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If you ever wonder whether the succulents grow bigger? you might think they are not simply by looking at them. Further you might assume that they will continue to grow whilst maintaining the same size.  The important thing to remember is succulent growth rate depend on many reasons and you can find those reasons in this article.

As you might know, the  succulents which are for sale in the market are small. That itself gives the impression to the community that they don’t grow big. When you  spot a succulent plant, which is bigger than the usual size, you get a little confused .

You  might have a doubt whether the succulents truly grow big or whether they remain to be small plants. In fact, the reason for the change in the size would depend on the succulents species .

succulent varities

Different succulents have different growth rates

Some plant species would prefer to stay small whilst on the other hand, another species would prefer to grow huge and spread in a vast area. In this scenario, the succulent species play a big role. That will be the main factor for the size difference. 

Small succulents species will grow up to 3-4 inches whilst the giant succulents could grow up to a height of 40 feet. Nevertheless, lot of people  tend to grow small succulents since they usually grow slowly.  Giant succulents also carry thick leaves, and they love the dry weather conditions.

How fast do succulents grow?

Some succulent species might have a slower growth whilst some other variety has a better growth rate. 

However, if we compare the growth rate of the other plants with the succulent’s growth rate, they will be slower in growth than the other regular plants.  we cannot indicate a specific growth rate that  succulents should achieve during a particular time.

Further, seasons also affect the succulent’s growth rates. As soon as the winter and summer seasons arrive, succulents tend to grow slowly. That is purely due to the succulent’s tolerance level.

It might be astonishing but the reality is the succulent which  love the summer conditions cannot stand the scorching sun during that period. Chances are that they could become dominant if we place them in a heated environment.

succulent growth rate

How to increase growth rate of succulent

Succulents take a longer period to grow to their matured size and you  need to have a little more patience with them. This applies for the giant succulent as well.  At the same time, succulents do not require consistent care and so much attention. Best thing to do is  to provide these plants with the best conditions for their faster growth.

We should not leave them in an unhealthy environment even though they can adapt and stay alive in those conditions. We could try a few steps if we want to stimulate the growth rate of succulents. 


Fertilizing the soil constantly particularly during their growing season is one of them. If the plants are running short of sufficient nutrients , you cannot expect a successful growth. The best recommended fertilizers should contain lower nitrogen and balanced levels of phosphorus and potassium.


Repotting regularly and removing offsets are few  more other steps which could speed up their growth. You should also provide enough room when you  repot them. Moreover, make sure to provide them  fresh soil which will also stimulate the growth rate as the plants will get enough nutrients through them.  Succulents will get another fresh start from getting these requirements. 

The usual period for repotting is 1-3 years. You must ensure that you don’t water these plants two weeks before repotting. Further it is better to refrain from watering them after two weeks when you repot them. In addition to this, it is vital to take off the offsets as well since it will cause the mother plant to grow slow. People tend to plant the offsets separately which could form new plants for them.

Light condition

Sunlight is very essential for the succulent growth. Majority of the succulents will enjoy indirect bright sunlight whilst on the other hand there are succulents, which would like to have partial shade . If you have  planted the succulents where they get proper sunlight, controlling the unnecessary height of the mini succulents won’t be a problem. Thus, it is vital to identify what would be the best conditions  for your succulent and simultaneously should adjust the conditions accordingly. 

Sun light affects not only for the height but also for the colors of the succulents as well. Succulents will tend to lose saturation if they don’t receive  the proper sunlight. On the other hand, if you expose these plants to too much sunlight, succulents will tend to produce lighter pigments such as red or orange color. 

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Having said that, if you cannot provide these conditions naturally, you  could arrange this artificially. If you wish to do so, you may use a fluorescent or LED light of around 60 watt with a timer. you could use it 10-14 hours per day keeping it at a distance of 1.5 feet away.

Enough space

Make sure that you don’t grow too many succulent plants in a limited space. You must take necessary actions when it is essential. Using accurate types of soil along with providing good ventilation will also be quite beneficial for their growth.

Moreover, if you could stimulate the root growth it will help for the plant’s growth as well.  It is important to water the plants on a regular basis as that will help to form healthy roots. You should use a Soil type which is well-draining.  It is important to grow them in a shallow pot unless the roots  rot due to the stocked water  at the bottom. 

How big can succulents grow

The  sizes of the succulents could change depending on the species. If you are a giant plant lover, you may go ahead with a giant succulent and consequently you can expect a plant which will be about 40 feet in height. That will be a little awkward for you if you want to grow it at your home .

In that case you better continue growing the mini succulent as it’s less hassle since it requires only a limited space . Further it wants only simple maintenance . The succulents which grow faster than the regular ones will just take approximately about one month to grow into the large size. 

