sunlight is crucial for these flowers to maintain these vibrant colors. However, the exposure for intense sunlight would be harmful for them as they are vulnerable for sunburns.

How long do mistletoe cactus flower last? 

As aforesaid, Mistletoe cactus flower can bloom right throughout the year.

Do they die after flowering?

We do not have any record to justify this fact whether they die after flowering or not. The plants which die right after flowering are called monocarpic.

How to make mistletoe cactus flower?

You need to ensure that your Mistletoe cactus have a rest period to develop the new buds. Once they finish flowering once, you need to expose them for lower temperatures and for longer nights as well. 

If your Mistletoe cactus does not produce flowers, it could be due to a shortage of the aforesaid factors. 

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To elaborate further, it is very unlikely that your Mistletoe cactus would produce flowers if you had exposed them to room temperature which is above 68 degrees Fahrenheit when they are in the bud producing phase. 

If there are artificial lights closer to the Mistletoe cactus ,it would also be an issue for the flower blossoming activity of the Mistletoe cactus . 

Therefore, do not leave lamplight and streetlights in close proximity with the plants. In addition to that, if you spot your Mistletoe cactus has set flower buds, you should refrain from moving the plants as well.

Ideally you need to water them as appropriate and expose them for recommended temperatures ( above 65 degrees Fahrenheit ) when they produce flowers. 

To encourage them to flower, you need to let them go through a resting period as aforesaid for about two months. 

However, ensure that you do not water them as frequently as you do when you are looking after these plants regularly. Further suspend feeding them during this time as well. 

Ideally you need to ensure that they are kept in cooler temperatures. Ideal temperature should be around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

When they finish the resting period, you can continue with the regular care treatments for the plants. Literally you can increase watering, expose them to a regular temperature and feed them appropriately too.

Mistletoe Cactus Flower

How to care for mistletoe cactus flower? 

Light requirement of the Mistletoe cactus

Mistletoe cactus can thrive well with a medium sunlight year around. If you end up exposing them for direct summer sunlight for an extended period, it will make the Mistletoe cactus die too. 

Morning sunlight would be a great option for these Mistletoe cacti just like the rest of other succulents in general. 

When you grow them as house plants, you can keep rotating the plants to ensure that the whole plant gets even sunlight, but it is not something that you must do.

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Water requirement of the Mistletoe cactus.

During spring and summer, Mistletoe cactus will thrive well with frequent watering. When watering, make sure that you are keeping the soil moist. 

Never make them soggy or damp. You need to adjust the frequency of watering depending on the seasons.

However, no matter how frequently you water them, you need to ensure that you are letting their soil dry between two watering sessions. 

Ideally you need to ascertain that the first ½ inch layer of the soil is dry from the previous watering session before you water them again. 

Ideally you need to water them to keep them moist for about three to six weeks’ time. I recommend you go ahead with rainwater instead of hard water when watering the Mistletoe cactus.

If you end up over watering the Mistletoe cactus , you could see how the plant starts to turn yellow. Further it will result in the rupture of the cellular structure of the Mistletoe cactus as well.

Humidity requirement of the Mistletoe cactus

Moderate humidity levels would go well with Mistletoe cactus.

It would be a great idea to grow them outdoors during summer so that the air circulation around the plants during summer would be healthy for them.

Temperature requirement of the Mistletoe cactus

Mistletoe cactus will perform well if you grow them in warmer temperatures. Hence when you grow them as houseplants, do not leave them closer to cold or drafty rooms. 

If you grow them exposed to extreme cold conditions, it could badly affect the Mistletoe cactus and it could even make the plants die too. 

Besides, refrain in placing your Mistletoe cactus closer to heating vents as Mistletoe cactus prefer to have moderate humidity levels during their growth. 

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The most suitable temperature which would go well with these plants is a temperature range of 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Mistletoe Cactus Flower 2 1

Soil requirement of the Mistletoe cactus

Mistletoe cactus wish to have a rich soil mix which is well draining. Consider growing them in a potting medium which you can make on your own. 

You can make a soil mix on your own by mixing one part of perlite , one part of the potting soil , one part of peat and one part of orchid bark.

This potting medium is a fast-draining soil mix. However, it can retain some moisture in the potting medium as well. 

If you grow them in a poor-quality soil mix, Mistletoe cactus will still grow well at the start, but will end up suffering from diseases such as from root rot.

Right pot type to grow Mistletoe cactus 

You should go ahead with a clay pot or with a terracotta pot to grow the Mistletoe cactus as they are made out of porous materials and would be beneficial for the optimal growth of the Mistletoe cactus.

Repotting of the Mistletoe cactus.

I recommend repotting the Mistletoe cactus annually after they produce flowers.

It is always best to repot them in a fresh pot filled with a fresh soil mix as it will be healthy for the plant’s vigorous growth.

When repotting the Mistletoe cactus , ensure that you do it with care without injuring them.


Mistletoe cactus are such a remarkable set of plants which is worth adding to your indoor garden. They will add so much grace to your indoor landscape. Happy gardening with Mistletoe cactus !

Credit to : Desert Plants of Avalon
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