How To Grow A Jade Plant Into A Tree? ( Secret To A Thicker Trunk )

I am a big fan of jade plants. But until recently I did not know I can grow a jade plant into a tree. Usually, Jade plants come up with thick trunks and that is what makes the Jade plants stand out among the other plants. So, from this article, I am going to share how to grow a jade plant into a tree. So, if you wish to learn about this subject, you may continue going through this article. 

How To Grow A Jade Plant Into A Tree

How to grow a jade plant into a tree 

01. Select the right variety.

First of all, it is crucial that you select the right succulent variety when growing jade plants into trees. It is noteworthy that not all Jade plant varieties can grow into trees and due to that it is important to select the right Jade plant variety to do this task. I suggest you go ahead with Crassula Ovata as it could attain a maximum height of four to eight feet. Furthermore, you may also choose Portulacaria Aphra for this purpose. They can get as tall as three to five feet. Lastly, I suggest you use Crassula Ovata lemon as it could also reach a maximum height of three feet to five feet when they are mature.

02. Select the right pot

Usually, you may go ahead with a four to six-inch-sized container to grow the jade plants at the beginning. However, when they start growing further, you need to go for a larger pot. To be more precise, it has to be ideally an 8-14 inches sized pot since they need to have more space for the root expansion. However, it would change depending on the plant’s size. Always ensure that you are choosing one or two sizes bigger pots since if you end up using larger pots, it would be better for the plants.

03. Maintain the trunk size

Next, you need to train the Jade plant trunk to achieve the size of the tree. In this context, you need to select the main stem of the plant as the main trunk of the Tree. Next, you may remove the other side stems. So you need to remove all the stems which hinder the growth of the main trunk. Furthermore, you need to snip off the lower half of the plants which includes the leaves. Eventually, this would give a top-heavy tree-like appearance to the plants. Furthermore, you may also consider providing some support by placing bamboo sticks as chances are that they may topple over once they become top-heavy.

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04. Plenty of sunlight on top.

The next important factor when growing your jade plants to become trees is exposing them to plenty of sunlight on top. Since Jade plants are succulents they would perform well with both mornings direct sunlight and indirect partial sunlight in the afternoon. However, it is important that you expose the whole plant to sunlight equally so that it would help the plants to grow straight and tall.

If the plants keep getting sunlight for just one side, it would make them develop lengthy growths in that direction. Once they get sunlight from one particular direction they would tend to reach that direction by stretching their stem. It would result in sideways lengthy growths of the jade plants. Hence why it is crucial that you ensure the sunlight is reaching the plants evenly and right from the top so that they can grow firmly. 

05. Feed well

It is vital that you are feeding the plants well to ensure that your Jade plants are growing to become trees. The best is to apply the fertilizers once every two to four weeks when they are in the active growing season. I suggest you use a balanced liquid fertilizer and dilute it to one-fourth and then apply it to the Jade plants. Once you feed the plants, it would stimulate the growth of the Jade plants and further it would help them to grow the trees. Avoid feeding them in excess and skip feeding them from mid-fall to winter as well.

How To Grow A Jade Plant Into A Tree

How long does it take for a jade plant to turn into a tree?

It would usually take around three to four years given that you provide the right growing care. However, they would take their own time to reach 3 – 5 feet. Sometimes it may take six to twelve years to reach those heights. So, if you don’t wish to wait that long, you can purchase the large plants from nurseries or garden stores.

How do I make my jade trunk thicker?

By cutting back on growth, you can encourage the jade plant to develop a thicker trunk. Leave a few leaves on it if you want, but otherwise, trim the plant as much as you can. for instance, the initial set of leaves on each branch. It will concentrate more on thickening its trunk if you keep it shorter.

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Pruning Jade Plant to Turn into a Tree: what to consider

First and foremost, you need to wait until spring and summer to arrive as then it would be more effective on the plants. However, you can prune the plants all year long. Further, when pruning the plants, ensure that you don’t trim more than 20 to 30 percent of the branches per pruning session. Moreover, when you remove the branches, you need to cut them off from their adjoining point to the trunk of the plants. Try to cut the top part of the trunk as then it would enhance the lateral growth of the plants. Eventually, they would develop new branches and will give the jade plants the look of the trees.

How To Grow A Jade Plant Into A Tree

Maintaining Jade Plant as a Tree

The most important thing when maintaining jade plants as trees are to ensure that they get three to four hours of direct sunlight. Do not place them exposed to darkness right throughout as it would not help the plants to grow healthily. Always water them whenever the top layer of the soil is dry. Do not under water or over water as it would bring adverse effects on the plants. Watch out for spider mites and scales as they may tend to attack the jade plants occasionally. If you ever come across any, you could treat those with an insecticidal soap solution.  

In addition to that, you need to protect the plants from powdery mildew and black rings of disease. If they invade your plants, you could remove the affected plants parts by using sharp pruning shears. Lastly, you get a dampened cloth and clean the main trunk for about 15-20 days. It would remove dirt and debris. 

Jade tree bonsai

You can make Jade trees as a bonsai plant. So, make use of bonsai wires to train the tree and let them gain the shape you wish. You can easily use them and mold their shape of it when they are young. Consequently, it would allow you to grow the plants vigorously and firmly. Bonsai Jades are small and grow as compact plants. They tend to look like mini trees. Also, they look great in your home window and in your office as well.

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How To Grow A Jade Plant Into A Tree

Related questions

How do I make my jade trunk thicker?

First of all, you can prune the long disruptive stems to make the jade trunks thicker. Next, consider repotting the plants and providing some support for the trunks of the plants. Expose the plants to sufficient sunlight. Ensure that you water the plants well and precisely. Feed the plants appropriately. You need to provide the right growing care tips all the time.

In addition to that, you need to prune the Jade plants above one of the brown rings around the stem. You could call this a leaf scar. You could consider using sharp pruning shears or sharp knives to fulfill this task. After that, you could spot them forming new stems from the pruning points. You could prune the plants where you want them to be thick and fuller.

What can I do with top-heavy jade plant?

If your jade plant becomes top-heavy, chances are that it can fall over. So, if you come across a situation like this, you need to snip off fallen plant parts and transplant them in a well-draining soil mix.

What is the lifespan of a jade plant?

The lifespan of a jade plant would be between 50 and 70 years on average. But some thrive longer than that. 

Do jades like big pots?

Jade plants don’t like big pots. Instead, they would prefer to grow in small pots. Ideally, the top diameter in the right pot should be not more than one inch of the specific jade plant stalk.

Should you prune a jade plant?

It is not necessary to prune the jade plants to keep them healthy. However, you could consider pruning the Jade plants to make the plants look beautiful. Keep in mind that whenever you are pruning the Jade plants, you are exposing the plants to potential bacteria. It could be really concerning and it would contribute to the health deterioration of the plants. Further, it may be fatal to the plants too.


To wind up, growing the Jade plants to become trees is quite simple and you only have to ensure that you adhere to the aforesaid care tips. So, I hope now you are all set to start growing the jade plants to become Jade trees. 

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