Identifying the requirements of the succulents is very essential as it will directly have an impact on the growth of the plant. It is up to you, to  provide these succulents with the right level of sunlight, temperature and  the perfect soil type . so that  you  can set high expectations for a good outcome.

big succulents

 Fast-growing succulents

  • Irish rose (Aeonium arboreum), 
  • Hen and chicks (Echeveria sp.), 
  • Jelly bean plant (Sedum rubrotinctum) etc.

 Slow growing succulents are as follows, 

  • Crinkle leaf plant (Adromischus cristatus), 
  • Living stones (Lithops sp.) etc.

The succulents which you grow at  home usually contain taller and larger leaves.

How long does it take for a succulent to grow?

The time depend mainly on propagation method. Leaf propagation, stem propagation  through offset and seed propagation are some ways of growing succulents. If we take Leaf propagation, the roost will start to appear   by 2 weeks whereas it will take four more weeks for the new leaves to show up .

 After that you could   transplant them into small pots depending on your  wish. In stem propagation, the duration would be roughly around 4 weeks to form roots and chances are that it will take sometimes more than that too. 

On the other hand, if someone is using   propagation through an offset method you  will have to wait for about 4-10 weeks  to witness the roots after the pups have calloused over. Finally, if we consider the seed propagation method, this will be the one which will take the longest time to form the roots. It could be from 3 weeks and go up to even one year for the germination.

It would want plenty of time to flourish those seeds to become grown plants as well.

How big do succulents get indoors

The sizes of the succulents depending on the species. It is quite important to identify the variety of the succulent you want to grow indoors and then let it grow with the best conditions. 

The smallest size of the succulent could be 6 inches when it matures and that would be the ideal size if you are specially planning to go indoors . some can grow up to 12 feet high and 12 feet wide. Hence, you must identify the plant’s requirement and see whether it would suit your requirement especially if you are planning to grow it  indoors.

indoor succulents

How fast do succulents grow from seed

It  takes a plenty of time to grow succulents from seeds. First, before proceeding with this method, it is vital to know the germination time for each type of the succulent.  Then you  will refrain removing them from the growing soil at an inappropriate time. Ensure that you are well aware of the germination time before buying the seeds. 

Monitoring sunlight as well as the temperature are equally important when you are planning to grow succulents from seeds. However, this will be the method which will consume a plenty of time to flourish. If we take sempervivum  for an instance, It could take years of time to succeed and to form seeds. 

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Moreover, even after you collect the seeds and sown, still the germination process would take three weeks and it could go up to a year or so to be fully grown plants.

How long does it take for succulents to grow from leaves?

If you  select the leaf propagation method, you  could anticipate the roots to sprout by two weeks’ time. During this period, you can spot that the roots are emerging at the bottom. Leaves will form ideally after 8 weeks and that could be the perfect timing if you wish  to change it to a bigger pot. 

We could identify whether the new plant is ready to grow freely in a new pot simply looking at the original leaf. If it has turned brown and fallen off, we could repot it in a new pot. Further,by this time the new sprout would have already absorbed the nutrients from the original leaf.  Moreover ensure that  meristem tissue of the leaf is uncontaminated to the plants as if not iit will cause the leaf rots. 

Do mini succulents grow bigger?

Yes, mini succulents grow bigger. However they are slow growers in the beginning. However , once they achieve a certain size , don’t get surprised if you see a faster growth which will cause you  to change the containers as well. If not the space won’t be sufficient for the plant to spread out.

When you  plant them somewhere whilst providing suitable conditions, they will turn out to be  mature plants with all its grace and uniqueness. If you do not give the proper care and enough space to the plant the results won’t be pleasing for you.

Hence, you should  repot these so that you will not have to worry.   What makes this more interesting is that , by this time you can collect new mini succulents to grow somewhere else  once  the other have outgrown them. 

mini succulent

How can you tell when your succulent has finally reached its final size.

you really cannot judge whether it has grown to its full potential and whether it is  the end of the growth. 

It is quite evident that succulents have a very slow growth rate, and the changes could be sometimes unnoticeable too. You could not see them  to the naked eye briefly. Best example for this is that you will not notice any change in the appearance even after the leaves turn darker. 

Secondly, you will realize how small your pot is as the succulent grows bigger. The interesting thing about succulent is that, if they can get the nutrients they will grow better and better.

Fast growing succulents

Banana plant succulent growth rate

These plants have  a healthy growth rate. Banana plant succulent belongs to family Asteraceae. Botanical names of Banana Plant succulents are Senecio radicans and Curio radicans. This is famous for thin climbing stems which form banana-shaped leaves. One specialty about Banana plant succulent is that it is not very peculiar about its conditions.

Banana plant succulent will be very happy if you  provide it with sufficient light and fertilizer. We could witness healthy growth during a season if we  provide it with those necessities. 

