Do Coral Cactus Flower? | 6 Thought-provoking Facts |

Yes, Coral cactus flower. However, they are not very attractive when compared to other succulents and to other cactus blooms

Coral cactus blooms are small, and you could spot them mainly in pink and purple. In addition to that you could expect them to flower only in the matured plants. 

Coral Cactus Flower

What is coral cactus? 

To briefly touch on the coral cactus, this is a grafted cacti. These cacti are toxic for pets as well as for humans. In fact,  they have a toxic sap included which could be poisonous. 

They could create severe allergies. As such I recommend protecting yourself first before interacting with the plants. The grafted look of this cactus resembles the look of a coral. 

They will further consist of leaves which would tend to look like fans.

How often do coral cactus flower?

Coral cactus could flower during their actively growing season.

However, it is very unlikely that young coral cactus flowers and you could only expect the older cactus to start flower blossoming.  As aforesaid coral cactus may not flower at all too.  

Consider that if you have kept the cactus sitting in the same pot without changing their soil mix and not fulfilling the necessary care treatments, then they would not flower at all. 

Ideally your cactus flowers need to have a proper dormancy and a natural growth cycle also which will consequently help them to flower.

Colors of coral cactus flowers

The colors of the coral cactus would be pink and purple.  In addition to that foliage color of them would be blue- gray to silver.

 When they are going through stress, their leaves’ edges would turn pink.

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Do they die after flowering?

They do not perish after flowering. Usually, the plants which die right after flowering are known monocarpic plants. 

If we consider cacti in general, they do not perish after flowering. If they die, it is something which we cannot cease since that is how they are naturally structured.

How to make coral cactus flowers?

You need to grow them in a well-draining soil mix, unless it would make your cactus sit in waterlogged situations and delay flower blossoming of the plants

Best is to grow them in a succulent soil mix or in cactus soil mix. In addition to that fertilizing is also required to make them flower.  

Watering them and supplying them with adequate sunlight is also crucial when making the coral cactus to flower.

coral cactus flower

How to care for coral cactus flowers? 

Watering requirement of coral cactus flowers

Coral cactus flowers need a minimal watering amount to thrive well which is quite similar to  the rest of the succulents and cactus

When you water the plants, I encourage you to first water them thoroughly and let it wither afterwards and ensure that no excess moisture is retained in the pot.

If you need to ascertain whether the soil is dry or not, you could simply place your finger in the pot and check whether the soil is damp or dry. 

Alternatively, you could simply take the pot and weigh and see whether the pot is light in weight or whether it is too heavy.

If you feel like the pot is heavy, it literally means, you need to avoid watering for some time since it has water retained in the pot. 

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On the other hand, if the pot is light in weight, you could resume watering them. I recommend watering them less often so that it will make the water reach every nook and corner in the pot. 

You need to water them sparingly and thoroughly as they prefer to have a through watering rather than to have it on a frequent basis 

Lighting and temperature requirement of the coral cactus

It is crucial that you expose the coral cactus flowers to plenty of sunlight to make them thrive well and to become more distinctive in their colors. 

As such if you want to add them as houseplants, you should go ahead with a brightest sunny spot at your home to plant them. 

Even if you plant them as outdoor plants, you should select a spot where they get both full sunlight and partial sunlight which will help them to grow vigorously and firmly.

When it comes to the temperature aspect of the plants. they could withstand a cold temperature up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit for a shorter period. 

Further, coral cactus are not tolerant of extreme hot temperatures as well. it would also make the plant as well as the flowers die.

 A temperature range of 20-22 degrees Celsius (68-72 degrees Fahrenheit would perfectly fit these plants.  

If you expose them to humid environments that would also be beneficial for the plants and the coral cactus flower’s growth as well.

coral cactus flower

Soil requirements for coral cactus

Keep in mind that you should grow them in a soil mix which has excellent draining. It should not retain any additional water within the pot since it would be harmful for the plant. 

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Coral cactus roots are very fragile, and it is very unlikely that they could thrive in waterlogged conditions.

As such you should go ahead with the succulent soil mix and with cactus soil mix to grow the coral cactus. 

However, you could also make a well-draining soil mix on your own if you do not want to proceed with the succulent soil mix or with cactus soil mix.  

Simply all you need to do is to mix sand, potting medium, fertilizer, compost and perlite. You could consider adding pebbles also which will fasten the draining of the pot.

Fertilizer requirements for coral cactus

I encourage you to add some fertilizers so that it would help the flowers to grow healthily as well as vigorously

You may choose a houseplant fertilizer to feed the coral cactus. You could feed them once a month and make sure that you do not feed them in excess also as it could also be harmful for the plants and it could even kill the plants. 

Apart from the above, you need to plant them in a pot which is made out of a porous material as it does not retain any moisture within the pot.


Before concluding, trust this article was informative for you and hope you are now well aware on how to take care of the coral cactus flowers well and the background of them. 

Credit to : Martin’s Home & Garden
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