Cotyledon Orbiculata Flower : Cute And Elegant Flower

The Cotyledon orbiculata flower is among the most gorgeous flowers I have ever seen, and I have seen many succulent flowers. They come in orange, yellow, or red hues.

These flowers typically appeared on tall flower stalks and tended to have a bell shape. The highlight of the Cotyledon orbiculata plants would be their attractive flower blossoms. It would be so pleasing to watch them bear flowers.

Pig’s ears low maintenance of the attractive flower blossoms has made them look enchanting. Further, this is one of the most sought-after plants among succulent lovers. In addition to these unique characteristics, Cotyledon orbiculata is well-known for its fleshy, red-rimmed leaves that resemble a pig’s ear. So, this article will give you an insight on the flower blossoms of the Cotyledon orbiculata plants, the way you need to look after them etc.

Cotyledon Orbiculata Flower

How often do Cotyledon orbiculata flower?

Flowers appear on Cotyledon orbiculata plants from late summer to early autumn, especially if you live in Western Cape. Generally speaking, the flowering season of the Cotyledon orbiculata plants would be in the winter, from June to August. Nonetheless, Cotyledon orbiculata plants can flower all year.

Colors of Cotyledon orbiculata flowers

As aforesaid, Cotyledon orbiculata plants form in numerous colors. For example, you could witness them forming in red, orange, and yellow as well.

How long do Cotyledon orbiculata flowers last? 

These flowers can last for weeks. After they turn brown, you need to remove the dead flowers.

How to make Cotyledon orbiculata flowers?

You need to make sure that you look after these plants well, especially during the winter, to make them flower. So some of the care tips that you can practice during the winter are that you need to locate the plants near a sunny window for about six hours a day. Next, make it a point to water the plants only once every two weeks. Make sure that you keep the soil moistened but not soggy or damp.

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I suggest you avoid placing these plants outdoors during the winter if you have not acclimated them to colder temperatures. Ideally, the best thing you could do is to locate the Cotyledon orbiculata plants indoors during the winter and then bring them outdoors when the spring arrives. The best is to remove all the yellowed or brown leaves. Once you adhere to these guidelines, it will help the plants develop their flowers.

How to care for Cotyledon orbiculata flowers 

As aforesaid, the ease of care is something which is very special about these plants. Sun exposure and light requirement of the Cotyledon orbiculata plants. Cotyledon orbiculata plants are heavily dependent on sunlight. Ideally, they prefer to have full sunlight for about six hours of the day so that Cotyledon orbiculata plants’ flowers can blossom quite nicely. That said, they can also withstand partial shade if there is good aeration and if you water them properly. 

So, if you have chosen to grow these plants as houseplants, a bright window would be the most appropriate place for them. However, ensure that your plants will not receive direct sunlight there, as it would be too intense on the Cotyledon orbiculata flowers. That said, when you relocate the plants outdoors, you need to gradually expose them to those conditions unless the drastic changes in sunlight would traumatize the plants.

Cotyledon Orbiculata Flower

watering requirement of the Cotyledon orbiculata plants

Cotyledon orbiculata plants would require water whenever their soil was dry. Further, you need to always ensure that you don’t end up providing too much water for these plants. Cotyledon orbiculata plants are tolerant of hot, arid conditions and don’t prefer to be in soggy, damp conditions. Excess moisture in the soil would only pave the way for rot. In addition to that, I instruct you to water these plants from the top of the soil. It would be a waste of time if you ended up spilling water droplets on the leaves and stems.

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If you are unsure whether their soil is dry or not, you can simply place your finger in the soil mix and check the moisture in it. Furthermore, you can just water them minimally until you spot them showing any symptoms of stress. If they seem to be stressed, you can adjust the watering of these plants accordingly. 

Soil requirement of the Cotyledon orbiculata plants

In terms of the right soil mix, you need to ideally choose a soil mix that is fast-draining. Furthermore, it must be light and porous. That would provide adequate space for the roots to grow well. What you could ideally do is use a cactus potting mix or a succulent soil mix, which are specially designed for the succulents and the cactus. 

A perfect soil mix should comprise 50 percent cactus potting soil and 50 percent coarse sand. Instead of coarse sand, you can also use sandy loam. However, ensure that there are no large clay particles there. 

Temperature and humidity requirement 

Cotyledon orbiculata plants prefer to grow in warmer temperatures. During the day, temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) would be ideal for these plants. That said, Cotyledon orbiculata plants can survive in a temperature range of 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the night. Cotyledon orbiculata plants can withstand changes in weather, given that those are not too drastic. 

In terms of the right humidity levels for the plants, I would say the best would be to expose them to a humidity range between 50% and 70%. The exposure to excessive humidity levels would lead to root rot. So, I recommend that you lightly mist the plants during the summer to keep them healthy. 

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Fertilizing requirement of the Cotyledon orbiculata plants

Cotyledon orbiculata plants don’t have a major demand when it comes to fertilizers. So, a light feeding twice a year would do well for these plants. However, bear in mind that you should feed the plants only in late spring or early summer. The most ideal fertilizer type would be a slow-release organic fertilizer. Having said that, you can also use a water-soluble fertilizer for this purpose. If you wish to use granular fertilizer, the best would be to dilute it to half strength and then use it, unless it would be too much for your Cotyledon orbiculata plants. 


Cotyledon orbiculata plants are so worthwhile having. Not only that, but you can use them as ground covers as well. As long as you accustom them, they are tolerant of a wide range of environmental conditions. So, if you were wondering whether to start growing one of these amazing plants, you should never hesitate and start growing them! 

Credit to : What Plant is that, Paul?

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