If you are  taking care of the plant well, a single plant will remain healthy for approximately about five years.  Besides that, if you plant new once from stem cuttings, those will survive  forever.

Jade succulent growth rate

They usually  grow approximately from  about 5-20 cm annually. Jade succulent plants are interesting succulents too. You could  call them in general as  Money Plant, Dollar Plant, Friendship Tree, Pink Joy, or Lucky Plant . Furthermore  Crassula ovata is  the scientific name of it. 

This generally creates small pink or white flowers. It is an endemic plant in South Africa and in Mozambique. This is quite famous among the planters as a home-grown plant not only in these two countries but also among the other countries as well. This remains evergreen and contains thick branches as well. 

This plants usually  grow approximately from  about 5-20 cm annually. However, this figure could vary depending on many elements as well. Giving the best conditions for their growth could make jade plants growth faster.

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Elephant bush succulent growth rate

 In habitat, elephant bush succulents could get tall within a range of 6-20 feet ( 2-6 m )Portulacaria afra is native in South Africa and its common name is Elephant bush succulent. This usually carries small green leaves and has a stem more in reddish color. This also requires a minimum care treatment and tends to grow well in locations where they get proper sunlight. 

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This is a quite popular home-grown plant. In habitat, elephant bush succulents could get tall within a range of 6-20 feet ( 2-6 m ). Elephants are fond to eat elephant bush succulents in the habitat. If you consider the elephant bush house plants they would get taller from a few feet than those which are in their habitat. These plants wish to have heated temperature and bright light as well.

Dolphin succulent plant growth rate

 This is a  fast growing succulent plant. Dolphin succulent plants is a hanging plant which consists of the awkward shape of dolphin shaped leaves and whitish flowers. Those flowers could carry pink, red or yellow filaments when it is in full blossom. This is a native plant in  South America and this also prefers the warm conditions.

 You could plant these plants in home conditions quite well. This is a  fast growing succulent plant.  You should be very vigilant on watering them, soil type and on the temperature requirement to have a proper growth of the plant. You could fertilize ,pruning and do repotting which will be  beneficial for these plants’ growth. They could grow around 20 ‘ ( 50 cm ) per year.

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Burro’s tail succulent growth rate

When a Burro’s tail succulent grows up to its full potential it could rise to 4 feet long. It will take about 6 years to flourish to that size.

Burro’s tail is a native plant in  southern Mexico and Honduras.  The scientific name of Burro’s tail is Sedum Morganianum. This succulent plant forms trailing stems that could usually have a length up to 24 inches . 

chances are that they could grow even longer. The leaves would somewhat look like fleshy blue green plump leaves. When a Burro’s tail succulent grows up to its full potential it could rise to 4 feet long. It will take about 6 years to flourish to that size.

String of pearls succulent growth rate

One individual plant can easily thrive for about five years  if you give the  proper care that it deserves. Senecio rowleyanus is  a plant which blossoms with flowers.  String of pearls is the common name of it.  it is more like a creeper type. Further this is a perennial succulent which is originating from driver parts of southwest Africa. This plant comes very handy if you can’t provide the particular conditions for a succulent growth. 

That is because  this is not the type of plant where we should worry about its growing conditions Providing light and satisfactory fertilizer will be more than enough for this plant’s flourish during a season.

One individual plant can easily thrive for about five years  if you give the  proper care that it deserves. Moreover, if you propagate these  plants through stem cuttings ,you will be able to keep them healthy forever. 

Red apple succulent growth rate

These plants will have better growth rates when we provide them all the basic growing requirements Red apple ( Aptenia Cordifolia )’s common  name is Baby rose. This hails from South Africa and it survives in heated weather conditions. This normally contains dark green leaves and they  will have flowers in red color. 

This will grow well in pots, rock gardens or even on slopes. We should grow them where they will get full sunlight to partial shde Just as the other succulents, it is essential to plant them in a soil type which will have enough draining holes at the bottom. Eventually watering them once a day is also something important too.  

Echeveria growth rate

Echeveria is well known as a fast-growing succulentEcheveria belongs to  family crassulaceae. It is native in desert areas of central America , Mexico and northwestern south America. This is an elegant plant which blooms with colorful flowers too.

In addition to that this is quite famous for its rosette leaf formation. Echeverias will grow well despite whether they have fertilizers or not. . Nevertheless, if you are too anxious and wish for better and faster results fertilizing them would be very effective.

Furthermore, these types of succulents will prefer a soil type which has a good drainage system along with enough room so that the roots of this plant could expand as they wish. Watering them adequately and constantly will help them to thrive.

Echeveria is well known as a fast-growing succulent. If we elaborate more on that, a 2 inches plant could grow up to 6-8 inches within a year.

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