Will Roundup Kill Succulents? 5 Super Useful Tips

The answer for the question “will roundup kill succulents?” is No. You can use Roundup on succulents if you wish to get rid of the weeds growing among succulents. But it will not kill succulents.

Weeds could be a great menace for any kind of gardeners no matter what they grow. It could be so irritating to the level that; you would even give up on gardening.

There are weed types such as perennial weeds which would regrow every year if you do not take them off by their roots.

You could use this product mainly due to its productiveness and due to effectiveness. On the other hand, some may be wondering how safe it is to use them as well.

So, if you want to explore more on this subject and enhance your knowledge, continue reading this article.

When you go through this article you will realize how safe it is for you to use it and what includes in this and how it works etc. 

will Roundup Kill Succulents

What is roundup?

Roundup is a product which Monsanto company introduced which could combat weeds effectively.

Glyphosate is their chemical name, and this is what many people use as their prominent herbicides for both their landscapes and for their gardens.

Even though many people have misinterpreted it as a non-safe chemical, it would work well on succulents. 

Once you provide this, the leaves of the weed absorb the chemical through their leaves and translocate them to the roots. 

After that, it would make the entire plant die slowly. However, this is relatively a slow process and would usually take about approximately two weeks to die.

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If we take products which include glyphosate such as ortho kleen, they are consist about 2 percent of their active ingredient.

On the other hand, roundup lawn and gardens would consist about 18 percent and roundup concentrate would consist about 41 percent glyphosate.  

Moreover, the amount of glyphosate which is required to kill different weeds would vary depending on the weed species, weed size etc.

If we consider young seedlings, you could use 1 to 2 oz / gal as those quantities would be adequate for the young seedlings.

However, always adhere to the instructions which are available on the bottle and then use.

will Roundup Kill Succulents

Roundup is a broad-spectrum substance which could be lethal for many weed types which consist of annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds, trees, and shrubs etc.

Unfortunately, their patent certification expiry date was in 2000 and some companies are producing and selling products which comprise glyphosate

Basically, you need to apply right into the growing plants which are actively growing.

Then, it would transform across the plant where it inhibits the enzymes which are related to the  synthesis of the aromatic amino acids such as tyrosine, tryptophan and phenylalanine etc.

Once you apply them, it would interrupt their bio medical functioning and consequently the weeds would perish.

Other chemicals which kill weed on succulents 


This is a systemic herbicide which you could use to overcome prickly pear and for the rest of the cactus.

You need to make sure that you always adhere to the labelled recommendations so that you could apply them properly and during the most productive season to apply them as well.

If you use herbicides which consist of picloram, it would work well on these.

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Hexazinone is also yet another systemic herbicide which you could apply at full strength at the bottom of these plants to kill the weeds

It usually interferes with photosynthesis which would kill the plants gradually. You could mainly spot them being sold blended with the rest of other herbicides.

You need to apply them individually and avoid spraying them in a wider area. Moreover, ensure that you water them right after you use them and that would activate the herbicide.



This is another chemical which you may use to overcome the weeds. It’s effect could vary depending on the plant type.

This chemical could be dangerous to use as it could create irritations in your eyes as well as in skins.

As such do not forget to protect yourself when using them and always make sure that you wear protective gears when dealing with this chemical.

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Will Roundup hurt cactus?

Roundup may hurt cactus. if you directly spray roundup at the cacti, chances are that it could kill the most cactus species.

However, cacti will not die immediately; it will take up to six month. Due to slow metabolism in cactus, it will take longer to kill the cactus compared to other plants. 

Having said that, they could withstand incidental spray contact and they could even thrive in a single direct spraying as well.

Is Roundup safe for plants?

They are safe for some plants. This is one of the reasons as to why people would wish to use roundup and products which are equal to them.

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They are low in toxicity and further it is not persistent in the soil as well. They could absorb into the soil particles. Moreover, it has a low leaching risk as well.

In addition to that, glyphosate has no pre-emergent activity which literally means it would avoid the germination of weed seeds and growing further.

Further, it is not possible for the plants to metabolize glyphosate also. As such they would make a storage of them in the plant tissues.

However, that could be problematic for both shrubs and non-target trees.

When they store glyphosate in trees, it could be attributed for fractures in barks and ultimately it could contribute to the entire tree’s health deterioration.

When they stack enough of them, the trees could even perish. As such, best is to use a shield to safeguard the trunk  when the tree is too young and when they have a fragile bark.   

will Roundup Kill Succulents

Is Roundup safe for humans?

Glyphosate is regarded as one of the least harmful toxic pesticides to apply.

However, as aforesaid always refer to the instructions which are available on the label and use the recommended safety equipment when you are available with the chemical.

Moreover, make sure that you clean the sprayer once you finish using them.


To wind up, herbicides would be the most productive and the most effective mode of overcoming weeds and you can apply them in the plant’s growing season. 

For example, glyphosate could stay alive in soil for so many years and may even have a deleterious effect on nearby plants.

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