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Crassula ausensis titanopsis are a commonly spotted Crassula species which would require a low maintenance just like the rest of other succulent species. Further you can easily cultivate them as well.

Crassula Ausensis Titanopsis

Due to these characteristics Crassula ausensis titanopsis are a quite popular houseplants among the succulents’ enthusiasts. Crassula ausensis titanopsis are some glamorous looking sets of plants. On top of that, you could spot them bearing flowers as well.

Many people tend to use the Crassula ausensis titanopsis plants for their ornamental value as well. Besides these are perennial plants and they are somewhat smaller in size when you compare them with the Crassula ausensis plants.

Crassula ausensis titanopsis plants are perfect starters in succulent gardening. So, this article will give you an insight on how to grow these plants well.

How do I identify Crassula ausensis titanopsis?

First of all, If I describe the plant’s sizes, they will attain a maximum height of 10 cm ( 4 inches ) when they are fully mature.

The main highlight of the Crassula ausensis titanopsis are their green colored fleshy leaves, and they would usually form around the plants.

Crassula ausensis titanopsis stem would be very short, and you could hardly spot them arising from the ground. In addition to that they would develop thick branches as well.

The leaves of the Crassula ausensis titanopsis would form rosettes. Further they would be covered with so many markings and you could spot those markings in pink and brown colors.

In addition to that, you could spot the Crassula ausensis titanopsis plants bearing flowers in white blooms during spring. Those flowers would be tubular shaped.

The Crassula ausensis titanopsis leaves would be warty elliptic to oblanceolate. They would be prominent in gray green colors. Furthermore, they may also carry brown or pink leaves tips when you expose them for ample sunlight.

Size of the plant

Crassula ausensis titanopsis would grow up to a maximum height of 10cm ( 4 inches ) at maturity.

Growth rate

Crassula ausensis titanopsis plants grow at a moderate rate.

Onelook care guide

Botanical NameCrassula ausensis titanopsis
Plant TypeSucculent
Mature Size10cm ( 4 inches ) in height 
Sun ExposureFull sunlight to partial shade
Soil TypeWell draining
Soil pHNeatraeul
Bloom TimeSpring
Flower ColorWhite
Hardiness ZonesUSDA hardiness zones 9b-12
Native AreaNamibia
Average price 7 USD
Crassula Ausensis Titanopsis

How do you take care of the Crassula ausensis titanopsis?

Light Requirement 

In terms of the right light conditions of the Crassula ausensis titanopsis plants, they would ideally perform well in bright indirect sunlight.

Furthermore, they can also withstand direct sunlight in the morning hours. These plants would perform to their best potential if you expose them to bright sunlight at least for 4-6 hours.

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It would ensure that your plants would not be etiolated then. If your beloved Crassula ausensis titanopsis starts to suffer from etiolation it would result in brittle stems and in poor growth as well. If the plants are lacking sufficient sunlight, you may place grow lights closer to the plants. 

Failing to provide ample sunlight would badly impact on the Crassula ausensis titanopsis plants’ flowering ability too. So best would be to place them closer to a bright sunny window edge.

Having said that, if you wish to relocate the plants to enhance the sunlight level, you could consider bringing the plants outdoors during summer. That being said, you need to slowly accustom the plants for full sunlight as otherwise it would make the plants scorched. 

Temperature and humidity

An optimal temperature range around 60°F – 75°F / 15.5°C – 24° C would work well with these plants when they are actively growing.

That said, during winter make sure that it doesn’t get dropped to 50 °F / 10°C. Keep in mind that colder temperatures would not be healthy on the Crassula ausensis titanopsis plants.

If you accidently expose them to colder temperatures, it would make them lose their colors. In other words, it would turn them yellow and mushy as well.

So, what you could ideally do is, bring the plants indoors whenever there is a prediction for extreme winter frosty conditions.

In terms of the humidity aspect of the plants, I recommend you to grow them in low humidity levels as those conditions would suit these plants the best.

Is It cold hardy?

Crassula ausensis titanopsis can withstand some mild frost given that you keep them dry.

Growth Zone

Crassula ausensis titanopsis would grow hardy in USDA hardiness zones 9b-12.

Watering Requirement 

Watering the Crassula ausensis titanopsis properly is a delicate matter, and it has a greater impact in taking care of these plants well.

I recommend watering the plants regularly from April to September as only then they would be actively growing. That said, you should water them less often during autumn and winter.

That said, irrespective of the season you water them, you need to ascertain the soil is dry from the previous watering and then commence watering the plants.

