Will Succulents Outgrow Their Pots? How To Fix It

We tend to grow succulents generally in tiny compact pots or in containers. However, ultimately, they will end up outgrowing their pots or containers. As such, they would highly appreciate it if we could provide them with a larger pot so that they could grow hassle free and as they wish.

Are Succulents too big for pots?

Will succulents outgrow their pots? Once the succulents outgrow their pots, they will try to indicate it by several features. One feature would be compact roots. The roots could probably even be noticed through the potholes. That depicts that their are not enough room to grow.

Moreover, soaking the water through the entire pot won’t be possible once they outgrow the container. Further, if you spot your succulents planted soil drainage process is faster after a watering session,  it means they have outgrown the pot or the container.

It could be faster as it happens within several hours. Further, if your succulent plants show that it is not happy and seems to be unhealthy, you may decide that it has happened due to outgrowing of the container. You could come to this conclusion only if your succulent plants have gotten the required necessities adequately.

How to repot step by step

Select correct season

If you wish to repot succulents, first and foremost make sure that you have selected a correct season for that and ensure that you have avoided the inappropriate seasons to go ahead with this.

Removing the plant from potting mix

You can resume this with taking off the plant gently from the pot without making no harm to the plant, particularly on the root system.  If it is a pot in a larger size, then do not hesitate to use something like a stick to take it out. So that it will be easy.

In case, your succulent carries tiny roots, you simply have to turn the pot upside down. So that it will come out.

Clean the roots

Secondly, make the root system area clean. Ensure that it is dried enough after that. If there is any dirt around the plant, you better remove it.

You can simply tap the plant for that. You have the option of using water to clean the dirt around the root too. If you go with this option, make sure that you keep it until it gets dried enough for several days in a cooler place for about 3 -5 days.

Direct sunlight and rain are two factors which we should skip during this withering process. Make sure they are protected from sunlight and rain during this activity. Chances are that there could be long root also, in that case you could cut them off a little if you wish.

Transfer in to new pot

Ultimately, you can place it in the new pot which is arranged with the new potting soil. Ensure that it a well draining one. It is advised to put dry soil for a few days initially.

So that it could adjust to new living conditions before it gets watering first after repotting. Be vigilant with watering after repotting as the root system could still be not firm and steady.

Once you start watering make sure that you wait until the succulent gets dried enough before you proceed with another watering session.

Succulents in pots

How do I know when to repot my succulents?

As you may already know, we do not have to repot succulents frequently. Generally, they will survive in tiny pots, containers. They can still survive in the containers though they outgrow those as well. Once they outgrow the containers, it will add more beauty.

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Hence why, they are used as hanging plants. Chances are that you will have to repot them as appropriately. There are numerous reasons for this.

Newly brought plants

Once you buy the succulents freshly from the market , you are encouraged to repot. That will help to grow them in an appropriate potting mix in a suitable container.

Not only that, but also we could observe them and eventually we could  identify if there are issues as root rots . Moreover we can see  whether they are infected with pests as well. This will help the other plants in the garden to be protected from the pests.

Secondly, we can do repotting to let them grow  in a better potting mix than what it was in earlier. It will give fresh potting soil. It is said that you need to repot your succulents in a timely manner so that we could provide it with a new potting mix instead of old potting soil. Plants can absorb the required nutrient from that.

when out grow the pot

Thirdly, repotting is encouraged once your succulents outgrow their pots or containers. If you spot your succulent has become too heavy ,  out grown on a vast scale, you could go ahead with repotting.

Further,  if it has formed many roots from various directions of the plant , you should continue with the same. All these characteristics indicate that they require more space and wish  to spread out and grow freely.

Increase growth rate

One more reason for repotting could be to enhance the growth rate of the succulents ideally in a bigger container. Slow growth rate is generally shown by plants which grow in tiny and compact containers.

Once you let the succulents  grow in a larger pot, it will help them to  grow freely since then they will have more space. This will result in faster growth as well.

Finally, if you spot your plants have turned out to be root bound once they have outgrown the containers or the pot they are in. Chances are that ,you could spot root coming out of the holes once the root of the succulents become tangled.

This would be a perfect time to proceed with repotting in a big container.

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When should you not repot succulents?

If you consider succulents, they have a varying period among them to grow to their mature size whilst they are grown in pots.

However, it is said that we need to repot the succulents when they are at least one year old. We could consider doing it until they get older to 1 and half years.

Once you do repot the succulents during the said periods, you could have a healthy plant. Having said that, you could have exceptional circumstances where you really cannot adhere to these said periods. Furthermore, there could be probably some succulents which would like to be grown in the same pot for several years.

If you consider their dormancy, you are advised to avoid that period too. As you may already know, during dormancy period succulents would literally be in sleeping mode.

It stays alive, but not as active in their growing season. In case you do repotting during dormancy, you are taking a chance with the plant, since it could even end up harming the plant.

Finally, bear in mind not to proceed with repotting once it starts flowering. Not surprisingly, it will halt the flowering. Not only that but also, it will start to drop the already blooming flowers. Hence, be vigilant to not do the same during this time.