You need to ideally water them to keep the plants moist.However, you need to ensure that you don’t over water them at any given time as it would bring adverse impacts on the healthy growth of the Crassula ausensis titanopsis plants.

If you keep the soil wet all the time it would contribute to rot which could be even fatal on them.

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Soil Requirement Type / pH

Crassula ausensis titanopsis opt to grow in a potting medium which has a good drainage facility. Moreover it needs to have a good air flow as well.

Once you fulfill these requirements in the soil mix, it would allow the plants to grow healthily. If you end up using a regular soil mix , they would tend to retain excess water in the potting medium which would not be ideal for these plants’ healthy growth.

What many succulent lovers tend to do is that they go for commercially made succulent and cactus soil mix as they would work well with these plants. You may easily find them in the garden stores and they are not that expensive as well.

You need to ideally go ahead with a soil mix which has neutral ph. If you wish to increase the draining of the chosen soil mix, you may add elements such as coconut coir and pine bark.

Pot size Potting and Repotting

Ample drainage is a must when it comes to selecting the right pot to grow the Crassula ausensis titanopsis.

Furthermore, I recommend choosing terracotta or unglazed pots to grow the Crassula ausensis titanopsis plants as these are high in porosity. Consequently, it would help to evaporate the excess water from the pots.

Moreover you need to go ahead with top heavy pots as once the plants mature they may tend to topple over if you grow them in a light pot. Furthermore when it comes to repotting the plants, I suggest you do that in spring as it would be their active growing season.

You need to repot the Crassula ausensis titanopsis if you spot they have become root bound. Further if you suspect the plants are suffering from any fungal and bacterial infection, best would be to repot them.

Crassula Ausensis Titanopsis

Where to Plant 

Crassula ausensis titanopsis are strongly dependent on ample sunlight. So, when you select a spot to plant them, you need to ideally select a spot where they can gain sufficient sunlight.

Many people opt to grow them outdoors as that will allow them to gain sufficient sunlight. That said you may grow them indoors as well given that you provide sufficient light.

In addition to that, ensure that you plant the Crassula ausensis titanopsis in a location where they will be secured from extreme winter conditions also.

Fertilizer and time of year

You need to feed the Crassula ausensis titanopsis one every two weeks when they are actively growing. Furthermore a balanced liquid fertilizer would work well with these plants.

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However it is noteworthy that you dilute it by half and then apply as unless it may result in feed burns of the plants. On another note, do not fertilize the plants when they are dormant.


Crassula ausensis titanopsis plants produce flowers in white. Further you could expect them to emerge with flowers in spring.


Crassula ausensis titanopsis are winter dormant plants. They would actively grow in spring and in summer.

Common bugs and illnesses

Crassula ausensis titanopsis are resistant to pests attacks and for other diseases. Having said that, they may encounter mealybug attacks, aphids and some other fungal attacks.

Over watering could be the biggest root cause for many of these conditions. In addition to that, over watering may contribute to rot in the plants as well. 

Special Care tips

Crassula ausensis titanopsis are low maintenance plants. However I encourage you to remove older decaying leaves from the plants to make the plants look more appealing. Furthermore, you need to remove all the dead flowers from the flower spike too.

Crassula Ausensis Titanopsis

How to propagate Crassula ausensis titanopsis

You can propagate the Crassula ausensis titanopsis using their leaves, offsets and cuttings as well. If you wish to use the leaves, you need to remove a healthy looking leaf from a mother plant first. Next let it dry and become calluses. After that you could place them in a fast draining soil mix. 

If you wish to use the cutting method, you need to first snip off a leaf from the parent plant. To do that, ensure that you are using a sterile knife or a pair of scissors.

After that you could leave them in a hot and dry spot so that they can dry. Finally you can place them in a well draining soil mix. Ensure that you water them whenever their soil is dry.

If you wish to propagate them using the offsets, you simply have to remove the offsets from the mother plants and plant them in an appropriate soil mix.

Be mindful to use a sterile knife when removing the offsets from the mother plants. Once you remove the offsets you need to remove the older soil around the offsets and then replant them.

Crassula ausensis titanopsis benefits 

Crassula ausensis titanopsis would look great in containers and you can place them on windowsills, verandas.

In addition to that you can plant them in miniature gardens as well. Lastly they would look excellent in rock gardens too.


Before concluding, Crassula ausensis titanopsis are such versatile beautiful looking plants which would adore any place wherever you grow them.

Above all, Crassula ausensis titanopsis flower blossoms would bring a sense of freshness as well. so, I hope you were able to learn the basic tips you need to practice when taking care of them. So hurry up and start growing these amazing plants !

Credit to : Plant and Herb Science

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