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Do succulents need large pots?

It could be challenging for you to choose the accurate size of the pot for the plant to be grown. you might think that succulents would love more room for their well growth. If you let the succulents grow in  an enormous pot , that will be a real  trouble.

Once you grow them in a larger pot, eventually a  huge amount of soil will also be stored. That means , it will retain a lot of water too. Of course they will stay alive, but that doesn’t mean that they get that stimulation for their growth.

Once you grow the succulents in a large pot, that will avoid the plant in expanding the roots in the pot. It is recommended to utilize pots which are larger in size about five to ten percent than the size of the plant’s.

Transplanting succulents in pots

Start this off whilst preparing the required new potting soil along with a new pot. There won’t be any issue, if you take a slightly bigger new pot compared to what it was in before. You may use gloves if you wish.

Then remove the succulent from the stem. You can just move it side to side so that it will easily come out from the soil. In case you have a succulent like Echeveria which doesn’t have a main stem, you can remove the whole plant whilst using a knife or a trowel.

Remove the old soil around the stem system smoothly without making any damage to the plant. You may use water for this purpose if you wish.

When transplanting, you can simply plant the succulent in the new pot along with new soil mix. Ensure that only the roots are in the soil and not even a small part of the stem are in the soil. Adjust the soil level to keep it steady.

It will be better If we do this during the watering session, as watering could stimulate the growth of the roots.

Repotting baby succulents

It is recommended to repot the baby succulents as if we let all of them grow in one pot, they will all be squished. Ideally if they are quarter size or even a little more , you can take them off from the old pot and plant them in a new pot.

Be mindful to conduct this in heated times. Once they are grown in the new pot for a couple of weeks, you may add fertilizers as well. That will stimulate their growth rate.

If you have placed them indoors, ensure that they get daily sunlight.

Should you repot succulents when you buy them

It is advised to repot the newly bought succulents.  Reasons for that would be are as follows,

  1.  To provide them with an appropriate potting mix which is well draining. Old soil mix could  have retained excess water which would be unhealthy for the succulents growth. Hence why it is essential to repot them. so that we can have no obstacles for their well growth as well as for their health.
  2. Moreover you can observe your plant’s status when you conduct repotting. You have the option of inspecting the roots to see whether they are rotting. If you do, you can cut off any unwanted harmful roots. You could remove the dying leaves as well.
  3. More importantly, chances are that you could spot any pests or insects in case they had already invaded the plant. By repotting, you are safeguarding the other plants as well as otherwise the rest of your garden will also be damaged.
  4. Finally, you can select a pot or a container as you wish depending on your requirement.
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Should you repot your succulent during dormancy?

It is recommended to skip the dormancy period of the succulents when we are repotting. Instead you could conduct it during the spring time which is the most succulent well growing season.

If a succulent gets exposed to dormancy, chances are that it could get frozen. Further if a succulent is in its dormancy period, it will not grow well as it does in the normal growing  season.

In case, your succulent roots get harmed during this process, and if you have done this in dormant period, it could be somewhat  difficult for the plants to get them healed.

That doesn’t mean they can’t do that, but the only concern is they will take more time for this. Simultaneously, you must pay them more attention and care for them more.

Better to wait for repotting until the temperature is not too hot or too cold. Having said that, it is important to repot your plants the fastest you can if you buy them freshly from the market.

Transplanting succulents indoors

If you wish to transplant your succulents whilst they are grown indoors , first and foremost what you have to do is to remove the old soil around the plant.

Then you can sift new soil around the roots. You could use your fingers or blunt end of a pencil,   so that you can press down gently.

It is recommended to cover the exterior side. For that purpose you could use sand, gravel, or even grit. Ensure that you leave it for several days so that it could wither. Then you can proceed with watering.

Make sure to prepare succulent before repotting

It is better if we could water the succulents prior to repotting. Further, make sure that it is entirely withered. If so, you can take off the plant from the container.

There could be an exception for this ,  if it is watered recently. The objective of doing this activity is to make sure that the leaves of the succulents are full with water. That will help the plant to survive without  watering for several weeks because we cannot water them as soon as we do repotting.

Additionally, ensure that you keep all required supplies such as appropriate soil mix, a proper pot etc. At the same time, do not forget to keep relevant equipment ready. Make sure they are clean and with good hygiene.

Why is my succulent dying after repotting?

Though, we do repotting with the intention of positive results, you will probably end up being disappointed. That occurs if we make mistakes while we transplant them. This will result in forming yellow leaves and it could even lead to dropping its leaves.

That will make the succulents to struggle and later  it could even cause plant wilting. If you take proper action , you could get your succulent healed after some time. One of the main faults we do when repotting is doing it in a season which is not recommended.

One more reason for this issue is using a contrast potting soil mix than the one which was grown previously. This literally means we provide them with  contrast living conditions.

Finally, if you let the roots of the succulent open for air during the repotting. It could lead to repercussions despite how long it was exposed.

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